Apparently Mr. Sandman either didn't do his job right or he just simply forgot that Cleo Everlasting every existed, and the reason for such accusations is for the simple fact that Cleo couldn't sleep that night. Something in the air was making her stray from sleep.

She sat up in her bedding with her feet facing the fire that had begun to die down over the hours.

Cleo sighed heavily. She just wasn't sleepy at all. Well... Maybe if she took a nice warm bath in the spring they had made camp close to would make her sleepy. Wait, it wasn't warm, it wasn't a hot spring. But it would have to make due.

She glanced over at Majic and to Orphen, right then left, and got up quietly as possible. She grabbed her overly sized backpack and put in on and began to walk towards the spring.

When she reached the spring, she took a quick scan over the land to make sure there were no peeping toms among her. She shed her clothing quickly. She waded into the cold water.

She was still upset with Orphen teasing her. She began to put shampoo in her hair. After she was finished with that, she then began to scrub her body with soap.

Orphen noticed something was missing right off the bat when he awoke. He looked to his right, and she wasn't there, Cleo. HE shot right up and began to race through the woods to look for Cleo. And when he found her, he could take his eyes off her. He took another step forward. crunch


Cleo spun around in the cold water. And came face to face with her crush, Orphen, who was staring at her. She opened her mouth to say something. 'W- What is he looking at?' She looked down and noticed that she had no clothing on. Cleo slapped herself mentally, 'Duh, I'm taking a bath!'

Orphen stared at her. He cooked tear his eyes off her for all he was worth. 'She-She's beautiful' he thought.

They stared at each other for some time. Well, at least until Cleo remembered that she was a lady, and he was a...guy...(or devil) and it wasn't proper for a guy to see a lady take a bath. So in this realization she sank down into the spring as far as up to her neck, she let out a blood-hurling scream.


After hearing a cry from the distance, Majic awoke with a jerk. He looked over towards Cleo, or where she was supposed to be. And then to his master Orphen, but he wasn't there either. And after a few moments, he could see his master's silhouette in the fire glow.

"Uh...Master?" Majic asked with an almost gulp because as soon as he opened his mouth, Orphen glared at him. (m-mommy!)

"Go back to sleep Majic." Orphen said with a growl.

"Yes master!" Majic then laid back down and somehow fell back a sleep.

Orphen thought about Cleo. A blush crept up on his cheeks again. He then heard footsteps (stomps) coming towards the camp. He looked over and sure enough, it was Cleo.

Cleo looked at Orphen. Then their eyes met. His eyes where didn't know, but it made her feel nervous. She broke eye contact and walked over to her sleeping spot, which consisted of a sleeping bag and a pillow, and sat down.

Orphen watched her and walked over and sat on his. (consisted of the same contents) He looked at her. He thought back to earlier today, when she said that he had been her first kiss. Inside he felt prouder, more confident about himself and Cleo knowing that.

Cleo laid down in her sleeping bag. And looked over to Orphen, who was still sitting, looking at that...

"S-Stop staring! Go back to sleep!" Cleo turned over and fell a sleep.

Orphen laid down as he was told. He cast one last glance over to Cleo, then over to Majic, and fell a sleep too.


Both Orphen and Majic shout up out of their beds, and looked over to Cleo.

Cleo propped up a mirror inside the wagon and was looking at herself, or more specifically, her hair.

"Miss Cleo what's wrong?" Majic asked in a hurry, clearly worried about her.

"My-My hair! I slept on it wet, and...and...and just look at it! It's a complete mess! Arg, I blame you Orphen!" Cleo patted down her hair, trying to smooth it out, and cast a deadly glare to Orphen.

Despite her glare, Orphen finally notice just what was wrong with her hair. It was tangled of course, but the most...peculiar thing about it was...that half of it was sticking up in mid air. (Ever seen Killer Klowns From Outer Space? If you have, that'll give you an image)


They both laughed, but when Cleo threw two big (enormous), light (extremely heavy) pans towards them and hit their heads. They immediately stopped laughing and fell un-conscience for a short period of minutes, it was Cleo's turn to laugh.

And she did just that.

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