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War with the Future

The main meeting room of the Nautilus was remarkably quiet. Normally there was at least a few crewmembers discussing where to go next on their travels, but now there was nobody.

Still, it was to be expected. Only last night it had been filled to bursting point with the members of the League and the general crew. Everyone, especially Tom and Mina, had enjoyed the events, mainly because it had allowed those two to have more fun with their lips then they normally did. The relationship between the two of them was still in its early stages, but the rest of the League were all convinced it was going to last. Jekyll was still interested in Mina but he had accepted her decision to be with Sawyer, while Skinner was just being his usual joking, slightly annoying self about it. And Nemo... well, he was just being a friend about it.

Then, in the centre of the room, there was a sudden shudder that shattered the peace and quiet, and a large machine appeared in the centre. It had two large glass circles at both ends, composed of several smaller glass squares on hinges. There were several circular meters gathered around a seat in the centre, the seat in itself being positioned in front of a lever and a larger meter that stretched all the way in front of the seat. The meter had several numbers on it, along with a month dial and a couple of smaller figures. There were also several variously sized boxes below the seat, and a lever with a large chunk of quartz on it was attached near the dial.

The seat in question was filled by a man in about his late thirties. He was wearing brown trousers and a brown waistcoat, as well as a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and black shoes. His hair reached down to around his shoulders, and his face had several small scars on it that he appeared to have received in fights he'd had in the past.

He looked around the room he was in, and smiled as he saw it.


"Right on target," he said to himself, as he patted the machine on one of the boxes. He unscrewed the quartz lever from the machine and slipped it into his pocket, before getting off the machine and heading out into the corridors of the Nautilus.

As he walked around the ship, he stared in amazement at the scene outside the portholes at the moment. The Nautilus was currently going past Portugal, and there was a wide variety of tropical fish in the area. He stared in amazement at several blue-and-yellow fish swam past the porthole, almost as though they had been dragged out of the green moss that covered all the rocks around there...

"Who are you?" a voice said. Looking around, the man saw another, slightly older man standing behind him. He had reddish-brown hair and was wearing a black suit with a white shirt. He also was constantly fiddling with his pocket watch as though he just wanted to somewhere else at this precise moment.

The man decided to be friendly, but not outwardly submissive; this man may be a member of the League, or he may just be one of Nemo's crew. He didn't want to look easily intimidated.

"My name is Alexander Hartdegen," he said, trying to sound friendly. "I came here because I have an urgent request for help I'm here to give to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

"Oh," the man replied, putting the watch away. "Well, h-how did you get in the Nautilus? According to Nemo, we're several l-leagues under, and there's no way y-you could get down here."

"Ah," Hartdegen said, as he briefly reflected on what to do here. Eventually, he decided. "Well, that's a bit of a long story. Could you fetch the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and ask them to meet in the main room? I'll explain it all there, Mr, um...?" he trailed off, looking at the man inquiringly.

"Oh, it's 'Doctor' actually," the man replied, sounding a bit less nervous now. "Doctor Henry Jekyll."

Hartdegen almost choked. This was the man who kept back Edward Hyde himself? This man was more than he'd thought!

Then again, he supposed it should have been obvious that the man he was talking to was Jekyll. After all, all of Nemo's crew and Agent Tom Sawyer were in better physical condition then Jekyll, Captain Nemo had a beard, Rodney Skinner always wore white face paint to be seen, and Mina Harker was... well, a woman.

"Oh. Um, sorry about not knowing who you were, Jekyll," he said, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, it's fine," Jekyll replied, smiling. "After all, how were you meant to know?"

As Jekyll headed off to fetch the rest, Hartdegen went back into the conference room, pulled up a chair, and waited. He looked forward to answering that question of Jekyll's when the time came...


A few minutes later, Sawyer, Nemo, Skinner, Jekyll and Mina arrived in the conference room, and were rather surprised to see the large machine that had suddenly appeared in the room.

"What the heck is this?" Skinner asked, walking around the machine and occasionally tapping it in some places. He was the only one to respond; the other League members were just confused, but Skinner, ever the thief, was curious about this new thing.

"'That', Mr Skinner, is my machine," a voice said. The League looked in the direction of the voice, and saw Hartdegen sitting in what, in the days before Venice, had been Dorian Gray's chair.

"Who are you?" Sawyer asked.

"More to the point, where are you from and how did you get in here?" Nemo asked.

"Well, these are your answers in a nutshell," the man replied. "My name is Alexander Hartdegen, and I'm from America, 1901."

Sawyer, Nemo and Mina looked over at each other in bafflement, while Skinner and Jekyll just looked confused.

Nemo eventually broke the silence. "Excuse me, Mr Hartdegen, but the year is only 1900."

"Exactly," Hartdegen said. "You see, I'm a Time Traveller."

"O-kaaaaaaaaay, that was unexpected," Skinner said, as his sleeve pointed towards Hartdegen. (He was in his more customary attire of clothes but no face paint)

"Is it really that odd?" Sawyer asked, looking over at his friend. "After all, nobody even knows where you are unless you're wearing clothes, Jekyll here turns into a rampaging mass of destruction just by drinking something, and Mina here can only keep going on blood. Alex here may be from the future, but at least he's normal otherwise."

"Good point, well made," Skinner said, as he moved over to his chair and sat down. As he did so the rest of the League joined him, leaving Hartdegen sitting between Nemo and Jekyll, and facing Sawyer.

"Well then, Alex- alright with me calling you Alex, by the way?" Sawyer asked.

"Yes, it's fine," Hartdegen said.

"Thanks. Anyway, Alex, what caused you to want to contact us?" Sawyer asked.

"Come to that, how did you get all the way down here?" Nemo asked, looking over at Hartdegen. "From what I can see of your machine, it is incapable of movement."

"It is," Hartdegen said. "The American Government owed me a few favours in the future, and I had one of their submarines help me track down where the Nautilus was at this point in time."

"How?" Jekyll asked.

"I knew you were located near this area, so I simply went back in time while on the submarine, looking around the immediate sea from the machine, and then going back to the future if I wasn't where you were exactly."

"Complicated," Mina said. "Why were you going to that much effort to track us here specifically?"

"Something is coming to this time from the future," Hartdegen explained. "Something very deadly, very strong, and out of the league of the normal law enforcement agencies. You five are the only people who can stop it."

"What kind of danger are we talking about here?" Nemo asked.

"They call themselves 'Morlocks'," Hartdegen explained. "In one future that I have prevented from existing, they are from the year 802 701, and were one way the evolution of humanity went after an accident when the moon fell out of orbit. One 'Uber- Morlock' controls these Morlocks, and he can somehow direct their every action with his mind. The Morlocks themselves are far more agile and resilient than normal humans, and have at least the strength of two men. They hunted the other descendants of humanity, the Eloi, who were peaceful and never did any harm to anyone. I managed to stop their evolving by stopping the accident that destroyed the moon, but some of them apparently met a version of me from another reality and managed to develop a time machine. They intend to attack Earth is this era, and have an unlimited food supply."

"Of what, exactly?" Nemo inquired.

"Human beings," Hartdegen said. "When the moon fell it caused several terrible earthquakes. The lack of food drove some humans to cannibalism; in their time, the Morlocks ate the Eloi they captured. With their Earth erased, they now want to feed in the past."

"Ah," Skinner said, looking over at Sawyer. "What do you think, Tommy boy?"

"Skinner, two things," Sawyer replied, looking over at his friend. "1; As the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, we have a responsibility to help people when they can't help themselves, so of course we'll fight these Morlocks. 2; Please don't call me Tommy boy, OK?"

"Sure thing...uh...Sawyer OK?" Skinner asked, looking as sheepish as it is possible for a man to look when his expression was invisible.

"It'll do," Sawyer sighed, before turning back to Hartdegen. "Alright, Mr Hartdegen. We'll help you out here. Can you tell us where the Morlocks are going to arrive in this time?"

"London, almost a day from now," Hartdegen replied.

Sawyer looked over at Nemo. "Can we do that?"

"It will be close, but I believe it is possible," Nemo replied. "At the very least I will be able to get us close enough to the shore that Mr Hyde will be able to get us there in a few minutes... well, if he is willing," he added, glancing over at Jekyll.

"Oh, he's willing," Jekyll smiled. "He always enjoys a good fight with something that will actually prove a challenge, and these Morlocks sound like just the ticket to him."

"Perfect," Sawyer said, as he adopted his professional attitude and looked back at Hartdegen. "Do the Morlocks have a good sense of smell?"

"Fairly good," Hartdegen said. "Their sense of sight is normally rather poor in bright light, due to their having lived underground a great deal of their lives, but the 'Uber-Morlock' has fairly normal vision."

"Well, that renders Skinner practically pointless," Mina pointed out.

"HEY!" Skinner yelled.

"Face facts, Skinner," Mina informed him. "If these Morlocks are as good at smelling as Hartdegen says, your invisibility isn't much of an advantage."

"What about that Uber-Morlock fellow?" Skinner put in.

"His sense of smell is around the human-norm, as far as I can gather, but he is capable of reading your thoughts," Hartdegen put in. "You might be able to get there without him sensing you with the five senses we know of, but he could detect your mind."

"Great!" Skinner groaned, slumping down into his seat. "I can attack anyone I want normally, but nooooooo, now I've been rendered practically normal as far as this fight is concerned!"

"Skinner, what's the big deal? I thought you didn't really like being the hero?" Sawyer pointed out.

"Well, I didn't, but it's just the kinda thing that grows on you over time, y'know?" Skinner said, looking around at his friends.

"Look," Hartdegen said, facing Skinner. "My other self managed to stand against the Morlocks, and he, like me, was only human. I think you can handle yourself in a fight without your normal advantage."

Skinner sighed. "I'll see what I can do."

"You know, there is one point I don't really follow," Nemo put in. "How did you find out about these... Morlocks, if it was another version of you that encountered them originally?"

"Oh, it's simple enough," Hartdegen explained. "A woman he'd befriended in the future, called Mara, managed to acquire his original machine- the Morlocks created their own version that could hold more people than mine- and went back in time to contact me while I was briefly visiting the year 2030. She filled me in on the Morlocks and the upcoming crisis with the moon, and the two of us managed to convince the Government of the problems."

"How?" Mina asked.

"We managed to acquire a camera and nipped forward in time a couple of decades to photograph the damaged moon. However, as we were coming back in the machine, we noticed the Morlock's time machine passing by us. Once I got back and we'd dropped off the photographs, Mara... vanished."

"Huh?" Skinner asked.

"Makes s-sense," Jekyll put in. "If you prevented the future she came from f-from ever existing, she'd automatically cease to be herself."

"Think she knew that would happen?" Sawyer asked Hartdegen.

"More than likely," Hartdegen replied. "Mara seemed the kind of person who'd willingly make the ultimate sacrifice if the need arose." For a moment he looked lost in his memories, but snapped out of it and got back to business. "Anyway, I got access to the Government's records, and discovered that there were reports of creatures that fitted Mara's description of the Morlocks, and what I'd seen of them, attacking London around now. I checked over the files some more, to find out what stopped them, and discovered references to you five."

"Wow, we made the press?" Skinner asked.

"No, just the British Secret Service files," Hartdegen replied. "It would appear that not many people heard much about you in the news; I think someone thought it would be best if the public didn't know that some of the greatest characters in fiction were real. Most witnesses of your activities were paid by the Government to not talk about you all after seeing you."

"Makes sense," Sawyer said. "I mean, we may be the good guys, but there's no point in making people panic about getting attacked by Dracula or the like."

"Exactly," Hartdegen explained. "Anyway, I tracked a plan of your journeys in the Nautilus, and worked out that you were somewhere around here at this time. So I had them lend me a submarine so I could track you down, and, well, the rest is easy."

"Right then," Sawyer said, as he got out of the chair, along with the rest of the League. "Nemo, set a course for London. Mina, you, Skinner, and Jekyll work on your hand-to-hand combat skills. Hartdegen, you get down anything you can about the abilities of the Morlocks, and fill Nemo's crew in on them." He looked around at the rest of the League. "The fate of humanity may rest on the outcome of that fight, guys. We have to win it."

The League nodded, and then all left the room, heading for the area where they should; Nemo headed to the control room, Hartdegen where he thought he'd seen the library, Sawyer the shooting range, and Mina, Jekyll and Skinner the training room.