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Chapter 16: "They're never going to come around"

Little Seth sat between his mother and father in the cab from the airport to the hotel where they would be staying in Las Vegas. He stared out of the window mystified by the lights of the city.

Summer smiled over at the little boy. He seemed so much happier since they had left Todd. Not only was he happier but he was talking and smiling more, and was attached to Seth at the hip. He also had a special interest in "Aunt Marissa".

Marissa and Ryan were riding to the hotel in another cab. They were going to meet Seth and Summer at the hotel, and then the four plus little Seth were going to go to the chapel. It was late at night already but there was no reason to prolong the marriage anymore.

Marissa tossed her bags on the floor of the hotel.

"Flashbacks to TJ." Ryan said looking around the dingy motel.

"It's last minute." Marissa said plopping down onto the bed. "At least Seth and Summer aren't bitching and moaning this time." Marissa joked cocking a smile Ryan's way.

"Yeah, and we're on speaking terms this time." Ryan joked smiling back

"Um, hello, and whose fault is that? I wasn't the one who was messing around with a whore!" Marissa shot back still smiling

"Well you hooked up with Luke that night and he's a man whore so we're even." He said now tossing his bag down.

"I can't believe that Seth and Summer are really getting married, and they have a kid!" Marissa said as it all sunk in.

"Yeah." Ryan agreed

"I guess it's for the best. I can't even begin to imagine the hell that Summer must have gone through this year." Marissa said sadly

"It's alright." Ryan said pulling Marissa into a hug while lovingly rubbing her back.

They heard a soft buzzing noise.

"That's my phone." Marissa said fumbling around the bed to find the ringing device. She looked down at the screen and then back at Ryan. "I've got to take this, I'll be back." She said blowing him a kiss before exiting.

Seth sat in the room that he shared with Little Seth and Summer. Summer had gone out to get some last minute toiletries that she had forgotten. Seth insisted on staying so he could get Little Seth ready for bed, and tuck them in, just the two of them. They were still going to get married that night, but Seth was getting fussy so they were just going to lay him down for awhile, and then get him up when it was time for the wedding.

"There you go buddy, just right." Seth said slipping Little Seths pajama top on.

Seth smiled down proudly at his new pajamas. He used to just sleep in his underwear or a pull up.

"Where's mommy?" Seth asked

"She'll be back soon." Seth said as he laid little Seth in bed. Seth climbed on the bed next to his son.

"Are you and my mommy friends?" Little Seth asked

"Your mommy and I are good friends. Such good friends we're going to get married!" Seth tried to explain.

The little boy scrunched up his face.

"Daddy doesn't like mommy 'da have friends." The tone of his voice worried.

At the sound of his son calling another man daddy Seth cringed. He was his father. It was just a shame that it took so long to get to this point.

"Todd, wasn't nice to your mommy was he?" Seth asked

"No." Little Seth said in a tiny voice. "He'd make her cry."

"He wasn't nice to you either huh?" Seth asked

Little Seth looked down and shook his head no.

"What would you think if I were your daddy?" Seth asked

Little Seth looked up at him and smiled before wrapping his arms around Seths neck.

"Yeah!" Little Seth said as Seth began to tickle his sides. When his laughing finally ceased he asked the final question. "So you're my daddy now?"

"Yeah kiddo, I am." Seth said pulling Seth into a long tight hug.

Marissa made her way to the side of the hotel and helped her "guests" with their bags.

"I am so glad that you could make it on such short notice." Marissa said as she attempted to lug a large bag into the hotel room. "Seth and Summer are going to be so happy to see you, not to mention Ryan."

"Yeah." Kirsten said putting down the last of her bags and then giving Marissa a hug. "You look good." Kirsten said as she stepped back and looked at the now 23 year old girl.

"Thanks." Marissa said smiling in a childish way taking Kirsten back to the days where she would catch Marissa and Ryan in compromising positions in the pool house. Marissa turned to the door. "Hey Mr. Cohen!" She said giving him a quick hug.

"Hey Marissa." Sandy said smiling at the young girl.

Marissa looked around quickly.

"So you guys have everything you need?" She checked.

"We're great." Sandy said.

"Alright, well I have to get back to my room before Ryan calls a search party." Marissa said smiling.

"Are you and he?" Sandy asked

Marissa just blushed

"Okay." Kirsten said shoving her husband in the side for his bluntness.

"Remember the Elvis chapel right down the street at two!" Marissa reminded them before skipping out. "Summer really wants it to be casual." She added before closing the door.

Hours later Summer and Seth sat in the hotel room.

"I can't believe that we're about to do this." Summer said smiling

"Are you having second thoughts?" Seth asked

"No, not at all." Summer responded looking over to Little Seth on the bed. His dark brown hair curling atop his head.

"Me neither." Seth said "I love you."

"I love you too." Summer said leaning over and kissing Seth. She then walked over to the bed where she untucked the covers from around little Seth, and scooped him up into her arms. "I love you baby." She whispered in the boys ear as he cuddled into her chest and fell asleep.

"Ready to go?" Seth asked as he held the front door open.

"Yeah, I'm ready." Summer said nodding her head.

---- Ryan and Marissa made their way into the chapel.

"Seth and Summer are late." Ryan said glancing at his watch.

"Leave it to them to be late at their own wedding." Marissa joked.

Right then Kirsten cascaded her way across the room towards them.

"Kirsten!" Ryan said in shock pulling his surrogate mother towards him.

It had been since last Chrismakkuah that they had seen one another.

"You're looking good." Kirsten said fixing his shirt collar in a motherly fashion.

"So do you."

Sandy huffed in the corner.

"I don't mind being neglected." He said in a sarcastic tone when Ryan pulled him into a masculine hug.

"I've missed you." Ryan said

"You too." Sandy said. "So, one of my sons is tying the knot, I think it's just about time for the other." Sandy said winking at Ryan and the gesturing towards Marissa who was involved in a very animated conversation with Kirsten.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing." Ryan said when the door suddenly swung open to reveal Seth and Summer.

"Mom, Dad?!" Seth said in surprise rushing over and hugging them both. "What, how!" He looked over at Ryan who held his hands up innocently.

"It was all her!" He said pointing to Marissa.

"Hi Mr. Cohen, Mrs. Cohen." Summer said from where she stood behind Seth, little Seth, whose head was resting on her shoulders eyes began fluttering open.

"Who is that?" Kirsten asked pointing to the little boy on Summers shoulder.

"This is my son Seth." Summer said smiling uncertainly.

"Our son." Seth said winking at her.

Kirsten and Sandy both blinked several times trying to believe their ears/eyes.

"Oh, I guess I didn't mention that part." Marissa said from next to Ryan.

"They'll explain later, now it's time for a wedding!" Ryan said putting his hands on the shoulders of his still very shocked parents.

----- Little Seth sat on Marissa's lap as they watched the ceremony unfold. Ryan sat to her side, his hand behind her lightly stroking her hair. Next to him were Sandy and Kirsten who grasped on another's hands, tears streaming down Kirstens face.

She wondered where Seth was… Was he married? Was he still the big goof ball that read comics and played video games from the time he woke up until he went to bed? Was he still the same little boy that had remembered a stupid poem she wrote back at grade school…? Would he be the one who she would run to when she was upset and wrap her up in a protective blanket of… Coheness?

"Do you take this woman to be your wife?" The Elvis impersonator said in the most phony "King" voice any of them had ever heard

"I do."

Summer lay on the floor, she felt purple and bruised from head to toe… Why had he done this to her. As she drifted in and out of consciousness she thought back to her Newport days… her pre-Todd days

"Do you take this man to be your husband."

"I do." Summer said looking up into the man's eyes that she would love now and forever.

Seth then took her hands in hers and pulled her close to him.

The cut on Summers lip was chapped, she headed to her bag to get some chap stick… When she opened her bag she was surprised by what she found. Inside there was a brown paper bag. Summer opened it slowly and cautiously. Inside there was a fifty dollar bill, and a card for the LA womens shelter…

"I love you Summer." He said staring deeply into her eyes as though for the first time seeing her soul.

Sometimes death seemed easier than life. When you are dead you don't have to worry about being hurt, or hurting other people, you don't have to worry about existing! Sometimes she thought that her mother had the right idea.

"I love you too Cohen."

Both of their eyes brimmed with tears as Seth leaned down and gave Summer a soft gentle kiss. Their first kiss as man and wife…

Sandy, Kirsten, Ryan, and Marissa all stood up and began clapping. Kirsten was nearly sobbing. Little Seth ran up to join his parents.

"Yay!" He said clapping although he didn't really understand the significance of what had just happened.

Summer squealed as she met Marissa with a big hug.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you're married Sum." Marissa said stepping back from the embrace.

Summer glanced over to Ryan who was joking around with the Cohens. He smiled at her in congratulations before returning to his rough housing with Seth.

"It may not be awhile before you are too." Summer said winking at Marissa, who in turn blushed furiously.

"So." Seth said punching Ryan lightly in the shoulder. "How much longer till you pop the question to Cooper?"

Ryan smiled and shrugged

"I donno man. I love her." Ryan said smiling shyly

"Dude, we've all totally wasted these past four years. We should be done with waiting. Besides, you should be used to handcuffs Chino." Seth said grinning and flashing his ring at his brother.

"Yeah man." Ryan said laughing. "I guess you have a point."

Ryan walked over to where Marissa and Summer were standing at the altar.

"Congratulations Summer." Ryan said giving her a polite kiss on the cheek.

Summer looked back and forth between Ryan and Marissa and could sense that they needed to be alone.

"Um, I'm going to go find Little Seth." Summer said excusing herself.

Ryan and Marissa watched Summer, Kirsten, and the three generation of Cohen men from across the room. They were all so happy.

"They're so cute." Marissa said smiling

Ryan looked at Marissa, now a woman of 23, they had all grown up so much, but none the less he loved her the same if not more.

"Look Marissa, I know that you know that I love you but I just wanted to tell you because I have never stopped loving you and you were all that I could think about the last four years, and the seeing you that day at Seths apartment, well I don't know much about fate but I think that was it-" Ryan rambled before being cut off by his better half.

"Ryan, what are you getting at? You're beginning to sound like Seth." Marissa said giving her trademark smile and placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Will you marry me?" Ryan asked, his eyes looking concerned for no apparent reason.

"Are you serious?" Marissa asked dropping her hand from his shoulder.

"Um, yeah, I guess I am." Ryan said more confidently. "I know that you're not the type of girl to get married in Vegas on a whim and I get that bu-"

Marissas face breaks out into an all too foolish smile as she pulled Ryan to him and kissed him as she never had before.

---- Five minutes later Seth, Summer, Kirsten, Sandy and Little Seth were sitting in the rows of seats witnessing Ryan and Marissa tie the knot. Kirsten now sobbing after seeing her two boys getting married.

Life never seemed as simple as it did in that moment, and it never would again.

Seth squeezed Summers hand as they watched the second ceremony unfold. Ryan and Marissa, well it took long enough.

Maybe it was good that life was never going to be this simple… if life were always simple, you would never learn. If they hadn't had the time apart they may not appreciate what they have now as much. If Ryan hadn't have been from Chino he would not had grabbed so many opportunities in Newport, if Seth weren't the geek Ryan could have meant nothing to them, if Marissa didn't have such as rocky relationship with Luke she never would have found Ryan, … and if Summer didn't have such a troubled childhood she never would have found herself…

So life was a struggle but a welcome one, one they were ready for.

Summer looked deep into Seths eyes

So bring it on

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