Sailor Moon meets the Transformers

Episode Two: Sailor Scouts in danger! Hurry Optimus Prime!

In our last episode, Serena and her friends came upon a strange being, a sentient transforming robot called Bumblebee. After sharing his history with them, the brave little Autobot quickly set out for a squad of Insecticons attacking a nearby dam. Serena then transformed into Sailor Moon and she and the Sailor Scouts attempted to rescue their Autobot friend. Unfortunately, from receiving a power boost from Jupiter's lighting attack, the Insecticon Shrapnel attempted to punish them for interfering by killing Mina. But on Bumblebee's watch?

"Now you will see what happens to those who stand in the way of the Insecticons! You will be the first! Goodbye Sailor Scout! Scout!" Shrapnel yelled as he fired a ball of concentrated lighting towards Sailor Venus. She just stood there in horror, believing that this would be the end. She shielded her eyes from the light of the lighting.

In the middle of everything, she saw a small, yet large form leap in front of her, taking all of the impact. As she came to, she saw Bumblebee, generating excess electricity from his body. "Bumblebee!"

"Don't worry… about me. I'll be just fine." The yellow Autobot struggled to get up. He winced a few times as his limbs moved more and more. He then finally was up on two legs, clutching his arm in one hand. "We really need to concentrate on them!"

The other Insecticons, Bombshell and Kickback rushed at the group, firing their weapons on them. The girls and Bumblebee quickly scattered in separate directions, but neither of them went after Bumblebee. Bombshell started to chase after Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter. "Who are the bugs now?" he cackled manically as he fired at the retreating scouts.

"Supreme Thunder Crash!" Jupiter fired a blast of lighting energy at Bombshell, but like before, the Insecticon absorbed the attack and added it to his own power source. He returned the favor by firing again, this time in a much wider and concentrated blast. Mercury and Jupiter quickly jumped out of the way as the ground exploded from behind them.

"I think you just made things worse." Mercury said to her friend as she checked her special pocket sized super computer. "Although I'm not sure. My computer is still trying to determine its battle tactics. Maybe if I…" But she didn't have anytime to finish. Bombshell had gotten right in her face and clutched her wrist, forcing her to drop her computer.

He gleefully said, "You humans have such a poor super structure. You are already in pain and I'm only using the tiniest fraction of my new strength." He then picked up her computer, "And such ancient technology. This is a mere child's toy compared to my internal computer. I don't know how you creatures became the dominant species of this world."

Jupiter saw her friend in trouble and quickly ran to help her. "Let go of her you lousy rust bucket!" She then tried to punch Bombshell, but he then pointed his gun in her face.

"Rust bucket? You're lucky I don't terminate you right her and now for that remark!" He then aimed it at Mercury, obviously threatening to kill her. She just stood there, dozens of thoughts racing through her mind. "Fool." He then threw Mercury into Jupiter, toppling both of them. Bombshell then fired what looked like an energy blast, but it instead grew and expanded outward, forming a cage that imprisoned the two of them.

Meanwhile, Kickback was having quite a fun time, at least to him. "I haven't had this much fun in a few deca cycles, (8.3 earth months)!" He was firing shots, purposely missing, at the feet of the Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars, enjoying watching them dance about.

"I'm getting tired of this! Mars Fire…." Mars was about to prepare an attack when one of the shards of shrapnel nearly hit her right arm. She gasped in pain as a cut appeared on her arm and a trail of blood slid down it.

"Raye!" Sailor Moon rushed to aid her friend. "You, you…." She said angrily to Kickback.

Kickback laughed, "Me what, you hairless monkey?" He then fired a blast of energy, which turned also into a cage too. The two of them were then trapped inside. "Well that's two down!" he cackled.

Sailor Moon ripped a little strand of her dress and tied it around Raye's wound, "Raye, I'm sorry."

"It's all right. For once, this wasn't your fault." She said smiling. "I think the one to blame is the Decepticons. I think they're the worst enemies we've ever faced."

Sailor Moon looked at the two Insecticons laughing at them, "Yes, now I know what Bumblebee has had to go through his whole life. These guys are total monsters."

Kickback fired a stray shot at the scouts' feet, "Monsters? That's sort of rude don't you think? I'm a grasshopper!"

"You should take it as a compliment Kickback," Bombshell told his Insecticon partner, "what the humans say doesn't really matter. Hey Shrapnel, quit playing with your prey!"

Shrapnel replied, "Go blow it out your waste regulator, regulator! I just want to give them a good time before they die, die."

Sailor Venus trembled, "I don't want to die, not this way!"

"Believe me, neither do I!" Bumblebee said in response, "But if anyone goes, it's going to be me!" He then quickly retracted his hand into his arm. Replacing it was what looked like an electric generating rod. He then fired an electric shot at the two cages of energy, causing a reaction which shorted the prisons out. The scouts quickly ran as the Insecticons were distracted.

"They're getting away!" Bombshell yelled.

Shrapnel replied, "Leave them, these two must still be dealt with, with. I will make this as quick and painless as I can, can." He then raised his hands up in the air, showing the energy pulsating brightly. "You may have saved you're little human friends, but you won't survive to gloat about it, it!"

"Mina, get… out of here!" Bumblebee pleaded.

"No! I can't leave without you!" Venus said in response.

"No! You're a human life… you are loved. I'm just… a machine, an unfeeling... uncaring, programmed mechanoid. In the end conclusion, I'm expendable. You… you're not, now go!"

"Both of you will go, go! To oblivion!" Shrapnel then began to charge his attack more, as his whole hands were now covered in blinding light! Venus and Bumblebee stared in awe and horrified anticipation, but then Shrapnel's electric attack began to dissipate. Then it blew up, literally! The energy could be seen traveling through Shrapnel's arms until it reached his chest, then caused a huge explosion! Fumes could be seen emitting from large cracks in his body. He screamed as he collapsed to the ground.

Not wanting to past up this opportunity, Bumblebee and Venus ran towards the others. Jupiter asked, "What happened? I thought you guys were goners!"

"Yeah, me too," Bumblebee said relieved, "but it looks like something went wrong with Shrapnel's circuitry. Must've been something he took in, but I'm not sure what. Anyway, we don't have to worry about him anymore."

"Yeah! You need only worry about us!" Kickback shouted as he and Bombshell glided towards the Autobot and the scouts. They then both brought out their weapons, but as they were about to fire, the guns exploded in their hands, causing them to fly backwards.

"Something is definitely wrong with them." Sailor Mercury said. As she brought out her computer, she used it to scan the two Insecticons' bodies. "It appears some violent energy reaction is occurring inside. It must be disrupting their inner workings."

"I've got something that'll really disrupt them! Mars Celestial Fire, Surround!" Sailor Mars then created a ring of fire that circled the two Insecticons, and then closed in on them. Both shouted and wailed in pain. As the flames cleared, it could be seen that both were really scorched up.

"Why those little vermin! I'll…" Bombshell tried to fire a miniature bomb from his head launcher, but it instead only made its way to tip of the nozzle, exploding inside.

Kickback tried to stand up, but he miserably and humiliatingly failed as he fell to the ground, flat on his face. "This just isn't my day!" he complained.

Sailor Moon then stepped forward, "You've go that right! You're time is up! You've hurt my friends, and in the name of the moon, I will punish you!" Then, out of thin air, a staff appeared in Sailor Moon's hands. She whipped it around and yelled, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" A blizzard of hearts emerged and all converged on the Insecticons.

The hearts exploded, and when the dust diminished into the air, the Insecticons could be seen. It surprised the scouts at first, as a normal monster would've been destroyed in an instance, but it could be seen the trio didn't survive without any injuries. Shrapnel, already damaged from his energy implosion, had his horns blown off and his chest armor blasted away leaving his chest cavity exposed. Bombshell had now one broken head cannon and his face had been sort of crumpled inward. His legs and arms had also taken extensive damaged; as they began emit sparks of fire. Kickback would have to change his name, because the explosion had caused his legs to be break and bend in and odd position. It actually looked like he was about to start sobbing.

Bumblebee then lifted his gun and taunted, "Want anymore?" He fired a stray shot, which caused the bug Decepticons to cringe backward.

Bombshell slowly transformed to beetle mode and pleaded, "Insecticons, retreat!"

Shrapnel then transformed, cringing and wincing into his stag beetle form. "Yes, yes, we go, live to fight another day, day!"

Kickback transformed, but his grasshopper mode wasn't that much without his legs. The three Decepticons then took off into the sky and disappeared over the horizon.

All of the Sailor Scouts cheered, especially Venus. "Alright we did! Yeah!" She then took her two index fingers and held them out proudly giving the sign for victory.

Bumblebee walked over and said as his normal cheerfully self, "Great job girls! I knew you could do…" The yellow Autobot fell over, stone cold.

"Bumblebee!" The scouts all rushed to his side, looking into his eyes as they dimmed into a grayish blue. Venus hysterically asked, "What's happened to him?"

Mercury replied, "I have a theory, that maybe Bumblebee has suffered too much damaged from the battle, not to mention the additional scrapes from when he landed here. He must be shutting down."

"But, we can't let that happen! What do we do?"

Raye then exclaimed, "Wait, I've got an idea! Open his chest!"

"What?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Just do it!"

So, Sailor Moon did so, by slowly flipping Bumblebee onto his back. She then lifted up his chest. Everyone was amazed at what they were seeing, as Bumblebee's body cavity looked an awful like a regular car engine, except for a bright sphere of energy dead in the center that was covered by a protective barrier.

"What do you think that is?" Sailor Moon asked.

"Never mind that, give me a hand." Mars then ran over towards one of the electric conductors. She quickly found some cables that connected to it and brought them back over. "Maybe we should give him a jolt." Raye placed the cable plugs into Bumblebee's intake outlet.

"I'll get the tank." Jupiter said as she ran over and turned on the power.

Soon, thousands of volts began to pour into Bumblebee's circuitry, revitalizing him slowly, but surely. His eyes then glowed back to his original color of blue and he asked, "What's everyone standing around me for?"

The girls just laughed. Venus said, "Thanks for saving us Bumblebee."

"Nah, I should be thanking you. I would've been molten slag without your help. But there is something I want to ask you."

"What's that?"

"Its about your powers, how did you get them? Not many humans can do that."

Near the coast of the Pacific Ocean, a lone figure could be seen flying in the sky.

"Move over birds, planes, and things the sky, here comes Powerglide! King of the cloud chasers, sultan of the stratosphere, ace of the air!" Powerglide was on his routine in his red A-10 Thunderbolt II airplane mode. A good person to count on, but was none to be the least modest of the Autobots. "Man, this is some day when you're ol' Powerglide! I mean, whoa, what's that?"

Coming in from the distance, Powerglide could make out several figures that were coming near him very strangely. "Might be Decepticons, better give them the slip." Powerglide then headed towards the ground, transforming and then taking cover behind some large rocks.

He then took a peek form his place and could see the Insecticons all crashing into each other as they hit the ground. Bombshell stood up and shouted, "Blast it! Not a single nanolieter of energy to spare! This is all your fault!" as he pointed at Shrapnel.

Shrapnel shrieked, "My fault? It wasn't my fault! Something went wrong with my energy generator, generator!"

"Yeah, "Kickback agreed, "it was those super powered humans, and that annoying yellow Autobot! Look what they did to my legs!"

Powerglide thought for a moment about all what the Insecticons had said, "Super-powered humans, and a yellow Autobot? Bumblebee? He's alive!"

"That is the last time we Insecticons ever go to Japan, Japan!" Shrapnel declared.

"Yeah, and there is no way Megatron is going to make us!" Kickback quipped in.

"Oh no?" said a booming voice from behind. The Insecticons all turned around to face a monster. A colossal behemoth made of five Decepticons into one, the Stunticon gestalt Menasor! "What about me, bugs?"

All three shouted in unison, even Powerglide peeped, "Menasor!"

"Lord Megatron has been looking for you three, and I intend that he sees you." The Stunticon then grabbed all three in his palms, mashing them into each other. "Unless you have any reason why I shouldn't crush you like the pests that you are?" He then took off into the sky, heading out towards the open sea.

As soon as Menasor left the area, Powerglide said, "Alright! This is some good info to give back at headquarters. If Bumblebee survived, maybe that means some others did too." He then transformed and quickly flew towards Mt.Saint Helens in Oregon.

Towards the middle of the ocean, Menasor hovered over a certain spot where there was a large shadow in the water. The shadow grew larger, and larger, until out of the sea, a large, purple tower arose. A door way opened up, allowing Menasor to set the Insecticons down and him to transform back to the five Stunticons that made him up.

Motormaster, the pompous leader of the Stunticons, raised his sword and said, "On your feet, weaklings!"

The Insecticons nodded, too damaged to be able to do anything else.

Dragstrip a cruel joker, chuckled to the serious Breakdown, "Not so tough when their this damaged huh?"

"I don't know I almost feel sorry for them. It looks like they just went through a trash compactor and got out by just a thread of aluminum.' Breakdown replied.

The Insecticons and Stunticons then walked into the tower. The doors closed and the tower lowered back into the sea. If you could see under the water, the tower was actually the docking system for the large Decepticon ship called "the Nemesis".

The Stunticons brought the Insecticons to the throne room. In their stood every Decepticon that was located on Earth, including the most powerful and merciless of them all, the mighty Megatron!

"And what do we have here?" Megatron bellowed mockingly, "Three Insecticons that ingested more than they could handle. Where have you been? I have been transmitting messages for last Mega Cycles!"

Shrapnel pleaded, "Please, forgive us Megatron, Megatron! It's not our fault!"

"I don't care whose fault it is! Where have you been, and what happened to you? You look as those you barely escaped from a giant trash compactor."

Bombshell said, "We were in Japan, headed towards a power plant that was producing vast amounts of energy. We were about to devour when this Autobot attacked and then…"

"One Autobot did all this? Do you take me for a fool!"

"That's not all Megatron, that's not all!" Kickback pleaded, "We were about to destroy him, but then these human females showed up! Really weird ones, they could generate energy from their bodies. Then we were about to kill them when we…"

Megatron held up his hand, "Just a moment, humans that could generate energy? Now you must be making this up."

"But it's true, you must believe us, us." Shrapnel said.

Soundwave, the communications operator of the Decepticons, stepped forward. He then brought out a cable from his wrist and plugged them into the back of Shrapnel's head. As he scanned the Insecticon's memory circuits, he saw the five humans and how powerful they were. "It is true Megatron. Five female humans that can create and control powerful energies."

Megatron smiled evilly, "Yes, energies that we could harvest and use to our advantage. To crush the Autobots, destroy Optimus Prime, and conquer the galaxy."

Then stepping behind his leader, a large white and red Decepticon with wings contradicted, "Forgive me, noble leader, but you have said such things in the past and yet we are still no closer to our goals. Perhaps it is time you hand the mantle down to some one who can handle the role of leadership better than you!"

"Silence Starscream! You need not remind me of our past failures. This, we will achieve victory!"

"But what about the energy surge the Insecticons suffered?"

"It was probably from the oil plant, there may have been too much corrosive material in it to transfer into fresh energon." Retorted another of the seekers, the loyal and noble Skywarp, "Besides, its not the first time you've made an observation wrong yourself Starscream!"

"Why you rusting, crusting…" Starscream started as he aimed his null ray rifles at Skywarp's head.

Megatron then stepped in between both seekers, "Silence! Not only is you're arguing pointless, it is also too time consuming. We must leave for Japan immediately! Reflector!"

Three Decepticons stepped forward, each one that looked like the last one. Except that one in the middle looked like he had camera lens in his chest. All three said, "Yes Megatron?"

"Tend to the Insecticons; they have proven themselves quite useful to continue functioning. Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust, prepare yourselves!"

All six seekers transformed into their jet modes and traveled towards the runway.

Megatron then turned to the rest, "Astrotrain, Blitzwing is too damaged from the attack on the Autobot's space station. Transform and carry Soundwave, Hook, Long Haul, Mixmaster, and Scrapper."

Astrotrain nodded and changed into his large space shuttle mode. Hook came up and said, "But Megatron, what if the Autobots try to stop us? The other Constructicons are damaged from the battle in space as well. What if we need Devastator?"

Megatron looked and Hook and nodded, "Yes, that could be an unlikely circumstance. I know!" He then moved towards the communications dashboard, "Come in Onslaught!"

On the screen appeared a blue transformer with large cannons on its back. "You called mighty Megatron?"

"Indeed I did. I am in need of your Combaticons' services. What is your current location?"

"We are exploring the island of Guadalcanal where we were created. To see if there is anyway of converting the primitive earth machines into powerful weapons."

"There will be time for that later. I need you and your Combaticons to head over towards the country of Japan; it shouldn't be very far away from your current position."

"What could you ever want there commander Megatron?"

"I need you to look for some humans. A group of five female humans that can generate a vast amount of energy that we can control! Here. We shall meet by tomorrow morning. Have them ready for me." Megatron then interfaced with the transmitter.

Onslaught looked to the monitor on his arm to see a picture of the five teenage girls. "Then you shall have them." He saluted, "For the glory of Megatron!" He then deactivated his communicator and shouted, "Combaticons, come! We fly for Japan!"

Megatron then looked to the others, "Alright Decepticons, move out!" He then boarded Astrotrain with Soundwave. The shuttle and the jets then left out of the hangar bay and into the sky.

Powerglide made his way across the sky and started downwards, towards the stable volcano Mt. Saint Hilary. Wedged into it was the Autobots' space craft, the Ark, after crash landing on earth four million years ago. As he came to a stop on the ground, he transformed and made his way inside.

Inside the base, it could be seen as a bustling place of business. In one corner, Autobots Skids and Sunstreaker were viewing some earth T.V. programs viva their spy satellite. In another, Brawn and Ironhide were having a little brawl with Seaspray, Inferno, Cliffjumper, and Jetfire spectating. In the command deck of the Ark was Prowl, security director of all events and second in command. Jazz, unofficial expert of earth customs and third in command. And with the two was the greatest Autobot of them all, their leader and bearer of the matrix, Optimus Prime!

"Optimus, Optimus, I've got some big news for you!" Powerglide shouted.

"Yes Powerglide, what is this big news that you have for me?" the mighty Autobot leader said humbly.

Jazz quipped, "Yeah, chill out Powerglide! I thought you were always so cool and full of yourself?"

"For once in my functioning cycle, I'm not bringing you news about me! Gentle bots, we got a big situation! To start off, Bumblebee is alive!"

All three asked in shock, "What?"

After going through all of the ramblings Powerglide was spouting, Prime, Prowl, Jazz, and Glide went to the medbay, where Autobot medic Ratchet was working on Bluestreak, who had until recently been very down in the dumps.

"Really, you mean it Powerglide? Bumblebee is alive?"

"Without a doubt Bluestreak. I mean, what other little, yellow Autobot do we know?" Powerglide replied.

"That's great to here. I thought he might have been destroyed in the explosion of the space station."

"I'm still confused on how you and he were the only survivors of the attack. How did you escape without a pod?"

"Well luckily, when Skywarp was about to teleport out of the station, Grimlock and I grabbed onto him, so I guess we teleported with him."

Prime then asked, "But what happened to Grimlock after that?"

"I don't know. The last I saw of him, he was fighting against Skywarp and Devastator all by himself. He actually was able to bang up Bonecrusher and Scavenger really good. But then I blacked out, and when I reactivated I could just feel my body being towed by Seaspray on the ocean waves."

Prowl looked down, "Grimlock always was a little too gung-ho."

"Now don't say stuff like that Prowl." Jazz replied, "If little Bumblebee got out okay, I'm sure Grimmy is fine too."

"That's the spirit we need Jazz, we must think the best for our Dinobot friend." Optimus said, "But the more important priority is these human females."

"Yeah, like if they even exist!" Prowl retorted.

"What are you implying Prowl?"

"Come off of it Prime, five teenage girls having extraordinary powers? The Insecticons probably came up with that bit just throw Megatron off their tails."

"True, but in his weakened condition, how could Bumblebee manage to take all three of them by himself? He must've had help."

"But… but what if these humans see us as much of threat as the Decepticons? Most of the populace thinks that way too if you haven't noticed Prime."

"Prowl, you're second in command for a reason. In case I'm ever unable to fulfill my duties as leader, you hold all command of the crew." Optimus rested his hand on Prowl's shoulder, "And you also know that when innocent lives' safety and freedom are threatened, they become our top priority. No matter how farfetched they sound."

Prowl nodded, "Yes, I suppose you're right Optimus."

Jazz blurted out, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, warm fuzzies all around, but what're we going to do about it?"

"We protect these girls, that's what! Blaster, have you tried contacting Bumblebee?"

Blaster, the communications expert for the Autobots, gloomily replied, "No go big Joe. I can't seem to get a lock on little BB's radio transmitter. I keep getting no reply that's it online."

"Slag!" Optimus clenched his fist. "We only have one other option then. We need to organize a small battle unit and go to Japan before the Decepticons get wind of this and head there themselves."

Prowl and Jazz nodded, "Right!"

"You two will be joining me." Optimus then ran out of the medbay and addressed the other Autobots. "Cliffjumper, Mirage, Wheeljack, you're with us too."

Cliffjumper slammed his fists together in delight, "Alright! Time for some action!"

"Easy there little buddy," Mirage cheered in, "save some of that for the fight."

"Well," Wheeljack, the unofficial mad scientist of the Autobots, replied, "I suppose it would be a good time to hone my combat skills. And if these, "super humans" really exist, it will give me good chance to study them."

Optimus turned to, "Ironhide, I'm taking Omega Supreme with us. While I'm away, you're in complete command. I know you won't let me down."

"You can depend on me Optimus." Ironhide replied.

Optimus, Wheeljack, Prowl, Jazz, Cliffjumper, and Mirage rushed out of the Ark and into the training area where the incredibly large and powerful Guardian Robot, Omega Supreme, stood guard of the Autobots.

The large Autobot asked, "Optimus Prime, what event has arisen?"

"It has been reported that Bumblebee is in Japan with five teenage females with extraordinary powers." Optimus replied, "Powers that Decepticons could be willing to exploit if they found out."

"Data: Humans with extraordinary powers. Data: Powers that generate vast amounts of energy. Hypothesis: Decepticons will pursue and capture if found out. Probability: 73.52 Conclusion: Must head for Japan to prevent capture." Omega computed.

"Then let's roll!" Optimus ordered.

Omega Supreme then transformed into his large mobile rocket pad. The Autobots all quickly boarded the rocket and Omega Supreme took off, moving as fast as he could for the battle ahead!


That night, right after a large explanation (or explanations), Bumblebee was sitting outside of Mina's house, listening inattentively as Mina told of her past life as Sailor V.

"WOW!" Bumblebee said with amazement after she finished, "That's amazing!"

Mina giggled, "Not as amazing as you are. I still don't understand how could someone like you be forced to fight the Decepticons?"

"Well, I wasn't forced; I didn't even have a choice!"

"How, why?"

"Well, my story is sort of similar to yours when you were part of that kingdom on the moon. I use to live in a city called Paratech. It was a really bustling place if I remember correctly. I was just simple merchant at the time, but then again, everybody was, until one unfaithful day that sky turned black."

"What had happened?"

"Paratech was invaded by the Decepticons! They came in by air, dropping bombs upon the buildings below them. Everyone was running for cover, only to be met with some deadly fate at the hands of those guys. I was trying to escape myself when I accidentally ran into a Decepticon soldier. After that, everything went black, until I reactivated again. I found myself in an Autobot medbay at one our training camps. What I woke up to was really weird. I found out that my old body had been so badly damaged, the medics had given me complete over haul! I was reborn, rebuilt into Autobot built solely for espionage purposes. I then began to work for the Autobot cause, spying on the Decepticons and relaying the information back to Headquarters."

"I guess that does sound a lot like my story." Mina replied. "Hey Bumblebee."


"Why is it that you fight for us? I mean, this isn't your planet or your people, why do continue to fight against the Decepticons here on Earth."

"I guess I, we Autobots, don't want what happened to us happen to you. We would do it no matter what."

"Good night Bumblebee."

"Good night Mina."

As Mina turned off her light, he guardian Artemis said, "I'm not sure if it's a good idea to get close to him."

"Why not? He's a good friend."

"That's not what I mean. You remember those Insecticons today? If that's what three Decepticons can do, who knows what a whole army of those guys can do? You might get really hurt by knowing Bumblebee."

Mina then threw one of her pillows at Artemis, causing him to fall flat on his back onto the floor. "Oh Artemis, you're full of it! Good night!"


The next day, Lita, Amy, and Raye were following Serena as she led them across the blocks.

Lita pleaded, "Serena, please slow down! What's the rush?"

"We've got to get to the video arcade. The new Sailor V game is out and I want to be able to play it before the lines get too big." Serena explained.

"That's Serena for you, "Amy said, "She's a fan for her games."

"Yeah, but with her luck, she'll be late as usual." Raye retorted.

Suddenly, as the girls were about to cross a street, a yellow Volkswagen beetle stopped in front of them.

Serena barked, "Hey buddy, get out our way! I've got some where to go!"

"Well, then, how about I give you a hand." Said the car.

"What the?"

Exiting out of the car, Mina said, "Hey guys, you haven't forgotten Bumblebee have you?"

The beetle then transformed into the yellow Autobot himself. "Where you trying to go?"

"The arcade, a new game is there and Serena wants to play it." Amy replied.

"Alright then." Bumblebee then reverted back to his vehicle mode. "One limo-bot coming up!" He opened all of his doors, allowing the girls to enter his body. He then sped off onto the road.

Serena exclaimed, "Thanks for picking us up Bumblebee. This is a really big help!"

"Oh shucks; it's the least I can do in return for you guys saving my life yesterday with the Insecticons. If I took them on all by myself, I wouldn't even function to see today."

Just then, another car came up from behind Bumblebee and pulled up next to him. In sat four female humans, all of different ages.

Mina looked out of the driver window of Bumblebee, "Hey look everybody, its Haruka and Michiru."

"And Setsuna and Hotaru too! What are you guys doing here?"

"We just thought we would ask you the same question." Michiru replied.

"Since when did you get a driver's license Mina?" asked Haruka.

Mina paused; she had forgotten how she was going to explain for Bumblebee driving her around.

"I think I…" Bumblebee started, but then Mina blurted out,

"Uh, I think I can explain. You see, my driving instructor told me it was okay to drive his car to the arcade where were meeting to begin my driving test today."

Haruka replied, "Cool, we'll come watch you."

Mina didn't look all that happy, but answered back, "Okay. See you there." Both cars then sped off. Bumblebee asked, "Are those girls your friends."

"Yes, they are." Serena replied.

"So why didn't you let me explain everything to them. I'm sure they would understand." The Autobot asked.

Mina retorted, "That's where I think you're wrong Bumblebee. They don't exactly listen very well."

In the other car, Michiru whispered to Haruka, "Did you get the feeling they weren't exactly telling the truth?"

"What tipped you off just now? Especially something about that car." Haruka replied.

"What about it?"

"Since when do cars enter war zones?"

"Huh?" Michiru then looked back at the Volkswagen and saw a whole bunch of wholes and burns on the roof of it.

After a little bit of waiting, the girls had finally made it to arcade. Serena had rushed in, hoping she would make it in time to play her game. The others rushed in with her, hoping to avoid the subject of their ride over. Bumblebee stayed outside, seeing as his old excuse into getting into an arcade to play games seemed kind of dumb to use now. I'm just glad Mina didn't get into any trouble because of me. It's so much easier back home in America.

Suddenly, Bumblebee noticed a loud humming noise. He directed his optic sensors upwards towards the skies and he could see…

A helicopter. Nothing to get worried over. Then he heard another hum and saw a space shuttle pull up next to it. Oh the pilot of that space shuttle better be careful or he's going… hey! Wait a minute! Since when do space shuttles operate so close to ground anyways?

Then he noticed coming down the road were three vehicles, a tank, a jeep, and a missile trailer. And since when do you see the earth military just move down the street for a little trot? This is bad, really bad! But it's impossible; Megatron would never have considered sending…

"Combaticons, attack!" The missile trailer let out a ballistic volley of fire upon several cars ahead of it, destroying them in an instant. The tank and jeep also did the same by using extra artillery cannons attached to them. The helicopter and space shuttle joined in as they rained missiles and bombs down below.

Serena, Amy, Mina, Lita and Raye ran out to see what was happening and Serena cried, "Aww! What's going on? Its ruining my game!"

"What are the Japanese army forces think they're doing?" Amy asked with shock.

"They're not with Japanese army, or any other military for that matter." Bumblebee replied grimly.

"You don't mean…" Mina asked hesitantly.

"Yup, they're Decepticons."

"But what are they doing here again?" Lita asked.

"I don't know why Lita," Bumblebee transformed into his robot mode, "but I'm going to stop them with every last bit of strength I have left!"

"But Bumblebee, you're too damaged from the fight yesterday! We didn't fully fix you, you can't fight them!" Mina pleaded.

"I have no choice Mina. Its either I fight them, or they'll tear up everything in this city until they get what they want. You keep everyone inside the arcade, I'll be fine." Bumblebee then rushed off thinking, that's what I'd like to say, but with the Combaticons involved, there won't be enough of me to make a toaster!

The Combaticons began to tear up everything that came their way, trampling over cars and bikes and other things that got into their way. People ran for cover or pleaded to be spared, but where as the Combaticons were concerned, they were just a nuisance. All had now transformed from their vehicle modes. Brawl from his tank, Swindle from his jeep, Vortex from his helicopter, Blast Off from his space shuttle, and Onslaught from his missile trailer. The commander address his team, "Attention!" The other four naturally fell into order as Onslaught continued, "Remember, lord Megatron ordered these human females alive, so keep 'em that way, is that understood?"

Brawl manically replied, "Yeah, so that means we get trash everybody else right?"

"Brawl, sometimes I'm just tempted to do away with you myself." Blast Off retorted.

"What's that suppose to mean fly-boy?"

"It means you should get off your metal rear plate and get to work you crazed mechanoid!" Vortex barked.

Swindle just chuckled at everything that was happening, thinking of how he could make a profit of this mission, and then took off by himself. The others soon followed suit.

Brawl was blasting everything he caught sight of, totally unaware of Bumblebee creeping behind him until, "Surprise!" Bumblebee fired a shot of his photon shot-gun right in between Brawl's optics!

"Aaarrggghh! I can't see anything! What happened?" Brawl wildly fried his gun off several times, but always at the sky. Bumblebee then lifted a lamppost out of the sidewalk and swung it around to smack the Combaticon into a wall.

"What's going on over here?" Vortex and Blast Off both walked over towards they heard Brawl, but then didn't see a thing as Bumblebee blasted them both in their optics as well. They smacked into each other and fell onto the ground in one large clank.

Onslaught stomped over and began firing at Bumblebee, "You made a big mistake when attacking my soldiers, for any attack at them, is an attack at me!"

"Well I'm sorry I didn't get you first, so here!" Bumblebee dodged the shots and fired a quick blast at Onslaught right in the middle of his forehead.

"My guidance system is hit! I can't see anything either!" Onslaught yelled. He then knelt down and fired a duo of missiles at Bumblebee, by accident. Yet the attack sent the Autobot flying as he crashed into the arcade, right in front of the girls.

Haruka quickly stepped forward, "Stay behind me everyone. I'll deal with this guy."

Serena and Mina pulled her hand back, "Haruka wait! He doesn't want to hurt us!" Serena pleaded.

"Then why did he come crashing through the door?"

"Because I was hurled into here that's why." Bumblebee stood up, revealing his full body.

Hotaru pointed, "Look! The same bullet holes we saw on Mina's car!"

"Well, I guess I can't call myself a robot in disguise anymore." Bumblebee joked. "But now is not the time for explanations. We got to get everybody out of here. That blow to the Decepticons' optic systems is going to repair itself pretty quickly, and we need to be out of here before… aaaahhh!" A sharp pain hit in Bumblebee's left arm. The girls all jumped back as the building began to shake. Swindle came through the door and began to tear the front opening apart.

"There you are!" Swindle gleefully and evilly smiled. "I figured if I let those sucker teammates of mine handle the grunt work, I would be able to get you girls!"

Serena asked, "Does he mean us?"

Raye replied, "I don't know. Why would the Decepticons want us?"

Bumblebee picked himself up and brought his gun to bear, "You better not lay a finger on them Swindle, or you'll function to regret it!"

"Listen Autobot, I don't want get my hands dirty, so I'll make you deal with no backstabbing, just cause I like your moxie."

"Huh? What kind of deal?"

"Megatron will pay me a large reward if I bring those five human females to him, so I tell you what. I'll let you live and split the reward with you if you give them to me. What do you say?"

Haruka angrily looked at Mina, "See, what did I tell you? This robot is just like that one! Trying to make a deal using us as bargaining chips!"

"Don't make an assumption just yet." Setsuna said.

Bumblebee shouted, "I say that you eat photon!" But Bumblebee's left arm gave out and he dropped his gun as it gave way.

Swindle retorted, "You should've taken my request…" The Combaticon brought up his high powered cannon at Bumblebee's head and was about to fire when, "Arrrgggh!" Missiles struck Swindle's chest and bursted in large explosion. Everyone turned around to see who had fried them.

"Request denied." It was Grimlock, holding his twin barrel missile cannon in hand.

At first, girls were all worried. This guy looks worse than the first one, they were thinking to themselves. But that all vanished when Bumblebee jumped up.

"Grimlock! You're alive!"

"Hi to you too. How's arm?" Grimlock chuckled.

"Well, I'll recover, but it'll take a while for my system to repair it."

Serena blurted out, "Alright! What the heck is going on here?"

"Bumblebee, do you know this guy?" Mina asked.

"Huh? Oh, right. Well everybody, this is one of my Autobot friends, the Dinobot commander, Grimlock!" Bumblebee announced cheerfully.

Grimlock looked surprised at his introduction and looked down at the girls quizzically, "Um… hi?"

"What're you doing here? I thought you and Bluestreak died when the Decepticons blew up our station." Bumblebee asked.

"No, we not die that easily. While you ejected into space, me and Bluestreak fighting Skywarp. Before he teleported out of station, we grab onto him just in time. He teleported far away on other side, that probably why you couldn't see us. Me then start to fight him, and then Devastator show up."

"'gulp', is that why you're all banged up?"

"Heck no, me took out arms before anything else. Dents from crashing into rocky bedside of cliff when me got blasted into earth's pull."

"And Bluestreak?"

Grimlock lowered his head, "Not sure. Lost contact after a while. Me can only hope the best…"

Bumblebee now looked some what saddened, and the girls seemed to understand how he felt.

"But that not important now," Grimlock said in his "I-am-commander-now" tone, "what is why Decepticons want them!" The Dinobot pointed at Serena and the others.

"That's what're wondering too." Mina said worriedly.

"What I'd like to know is what the heck is going on here?" Haruka asked impatiently.

Grimlock then kneeled down and said, "Put simply, we Autobots good guys. Decepticons, bad guys. You humans, what they want, so we protect you. Question is why?"

Bumblebee thought for a moment, then came to the conclusion, "Wait a minute! We already had an encounter similar to this one, yesterday with Insecticons!"

Mina caught on, "That's right, those Decepticons came here wanting the energy from that new electric dam, but we stopped them."

"But what does that have to do with us?" Hotaru asked.

"Maybe the Decepticons got scared of what you did and wanted to capture you all so they could put you out of the picture." Bumblebee said, "But don't worry. We took care of the Combaticons, and if the Decepticons do come, our Autobot friends will come to back us up."

"Yeah, but we not sure of anything. Those blows you dealt to first four guys won't keep 'em down for long, and Swindle will… hey, where he go!" Grimlock looked to where he thought Swindle fell, but now they could just see a trail of energon trailing towards the outside.

"Oh no! This is bad, and with a capital G!" Bumblebee said.

"What's so bad about it?" Mina asked.

"There's a reason why there called the Combaticons, and not just because they can transform into Earth military vehicles. That's why we needed to take Swindle. You see, when the five of them work together, they can…"

Suddenly, the walls began to shake uncontrollably; the girls could see some of the ceiling starting to come apart. Then, Haruka's car came flying through the roof. Everyone was scared stiff, but then Bumblebee got them out of the way while Grimlock provided them cover with his back.

Haruka crawled from under the Dinobot, almost sobbing. "My car… that is it! Those metalheads are going to pay for this, big time!"

Then, the roof came off completely, Grimlock pulling her back in with the others. "Next time you bout to do something stupid, warn us first."

As the debris came down, Bumblebee transformed to car mode and opened all of his doors. "Everybody in!"

Serena, Mina, Amy, Raye, and Lita didn't hesitate to jump quickly into the minibot as he sped out of the arcade.

"What about us?" Hotaru asked worriedly.

Grimlock replied sarcastically, "Uh, hello? Me giant robot."

"Can you transform into a car?"

"Um, no. But…" he then picked all four of the outers and cupped them in his hands, "… me can do this!" He then ran forward, his shoulders crashing through the exit. As he made it outside, he set them all down.

Setsuna smiled, "Primitive, but it gets the job done."

Grimlock smiled too, that is if you could see underneath his mask, "Yeah, me Grimlock am smart primitive."

The others soon met up with each other, Serena asking the obvious question, "What the heck just happened? I thought you took care of those guys Bumblebee!"

"That's what I was trying to tell… you…" Bumblebee stopped as he pointed behind them. All of the girls turned around to see something they could never have imagined. A giant behemoth, looking like it was made of several different robots, was towering over them and the arcade.

"Uh, Haruka, about that pay back," Lita said, "I think you're a bit outclassed to do it."

"What is that thing?" Michiru asked in awe.

Grimlock answered, "Bruticus. He a gestalt, a Decepticon made of five Combaticons joined together. Meaning if we don't stop him, we all slagged."

Bruticus shifted and turned around, looking down at the small group below. "Aaaarrrrgggh! Bruticus want revenge!" He then leaned forward to try and grab them.

"Don't you guys have a plan for this or something?" Amara asked.

"Sure, it called," Grimlock and Bumblebee then ran in the opposite direction of Bruticus, "…retreat!"

The others followed suit and ran after them, turning a corner and winding up in another street. It was hard to maneuver with all of the crowds of people running screaming in chaotic terror.

But they could still hear Bruticus yelling, "Bruticus angry! Bruticus want Sailor Scouts!"

"What does he mean?" Grimlock asked angrily, "Who are Sailor Scouts?"

Bumblebee tried to answer, "Well… uh… you see they're…."

"Whatever. Well, they aren't here, so were just going have to take him down!"

"Yeah, but what can we do to stop him?" Setsuna asked.

"You don't do anything," Grimlock then drew his energo sword, "you stay here, we go."

"But, you can't beat him by yourselves!" Raye pleaded.

"It doesn't matter." Bumblebee said, "Grimlock's right, if we don't try and stop him, no one will be able."

'But… I don't want to lose you again…." Mina said.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to go anywere."

"Yeah, just up."

"Huh?" Bumblebee asked as he felt himself being picked up by Grimlock, then hurled up and over at Bruticus' head. "WHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOAAAA!"

"We'll be back. You just get to safety." Grimlock told the group as he took off into the air.

Serena then said to the others, "Don't worry. You heard Grimmy, they'll take care of things." The girls all looked at her angrily, "What?"

"Serena, you're such a coward." Raye said.

"We have to help them, it's the right thing to do." Michiru explained.

Haruka contradicted her, "I don't know about that, but that guy has to pay for what he did to my car."

"I'm tired of being pushed around by those robots! Its time they got a taste of their own medicine!" Lita added in.

Amy put in her own two cents, "We've got to try and stop it, even though the odds are stacked against us."

Setsuna said, "I like that Dinobot, I don't want him to go without getting his name again."

Hotaru agreed, "They saved our lives, we can only do the same."

"I don't want anything bad to happen to Bumblebee again. He's done so much to protect us." Mina replied.

Serena looked at everybody and sighed, "Okay, you're right. We've got to help them. Come on!" The group then made their way down an alley, all of them preparing to transform.

"Scrap!" Bumblebee shouted as he came colliding into Bruticus' head, trying his best to hold onto him. The gestalt was trying to rid himself of the minibot by clawing at his face.

Grimlock flew above Bruticus, also trying to avoid the other hand that he was occasionally reaching out to swat the Dinobot away. He then pulled out his double mortar cannon, firing a shot at Bruticus' right arm. It then hit dead on Grimlock's target, the hydraulic systems of Blast Off, causing it to go temporarily off-line.

"Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!" Bruticus roared in pain. He then brought up his back cannons to bare, locking on as best as he could on Grimlock and fired, letting loose a hellish blast of missiles.

Grimlock quickly ducked and dodged out of the way, but not in time to see Bruticus' left fist coming straight towards him. He felt himself being hurled through the air and crashing onto the streets below. "When this over, me having Ratchet give me Grimlock overhaul. Me feel like broke down pile of junk."

"Uh, Grimlock, I could use some help…" Bumblebee continued to struggle with Bruticus as the gestalt started to twist and turn his body, "…hhhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee!"

Grimlock sighed, "Me always saving your hide. Don't worry Bumblebee, Grimlock coming!" He then took off back into the sky, drawing out his energo sword. He charged it and rocketed straight into Bruticus' face, striking his visor and dragging the blade across.

Bumblebee smiled, "Great! Now let's finish the rest of the job!" He grabbed onto Grimlock's hands, both of them pulling out their guns and letting loose both their attacks straight into the slit. The two forces collided with each other and exploded as they made contact with the gestalt's optics.

As the two of them landed, Grimlock looked up and asked, "We get him?"

As the smoke clear, it could be seen that Bruticus had suffered some bad damage, but he was still standing, clutching his destroyed optic, the other one visibly fine. "Oh man, you've got be kidding me!" Bumblebee replied to no one in frustration.

"Oh I can assure you, this is no laughing matter." Bumblebee and Grimlock almost jumped out of there metal super structure after hearing that all familiar voice. Before they could turn around to confirm their suspicions, they were both struck in the back with a powerful force! It threw them back, down on their chests, looking up at the Decepticons, with Megatron chuckling at the front, "Because there is nothing funny about any of this."

"Meg… Megatron…" Grimlock said in disgust.

Megatron grinned, "Ah, isn't this a treat? The mighty Dinobot leader brought down flat on his face! You're lucky my fusion cannon was only turned down 20 percent, otherwise a direct contact at 100 percent would be fatal."

"What…. What do you… want?" Bumblebee struggled to get up, but his inner mechanics had been struck and kept glitching.

Megatron walked over and kicked him across the street, "It is not you I want Autobot, what I want is the humans known as the Sailor Scouts. Speaking of which…" the Decepticon leader then roared, "…where are they!"

Bruticus heard his leader's call and sort of cringed at hearing him sound angry. Megatron flew up towards his head and kicked him in his damaged optic, "You dimwitted, deranged dolt! I ordered that your number one priority was to capture the Sailor Scouts! Instead, I find you wasting your time trying to swat two, worthless Autobots!" He then fired his fusion cannon at the gestalt, sending Bruticus crashing down onto the ground.

He then turned to the rest of the Decepticons, "Well, what're you waiting around for! Find me the Sailor Scouts now!"

"You wanted us, you got us!" The Decepticons all turn around to see nine figures standing on the rooftop of a building. They all watched as nine women stood facing them, a blonde standing in the middle. "We're tired of you Decepticons tearing up our city and beating up our friends!"

"Yeah, were here now, and were going to make you pay! I'm Sailor Uranus!" cheered one of the women with short tan hair.

The girl next to her with turquoise hair also added in, "And if you want to deal with Uranus, then you'll have to first feel the wrath of me, Sailor Neptune!"

"For too long have I stood by and watch you destroy our planet over the course of time. Now you shall atone for your crimes, I am Sailor Pluto!" yelled the oldest looking women with black hair and a long staff.

Now a young girl with a scythe shouted, "I didn't want to do this, but if forced I will destroy you! I am Sailor Saturn!"

"Don't forget about us, especially me! I've got a bone to pick with you guys ever since you sent those bug brains! I am Sailor Jupiter!" said the brunette.

Then a girl with raven like hair shouted, "You freaks make one wrong move and you'll be eating flames! I am Sailor Mars!"

"I may not know so much about you Decepticons, but I have improved my strategy to take down! I am Sailor Mercury!" a girl with short, blue hair said.

Then a girl with long, blonde hair angrily shouted, "You Decepticreeps have caused my friend Bumblebee so much pain for too long! Now you're going to pay! I'm Sailor Venus!"

"And I'm Sailor Moon!" finally said the blonde in the middle, "I stand for love and justice, and in the name of the moon, we will punish you!"

For a while there was nothing but dead silence as the Decepticons all just stared in a combination of shock and confusion. Then it all started with Starscream, who tried to muffle it at first, but couldn't help it and just bursted out laughing!

"Oh that's too rich! 'We'll be punished'! Oh man, I didn't know humans had a sense of humor!"

Then the other seekers followed Starscream's example, laughing and some even falling to their knees. Astrotrain chuckled a little, trying to keep his usual, stern personality. The remaining Constructicons all laughed out loud and hard, falling on top of one another. Megatron looked a little annoyed, but couldn't help utter a giggle or two. Soundwave was the only Decepticon who didn't laugh, being some what emotionless himself.

Grimlock looked to Bumblebee, "What in ever loving name of Primus are they doing?"

"It's a long story." He replied.

The Sailor Scouts now were very embarrassed and annoyed. They had already gotten mocked at by the Insecticons the other day; they didn't need their supposedly threatening speech taken humorous again.

"Oh that's it! You're going to get it now!" Sailor Moon shouted as she leapt down from the building, the other scouts following her suit. They all then stood in their battle stances, ready for whatever the Decepticons did next.

Megatron then put his arms out aside, "Please, I do not wish to fight flesh creatures. I merely wish for you supply me with the energies you can produce. As you've demonstrated to my Insecticons, you have the power I require to conquer this planet, and soon the whole galaxy!"

"Forget it! You aren't getting anything!" shouted Sailor Uranus. She then rushed forward, her fists up in the air. Megatron smirked and turned to Soundwave.

Soundwave nodded, as he knew what Megatron was asking. He then pressed a button on his shoulder and said, "Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw; eject. Operation: capture and assimilation." As he pressed the button, his chest plate leaned forward and ejected what looked like four cassette tapes. In mid air, the tapes then transformed into two small, human sized robots, a robotic vulture and a metal panther.

"That won't stop me! Uranus World Shaking!" Uranus then held up her hands clenched as a powerful force began to generate from it. She then threw it down onto the ground, creating a massive Shockwave headed towards the cassettes.

As it smashed into the ground in front of them, the cassettes were all sent flying back into Soundwave as it exploded on contact. The Decepticons also seemed to be rattled by the attack as well, but with help from their ability of flight, hovered a little off the ground as the quake came.

"Grrrrr, that's it!" Rumble ranted as he got up, "No more mister nice 'Con! I'm gonna show you what it means to be in pain!" The cassette's arms then began to change shape, turning into pile drivers. He then kneeled forward and began to slam them onto the ground, creating a large, humongous crack in the road that traveled in a path towards the scouts.

The young women all saw it coming and made their ways onto opposite sides of the crack, still shaken from the force of its vibrations.

"Nice one Rumble, now it's my turn!" Frenzy shouted. His chest opened up to reveal what looked like speaker phones and immediately, a high frequency wave of sound emitted. It soon began to ripple and travel throughout the area. Glass windows cracked into nothingness, the bondings of walls shifted and broke apart.

"It'll take a lot more than structural damage to beat us!" Sailor Jupiter shouted as she held up her hands. "Supreme Thunder!" A lightning bolt then jetted from out of her hands and towards the two cassettes, both of them jumping up as it disrupted their circuitry.

"Nice one Lita!" Sailor Moon shouted, "You put those guys down!"

Astrotrain stepped forward and growled, "But no out, foolish girls!" He then fired a blast of ionic energy from his rifle.

The blast hit very close to where Sailor Mars and Venus stood, but luckily they managed to dodge it the nanosecond it came down on them. Ray didn't take too kindly towards it and then held up her hands in a symbol of power. "Mars Fire… Ignite!"

As the huge fireball advanced on him, Astrotrain did his best to cover himself. The flames left scorch marks on his wings and less durable armor of his body. Then when he looked down at his weapon, he saw to his horror that the flames had melted the cartridge for his ionic blaster. "What? Damn you little..."

"Leave this to us Astrotrain!" Ramjet said as he, Thrust, and Dirge stepped forward. "This calls for some real military power! On my mark, FIRE!" The three seekers raised their arm weapons, and fired a barrage of cluster bombs and laser bursts at the scouts.

Sailor Neptune stepped forward and drew out her sacred talisman, the Deep Aqua Mirror. She shouted, "Submarine Reflection!", and held up the mirror, causing all of the attacks to change direction, and head right back at the seekers!

Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet had no defense, and simply flayed their arms out as they were blown back by their own weapons.

Sailor Moon then shouted, "This has gone on long enough! Its time you all paid for your evil actions!"

"And just what do you plan to do to stop us!" Starscream barked.

"This!" Sailor Moon then suddenly summoned from out of nowhere a weapon that appeared to look like a heart shaped sword. She then held it out, pointing at the Decepticons, "Moon…"

The Decepticon immediately knew that this was not good. "Soundwave, take me!" he ordered, jumping into the air, shrinking, and transforming.


Soundwave quickly grabbed the equipped pistol that had once been his master, and aimed the gun towards Sailor Moon.

"MEDITATION!" Sailor Moon finally shouted after a series of twirling, and a powerful burst of energy in the form of hearts blasted forth.

At the same time, Soundwave fired the energy Megatron had gathered within himself, and unleashed a powerful burst of fusion force. The two attacks collided with each other, and the resulting explosion created a massive after shock pushed back everyone within close radius.

As the dust cleared, Sailor Moon and the other scouts could not believe what had happened. "No way… that can't be… he withstood the attack…"

Soundwave and Megatron had managed to quickly recover, the leader shouting to his groggy seeker commander, "Starscream, now! Fire the null ray!"

Starscream could hear him, and replied, "Alright, alright." Tapping his rifle a bit, he then fired several bursts of null energy at the scouts. It stung, and brought each one to their knees.

"What? What's… wrong? Why can't… we move?" asked a confused Mina.

Starscream gladly explained, "It's the effects of my null ray. It immediately destabilizes the electrical flow of any machine, and when turned down to the right level, enough to destabilize the flow of your nervous system without killing you."

Megatron laughed cruelly as he transformed, "Foolish humans! No force in this, or any galaxy, can stop the Decepticons! And soon, we shall have what is rightfully ours, total domination of the Universe!" All of the Decepticons cheered in with their leader.

Sailor Moon struggled to get up, saying, "No… we won't let… you…"

"Oh really? And who exactly is going to stop us?" Starscream retorted.

"Us!" Starscream and Megatron both turned to the side to see who had addressed them, only to find themselves being rammed by Grimlock and Bumblebee. They then jumped off of them and took off as fast as they could. It was obvious that they were trying to create a diversion.

As Megatron got up, he roared, "After them Decepticons! Don't let the Autobots escape!" The Decepticons followed their leaders call as he turned to, "Soundwave, Ravage, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw, stay here and guard the humans. Make sure they do not escape."

"As you wish Megatron." Soundwave replied. The Decepticons then followed the Autobots, all except Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Buzzsaw and Ravage.

All of the girls were some what paralyzed with fear knowing that two of the Decepticons, that looked like they were of their weakest number, were able to avoid two of their attacks. And now with them really paralyzed what chance would they have?

"Maybe we never should've gotten involved in all of this." Neptune said melancholy.

"If it wasn't for those stupid robots…" Uranus contrasted.

Venus contradicted, "Don't say that! It isn't their entire fault! Bumblebee never meant any of this! He and Grimlock are fighting out their to save us!"

"They would never have had to fight if they hadn't brought it here! Who cares what side their on, they're all a menace!"

Mina tried to say something, but couldn't get the words out of her mouth. Now she saw why Bumblebee said it was all his and the Autobots' fault. They were the ones who brought the Decepticons to Earth, and if that never had happened…

"Come on! Cheer up!" Sailor Moon cheered in, "We've been in major worse situations than this one. And we've always come out on top!"

"I don't know Serena. The odds seemed to be stacked against us. This is just too out of our league." Mercury replied.

Mars also quipped in, "Yeah, the only way we could win is we had some…. help…."

All of the scouts looked up as they heard a loud humming noise. Soundwave also looked up, and what they saw was a large rocket ship, coming within close proximity of them. They then saw a door open on its side and voice shout out, "Autobots deploy!"

Then out of the hatch, several vehicles fell out, a red trailer cab, a Lancia Stratos turbo race car, a Datsun Fairlady Z police car, a Porche 935 Turbo, a F-1 Liger JS-II race car, a Porche 924 Turbo, all following in an attack pattern. As they came closer to the ground, with the rocket also moving behind them, the same voice shouted, "Autobots transform!" Suddenly, the vehicles' parts and panels shifted, revealing what looked to be humanoid hands and heads. As they finally landed, the forms of Omega Supreme, Wheeljack, Prowl, Jazz, Mirage, Cliffjumper and Optimus Prime could now be seen.

The scouts all looked up in awe and inspired hope as the Autobots had arrived, just as Bumblebee predicted. Optimus then stared down at Soundwave, his optics blazing blue, saying, "Nice to see you Soundwave, now step away from the humans! And prepare yourself… Autobots, attack!"

To be continued….