Remember Me

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By: Selenity Jade (


"I've been waiting for you," rumbled the large warrior King from the throne. His black onyx eyes stared menacingly down at the slender female before him. His hair, a black flame that stood straight up in the air, which no amount of gravity could weigh it down. His royal features were prominent in his harsh face, a sharp nose that looked down on everyone and everything the mighty King decided to give his notice to, a small goatee framed his formidable mouth that was set in a small scowl. His brown colored armor, typical of his race, was one of those large shoulder models, and only seemed to make him more dangerous. He wore a large blue cape that was connected to that armor, and a dark blue under suit beneath his armor. His feet were adorned with the typical white boots, his hands hidden beneath white gloves, and a large furry belt was on his waist.

The female before him on the other hand, was another matter all together. She was small, petite even, and although she wore armor, hers was nothing like the King's. Hers was a dark blue, without the large shoulders, and hugged her tiny frame like her black spandex under suit did. She also wore the same white boots and gloves, and sported the furry belt around her waist. Only hers was blue. As was her long, flat hair and her wide eyes. She was pale, unlike the king's olive skin, and bright in coloring, not at all like the man before her, who was all dark. She suddenly smirked, a strange expression for a small female to make to such an intimidating man, but it did not look alien on her pale, and all too pretty, face. "Vejiita, you should know by now, I am never on time," the female told the King in her melodic voice. And although she spoke softly, her strong voice carried well in the large room.

The King she called Vejiita suddenly chuckled in his loud, deep voice, and it echoed in the mostly empty room. "Buruma, you are a pleasure to have around here, you know that? Never one for formality, were you?"

The small female warrior's smirk grew and she shook her head slightly, her long blue hair, which was flat compared to the rest of her race, swayed lightly with the movement. "Of course not, Vejiita. Not even beatings could get me to submit." Her smirk turned into a genuine smile. "You wouldn't have me any other way, and you know it. You're old, Vejiita. Old for a Saiyajin, and I think you like it that I don't grovel and submit myself to you. You're definitely old if you put up with my eccentrics."

The King rolled his eyes and stood up from the throne, walking over to the young female. His large frame towered over the tiny woman and he smirked down at her, knowing she was not intimidated in the least. "You really should learn about fear sometime, Buruma. A little is healthy."

She shook her head and giggled musically. "Maybe, and I've been afraid before, Vejiita, but you will never know it."

He grunted and motioned her to walk with him out of the large throne room. "Buruma, how are the brats coming?"

The blue female smirked up at the large warrior beside her, who was unknowingly slowing his strides for her tiny legs, even when he knew she could keep up effortlessly. "Great. All the new Saiyajin are good, no one exceptional, and no one completely worthless. My classes are just great," she said, an odd note in her otherwise cheery voice.

He glanced at her curiously. "You want a challenge, Buruma? An exceptional student, I suppose?"

Buruma grinned. "Of course, Vejiita. I am the weakest elite you have, but no one has ever beaten me. Not my students, not even you."

He grumbled. "You're too damn fast, Buruma."

She slapped him on the arm and was gone before he could cuff her on the head, laughing merrily when she appeared behind him. "Stop pouting, Vejiita. You knew about that when you found me. I was a simple third-class genetic defect that was to be terminated, and I had the fortune of running down the King himself in my attempt to get away. If I was older than three, I wouldn't have made that mistake at all, and probably would have spent my life alone out in the deserts somewhere."

"That you would have. No one has caught you yet," the King grumbled. "I was right in allowing you to live and train as an elite. You'd have been an abnormally strong third-class, though."

"Maybe, but strength is not my forte, Vejiita. I'm fast, I'm smart, and I'm not very weak. Together, no one can beat me. I haven't even had a hit connect since I was seven."

Vejiita chuckled as he padded down the abandoned hallway, a happy Saiyajin female bouncing around him, running circles around him, showing him the she had yet to lose her speed and agility, and even now he couldn't defeat her. No one ever has. "Buruma, I'm having a few third-class children who have shown some unique abilities to be trained under you. You'll meet them tomorrow."

She smiled up at the large warrior and floated up until she was eye level with him. "You are a big softy, Vejiita." She floated backwards as he continued to walk towards his rooms.

He growled at the insult and moved to cuff her again, but she easily avoided it and floated out of reach. "I am not soft, brat."

"You now allow the third-class to have a chance to move from their stations in life if they have the abilities. You have grown soft," she teased with a smirk.

"After finding you, can you blame me? We will have the most powerful and well-trained elite graduates this year, and all because of you."

"Aw! You just complimented the little freak!"

He growled and reached for the floating female, only to have her evade his hand again, laughing all the while. "Hasn't anyone ever told you that you are too happy to be a Saiyajin warrior," he grumbled irritably.

"You do all the time, Vejiita," she retorted, "but that never stopped me before and won't now."

He smirked at her, and nodded at the guards stationed outside his rooms. They opened it without a word or a glance at the strangely colored Saiyajin floating beside their king. She was a usual site around the palace since she was placed in the elite classes, over seventeen years ago. "Buruma, stop hovering like that," he barked as he entered his rooms.

She laughed, but obeyed him and floated towards the ground. She cocked her head at her king curiously. "You received news today," she stated knowingly.

He wasn't even surprised she had picked that up. She was unusually perceptive, even with the King who had centuries of practice at hiding his thoughts. "Yes, I did."

"Are you going to share?" she asked, flopping down on the soft couch in the living area. Her blue tail unwound itself from her waist and twitched playfully beside her. He also let his tail hang loose behind him, now that he was safe in his rooms. He had no need to fear the little female with him. He trusted her; despite the very real fact she could defeat him, and was completely at ease.

"My son is coming home for a few months. Furiza is letting him go for that long."

"I see," she commented thoughtfully. "I don't think he's been back since you found me."

He shook his head. "No, he was taken eighteen years ago and I haven't seen him or Nappa, his guardian, since."

She frowned, suddenly serious. It was a strange contrast from the happy-go-lucky female she had been just moments earlier. "That isn't right, you know. He's the prince, yes, but he was just a child then. He should not have been removed from his father so early. Let alone to go with that abomination."

Vejiita smiled humorlessly. "I agree, Buruma, but there wasn't much I could do about it. Furiza can and will destroy us for even minor disobedience's. And my son is more powerful than any Saiyajin. He wanted the brat to be raised under him. I think the reason my son is allowed to return for a while is because Furiza has some wish for my son to take over my throne. I'm actually a bit... wary of meeting my son again. I know he won't be the same boy I sent to that monster. And he won't be all Saiyajin now. He'll be just as monstrous as that beast. I only hope that Nappa was able to teach him honor and enough of our culture to keep him from being just as horrible."

Buruma looked up at her long-time friend, a man who had been like a father to her since she ran him over so many years ago, and gave him a gentle smile. "I'm sure that your son has no love for Furiza, even if he is that monster's puppet now. Furiza would have treated him more horribly than we can imagine and I'm sure even if the young prince hates you now, he hates the lizard more."

The King glanced at the blue-haired Saiyajin and returned her smile. "You are correct in that. One thing I am happy about is that Vejiita cannot take my throne without a mate, and as he hasn't met any female Saiyajin yet, he will not have chosen yet. He could kill me, but he cannot have the throne without a mate." He scowled suddenly. "I've heard some things, though. I don't think Vejiita will even want a mate after what has happened to him with Furiza. That monster's tortures give even me nightmares."

She suddenly stood up and walked up behind the King, placing a hand on his back soothingly. "I'm sure your son is fine, Vejiita. He has generations of royal blood flowing through his veins. He will not be easily broken."

"I know, but if anyone could break him, it would have been Furiza." He paused and looked down at the tiny warrior beside him. "He was a stubborn, proud, and very powerful brat before he left. I only hope that never changed."

She smiled and floated up to kiss her King on the cheek. "I'm sure he hasn't. Find him a mate, a good one. Someone he could... bond with if possible. And maybe, it might heal his heart from the monstrosities that lizard has done to him. And maybe, someday, if he's as powerful as prophecy says, your son can defeat what has never been defeated. And we will be free of that... monster."

King Vejiita smirked at the female and wrapped his tail around her in a hug, before he released her. "I don't know what I would have done these long years if I hadn't found you."

She smirked. "You would have survived," she told him truthfully. "Only not as well," she teased afterwards, floating towards the door. "It will be fine, Vejiita. Perhaps while your son is here, he will learn from you. I think that everything will turn out for the best, though. He is the legendary, the one the prophecies speak of, Vejiita. And it will take more than Furiza to destroy the spirit of a Vejiita." She opened the door before turning back to the tall warrior. "I will meet with you tomorrow after accessing the third-classes you have sent me."

The King nodded. "Fine. Meet me here. I might have need of your antics after I meet my son."

She nodded and winked at him before disappearing out the door, leaving the King alone with his thoughts and worries. He smiled suddenly and shook his head. He was definitely glad to have found that blue Saiyajin. She was a joy to his pained heart. A light in the darkness that his race has become. He didn't know how she did it, staying so... bright with everything she had to endure, but he, for one, was happy he had taken her in. She made life worth living for an old man such as himself. She definitely made it interesting.


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