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::Chapter 23- Honeymoons & Unexpected Happy Endings::

"That's right, ladies! Prince Yamato has finally made it official- He's taken! The former super model Sora Takenouchi can now proclaim herself as the new queen of our proud country!" Paris Times Magazine

"Yamato and Sora were wed at exactly 1:23pm earlier today making them the rightful heirs to the country. It's very exciting!" CBS News

"The two wed today after a slight mishap occured. The young "princess" avdocated her throne and fled. Everything turned out okay and we're all cheering for them!" Channel 2 action news.

News about the wedding spread around the country like crazy. Friends and family of the couple just laughed about all the credits and comments made by the reporters. Everyone had currently found themselves occupied at the wedding reception in the Grand Paris Hotel. Tai, who was bad at holding his alcohol intake, was already wasted after only a few drinks. The party had barely begun but he obviously couldn't wait.

"Congratulations, Sora!" Mimi said giving a hug to her best friend.

"Thank you!" Sora replied happily.

"So how does it fell to be the new queen of France?"

"Kind of scary, actually. But I'm very excited about it!"

"I bet! Where is Matt by the way?"

"That's a good question. I think he went off with Tai somewhere."

"I sent Tai to get us some champaigne about... shit. Like ten minutes ago."

The two girls looked at each other.

"Great..." they said.

There was suddenly cheering coming from behind them. They turned to see what was going on and their jaws dropped to the floor.

On the dance floor in the middle of the room Matt and Tai were blowing into small whistles and dancing to the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Tai was obviously wasted but they weren't sure about Matt. The two boys had attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

"I knew I shouldn't have sent Tai to get the drinks!" Mimi said stomping a foot.

"God... we'd better go stop them before one of them gets hurt," Sora said.

"I need a drink..." Mimi said going toward the bar.


"Double on the rocks, Sora!?"

Sora rolled her eyes, "I've lost them both..."

Sora looked around and noticed that Tai had a microphone in one hand and a beer in the other. He was now annoyingly singing "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon very badly. Sora almost kicked herself as she shook her head and quickly took the microphone from Tai.

"YOU'RE... SO... VA- Hey! That's mine!" Tai shouted as Sora stole the microphone.

"Thank God..." Mrs. Ishida said, "This kid has led me to have a drinking problem."

"Thank you for the entertainment, Tai... I think it's time to give these people a break from your... amazing..." Sora rolled her eyes, "voice. It's time for Matt and I to have our first dance together as a married... Oh my gosh that sounds so cool!"

Everyone laughed.

"A married couple, "Sora finished.

The room cheered.

The song "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain began to play as Sora handed the microphone to her mom so Tai wouldn't get it again. She then joined Matt on the dance floor and the two began to dance.

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

"So..." Matt began as the two got closer, "How does it feel to be the new Mrs. Ishida?"

Sora smiled, "It feels pretty damn good."

Matt laughed, "It's pretty good for me too.

They continued dancing.

I'll Be your cryin' shoulder
I'll Be loves suicide
I'll Be better when I'm older
I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
You're My Survival, You're My Living Proof
My love is alive and not dead

Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

I'll Be your cryin' shoulder
I'll Be loves suicide
I'll Be better when I'm older
I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

"I love you..." Sora whispered as the song began to slow down.

"I love you too..." Matt whispered back as he lightly kissed her forhead.

And I've dropped out, I've burned up, I fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, remembered the things that you said

I'll Be your cryin' shoulder
I'll Be loves suicide
I'll Be better when I'm older
I'll Be the greatest fan of your life

The greatest... fan of your life...::

The song eventually ended and the two stopped dancing. They took a bow as everyone applauded. Sora's mom was almost in tears as she turned the microphone on.

"That was beautiful. I think it's time for Sora to throw the boquet! Every girl in the room that is 18 that is not married please gather to the middle of the room."

All of the women gathered.

"Ready ladies!?" Sora said turning around, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

Sora threw the boquet and the girls in the room went wild trying to catch it.

Mimi walked away from the bar with a yawn and met Tai toward the middle of the room.

"Tai, baby... no more alcohol for you," Mimi said hypocritically as she held a glass of alcohol in her hand. The glass was soon knocked to the floor when Sora's boquet smacked her in the face, "Awe, damn it!"

"What is that?" Tai asked taking it from her and observing it closely.

"Who's big idea was it to throw flowers at me!?"

"Meems! You caught the boquet!" Sora said happily.

"AH! Are you serious!?" Mimi asked.


"AHH! I'M GETTING MARRIED NEXT!" Mimi screamed happily jumping up and down.

"Married!? Wahoo!" Tai shouted, "DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!"

Everyone in the room sweat dropped.

Kyle, Matt's best friend, then tapped his glass with a fork and began speaking, "I would like to make a toast to the beautiful bride and groom! I've known Matt since we were five years old. We attended private school together pretty much all through grade school. We have a lot of memories from the past years that I would like to reflect on," He smiled, "I'd have to say that my favorite memory was when Matt and I spent Spring Break of Senior Year in Cancun, Mexico. Boy did we get in some messes while we were there..."

Matt laughed and turned red, "Oh God..."

"We've always been best friends and always will be, "Kyle said with a laugh, "And Sora... Ah, beautiful Sora. I've only known Sora for about two or three months now but she's a great girl. Matt's a very lucky guy. A girl like Sora doesn't come around every day. I wish you two only the best of luck in your new marriage. I also... have a present for you..."

Kyle pulled a key out of his pocket and held it up for everyone in the room to see, "This key I hold in my hand is the only key with access to the honeymoon suite in this hotel. For you guys-"

"BYE!" Matt said quickly grabbing the key and dragging Sora away.

All of Matt and Sora's friends cheered while the parents and elders in the room sighed.


Mimi gave him an "I cannot believe I'm dating you" look and then said, "What the hell. Give me a shot."


Matt and Sora rode the elevator up to the honeymoon quite. The two wasted no time and began making out. Sora had her legs wrapped around Matt's waist as he held her up. When they got out of the elevator Matt carried her as the passed by a man that worked there.

"I put lots of lotion and towel in honeymoon suite! You too behave good now, you hear?" The man said but the couple ignored him.

Matt pulled out the key to the suite and quickly unlocked the door. He opened it and the two ran in the room. They fell on the bed and he began to kiss his bride all over.

"You don't waste any time do you?" Sora said with a laugh.

"No," Matt replied kissing her lips.

"Don't you want to shut the door?"

Matt gritted his teeth as he jumped off the bed and ran to shut the door. He quickly locked it and looked over his shoulder at Sora. He grinned.

"You wait right there and I will be right back..." Sora said as she kicked off her shoes and walked into the bathroom.

"You're leaving me!?" Matt cried falling to his knees.

Sora smiled and shut the bathroom door behind her.

Matt's head sunk, "She left me..." He then saw a basket on the table with all kinds of gifts and food in it, "Oh! Presents!"

Matt crawled over to the basket. He began to look through the gifts and then saw a card.

"Hmm..." He pondered opening and reading it, " "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Ishida, Thank you for choosing the Grand Paris Hotel for your wedding reception. As compliments of the hotel we hope you enjoy this nice gift basket we have put together for you. Yours truely, GPH management." How nice of them."

Matt then heard the bathroom door open causing him to turn around. His mouth almost dropped to the floor when he saw Sora standing there in the doorway.

"What do you think?" She asked seductively leaning against the door frame.

Sora was currently wearing nothing but some sexy loungerie that barely covered her body. Matt almost started drooling.

"I've been waiting so long for this..." Matt finally came to say.

"What?" Sora asked walking over to him.


Sora laughed, "Mattie, we've already done that."

"Well, yeah! But not as a married couple! Now we can do it anywhere, anytime and no one can say anything about it!"

"Anywhere, anytime?"


"Like where?"

"For right now I'm thinking here and now."

"Oh really now?"


"Well... in that case..."

Sora walked over to the bed got under the covers. She quickly removed her sexy underwear and threw it to the floor.

"There's nothing under these blankets but me," she said.

Matt quickly jumped off the floor and almost flew onto the bed, if it was possible. The two quickly began making out as both Matt and Sora attempted to get Matt's clothes off. Once he had gotten down to nothing but his underpants, there was a knock at the door.

"Who the hell is that?" Matt asked as the knock came again.

"I have no idea..." Sora said, "Maybe if we ignore them, they'll go away."

"Yeah, I guess."

The two began kissing again as whoever was outside their door continued knocking. Matt finally got fed up with it and got off the bed and answered the door.

"What!?" He said opening the door.

Standing in front of the blonde were two people: a man and a woman. They were both dressed in police uniforms and had whips in their hands. The woman wasn't too bad looking and neither was the man. Their dark sunglasses and hats shaded their eyes

"Can I help you with something?" Matt asked really wanting to get back to his bride.

"Are you Matt and Sora?" The woman asked.

"Yes... who's asking?"

"Here," the woman said handing Matt a card and then letting herself into the room. The man quickly followed behind her.

Matt gave them both weird stares and then opened the card. It read:

::Dear Yamato and Sora,

Congratulations! You're finally married! Now here's our wedding present to you...

Love, Mimi and Tai::

"Wedding present?" Matt said to himself just as he heard Sora scream. He turned around and saw the two people dancing and removing their clothes. Both were standing above Sora on the bed.

"Hey! Get away from my wife!" Matt said rushing over to her.

Tai, Mimi, Kari, Tk, and anyone else you could think of then came rushing into the room. Tai was carrying a boombox and had music blasting and Tk and Mimi were carrying a lot of different sorts of alcohol. Matt and Sora had obviously been set up.

"How do you like your birthday present!?" Mimi asked with a laugh as the man began to dance all over where Sora was laying.

"You got us strippers!? What's wrong with you!" Sora asked obviously freaking out. She was buck naked under those sheets and there were 15 people in the room watching her.

"I knew you'd like it! Come on everyone! Let's party in celebration of Matt and Sora!" Mimi shouted and everyone went wild.

Sora mentally kicked herself. 'This has turned out to be one hell of a day...'

3 days later on a beach in Hawaii...

Matt was lazily walking through the lobey of his honeymoon hotel when he suddenly stumbled upon the latest issue of US Weekly magazine (don't own it!!). Much to his surprise, he and Sora were on the cover. The title of the article was "Bachelor No More". He rolled his eyes. He then read "For more information on the wedding, turn to page 35." So he did.

Matt sat down in a cushioned chair and flipped to the page so he could read the article the press had written about them. It was pretty much everything he'd already heard and seen except for one individual thing.

"Rumor has it that Sora Takenouchi, former super model for Versace, is a proud mother-to-be."

Matt stopped reading as his eyes widened, "Mother-to-be!? What the hell!?"

He put down the magazine and quickly ran to a small store very close to the hotel. He bought a pregnancy test and went back to the hotel quickly making a dash for the room. When he entered he saw Sora standing in the kitched getting herself a bowl of ice cream with hot fudge sauce. He hid the box and tried to look calm. She turned around and greeted him with a smile.

"Hey honey!" She said kissing him quickly, "I thought you were going down to the pool?"

"Well, I missed you," he replied.

"Awe, thanks baby."

"Hitting it a little heavy on the ice cream there, aren't you?"

"I had a really weird craving for it. It was weird. But as I always say 'The only way to fight temptation, is to give in.'," she then noticed he was hiding something behind his back, "What's that you have there?"

"Oh, it's just um... Well, you see it's really a funny story and..."

Sora grabbed the box from him a quirked an eyebrow before looking at him, "A pregnancy test?"

"Well you see... while I was downstairs I saw the latest issue of US Weekly and there was an article about our marriage."


"And one of the reporters said you were pregnant and I freaked and went to the store and bought a test so we could make sure the rumors weren't true."

"You think I'm pregnant?"

"No... I mean, yes... I mean... I don't know. Could you please just check for me? For us?"

Sora looked at him for a minute and then started laughing, "Are you serious?"

"Well... yeah," he replied innocently.

"You are too cute. If you really want me to take the test then I will. Then we can prove all the reporters that they're wrong and I'm not pregnant."

"Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you!"

Sora just laughed, "Give me a couple minutes."

She walked into the bathroom with the box as Matt went and sat on the couch. To him it felt like Sora was in the bathroom for hours when it had only been about two minutes. He began to tap his fingers on the table next to the couch as he anxiously awaited her to come out with the results. Finally, five minutes later, Sora came walking out of the bathroom holding the small stick in her hands. She didn't look up at him, just at the stick. He stood up and walked to her.

"So..." Matt said waiting for her answer, "Are the rumors true?"

Sora just shook her head a little indicating a no motion and Matt cheered.

"YES! Phew, that was the most exhilerating thing that has ever happened to me," Matt said and then Sora looked into his eyes, "What's wrong?"

"Matt..." She began.


"I'm pregnant."

Matt laughed, "No seriously, what's wrong?"

"You think I'm kidding?" She said showing him the pregnancy test. It had two signs indicating that she was in fact pregnant.

"Oh my God..." Matt said sinking to the floor, "You are pregnant."

"Are you mad?"

Matt didn't say anything. Sora then began to freak out thinking he was angry with her. He then smiled which was one that Sora had never seen.

"We're going to be parents!" Matt said, very happy now.

"You're not mad!?" Sora asked as he stood up and picked her up spinning her around.

"Mad!? Are you kidding! Sora, we're going to be parents!"

Sora's lips began to form a smile, "We're going to be parents!"

"Hell yeah we are!"

"Oh my God, honey!"

"Oh my God!"

The two kissed passionately but then pulled away after some time.

"So mommy, do you want to go make the rumors the truth?"

"Who cares. We're going to be parents."

Matt smiled. It was the one thing he always wanted. He and Sora would soon be parents. But that story will have to wait until another time...

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