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A young boy, around five or six years old, sat on an old, rickety-looking bunk. He leaned against the wall, his right arm resting on his bent leg, the other laying straight out in front of him. Two onyx eyes glared hatefully at the closed door across from him. His flame-like black hair swung up into the air regally from atop the boy's young face. A fierce scowl graced his face as he continued to stare angrily at the door. He was dressed in brown armor with large shoulder pads, which held the clasps to his dark blue cape, on top of a tight, dark blue under suit. On his small feet, he wore a pair of white boots, and white gloves on his tiny hands. Around his waist was a small furry belt.

The small room was bare – except for the bed – and dark. The boy sniffed disdainfully at the mildew odor that filled it. He had been sitting in that same position for hours in the tiny room, with a hateful scowl on his face. Alone.

He wasn't frightened, even at his young age. He was just angry. Very, very angry. He had been given to the monster who controlled his proud and honorable race. A proud, honorable warrior race was forced to bend its knee to the Ice-jin, simply because of his fearsome power. A proud and honorable king had been forced to give up his son, heir, and prince, to the monster because of the young child's amazing strength.

The young boy was angry at his father, at the monster – at his strength, at his weakness. He was angry about being locked in the dark, dirty room. He was angry at his entire race for being too weak to fight the tyrant. And he was angry with himself for not being able to defeat the monster himself, because he was too weak, even with being the strongest Saiyajin to be born in over a millennia. The one destined to be the legendary. The one destined to achieve the glory of his race.

All of that was whirling in the young boy's mind as he continued to glare hatefully at the locked door. Waiting, for hours, maybe days, for someone to come to him. And finally, he allowed his eyes to close, eyes that held more anger than most children could possibly possess, and he drifted off into sleep for the first time in four days.


Looking around the vast darkness, the young boy crossed his arms over his chest. He couldn't see anything beyond a few feet in front of him, not even with his excellent night sight. It was just... empty. The boy knew he was dreaming, and was a bit curious as to why he would be dreaming of standing in nothingness. He was not afraid, because the boy had never learned what it was to fear. He was a warrior prince, descended from a long line of the strongest of his race, even before they had ruled their planet, and he had no reason to know fear before, since he was stronger than most adults of his race.

A soft muffled sound reached his sensitive ears and he swung around to look behind him. His eyes widened fractionally as he began to pick up a pale blue light in the vast empty darkness. It appeared to be approaching him, and the young prince waited.

After what seemed like hours to the young boy – who still hadn't learned the fine art of patience – he began to make out a figure within the blue light. A few minutes more, and he could tell it was female. Another minute, and he could make out her features. She was an adult, and as Vejiita hadn't yet learned to estimate age, he couldn't even begin to guess. She was older, but not old. Her hair was short and lay flat against her head. The young boy found his eyes drawn to the exotic color of her hair. He had yet to meet many people from other races, and was only acquainted with the dark colors of the Saiyajin, and the light, feminine appearance of the Ice-jin who ruled his planet.

Her eyes – deep blue wide eyes – held his own as she walked towards him. For some reason, she was wearing a pair of shorts and a tight shirt that showed off her ample breasts. But the young boy had yet to learn about females outside of their existence, and that did nothing to affect him. But he did know she was beautiful. More beautiful than anything he had seen in his short life.

She stopped a few feet in front of him and a smile appeared on her pale and flawless face. "Vejiita," she whispered, her voice sweet and melodic to his ears. He had never been spoken to with such... kindness before.

"What do you want?" he demanded angrily. He had learned to cover his confusion with anger years ago, and proceeded to use that mask he now wore.

Her smile widened, and she knelt in front of the boy. "Vejiita, Saiyajin no Ouji, chibi ouji, you need to wake up now."

He blinked, startled. "What?"

The smile didn't disappear at the gruff tone in his voice, which shouldn't have belonged to a child. "You must wake up, Vejiita. Furiza has sent Zarbon to get you. You must wake up."

The young boy growled softly. "You disturb this... dream to tell me to wake up? That's stupid!"

The woman laughed softly, a musical sound, and placed a hand on his cheek. He started violently at the tender touch, not used to the contact. He knew that touch only brought pain. Yet this woman's touch brought nothing but warmth to him. "Vejiita, wake up now."

"Who are you?" he demanded suddenly.

Shaking her head, the woman smiled again. "You'll find out later, Vejiita. For now, you must wake up. Sleeping is dangerous on Furiza's ship."

The young boy snorted. "Of course it is, Onna!"

"Then I suggest you wake up, because Zarbon is unlocking your door right now." And with those words, she leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, leaving him gaping at her. "Stay safe, little Vejiita," she whispered, and was gone.


The young boy snapped awake just as the door to his prison was opening. He glowered at the man who entered, the green man with green hair and emerald eyes. The man was more beautiful than any had the right to be.

"Ah, monkey brat, I have to give you some bad news."

The boy remained silent, staring at the man.

"Vejiita-sei was hit with a large meteor. It was destroyed, brat."

If the man was expecting tears or anger, he was sadly disappointed. The young Vejiita did nothing, not even twitch an eyebrow at the news. And the only words he spoke were, "Too bad."

The pretty green man blinked at the child, but shrugged. "Furiza will keep you in his employment along with the other two Saiyajin that survived the destruction. You are to be brought before him tomorrow morning. Sleep well, monkey brat." And with those words, Vejiita was locked within the room again. Alone.

The young boy didn't mourn his planet, not even in the privacy in his head. He didn't really care about his people or his father, only that he no longer had a race to rule as Prince. The Saiyajin didn't love or care for other people, and the young prince didn't know either of those feelings. He didn't mourn those he didn't care for. He didn't mourn for the destruction of his planet. He felt his anger grow, though, at the pretty man's lie. He knew it was no meteor. He knew exactly what had killed his race.


And the young prince, who no longer had a planet to rule, clenched his fists angrily. "I will avenge my planet, Furiza," he hissed softly. The boy didn't know loneliness, didn't know concern or grief. He didn't feel anything but anger at his throne being denied him, at his home's destruction, and at the monster who destroyed them. He was the perfect warrior, no conflicting emotions to worry about.

It was at that moment, he first felt the overwhelming drive to become the most powerful warrior in the universe. He would achieve his destiny. And he would destroy the monster that had taken away his throne.

He didn't remember the dream, nor the sense of peace that dream had instilled in him. He didn't remember the woman from the dream. Everything but the anger and drive for power was locked away. Forever.


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