Thundersdawn PT5: Chocky's Thunder

by Chaos_eternus

Note: I do not own nor do I claim ownership of characters and concepts from Chocky or Stargate SG-1.

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Chapter 1: Danger

Chocky glowed with affection as she watched over Albertine's work. Whilst she had never intended for the government to get their hands on her technologies before they were well and truly out of the bottle, it appeared she had chosen well with Admiral Thompson. He was determined to see them used wisely, her children were protected from such unscrupulous organisations as the surviving NID and this world was protected from the barbaric Goa'uld.

She frowned inwardly; the Goa'uld had forced a major rethink. She didn't the Goa'uld at all, but had hoped this world would be ready for them before they found it. It appeared she had missed many signs of Goa'uld influence, hell the sheer number of religious factions and fanatics should have warned her. That kind of collective damage to any species psyche only ever comes from their 'primitive' ancestors having proof of god-like beings forced on them, a crime which the hated Goa'uld and the wiser, but not entirely blameless Asgard were often guilty of

Her way was slower, more subtle. It required a lot of thought and time, but the masters monitoring her work felt she had proven the idea quite well. Change a society from within; introduce new technologies and ideas through carefully chosen individuals at the right time and change would happen. Using the 'God Act' of the Goa'uld and Asgard did guarantee change, but it also guaranteed damage and that was something she wished to avoid. Who knows, she might even graduate this time.

Chocky flashed out from Albertine's lab at RAF/RSS St Athan and pulled on the thread that linked her to her body, heading home at speeds no hyperdrive could hope to match. She cried out suddenly as she hit a solid barrier surrounding her home system. This was wrong! There wasn't supposed to be a barrier to her here!

She felt and probed the barrier and cursed in horrified wonder, someone had managed to expand the field of a ZPE generator, expanding it so it covered the whole system. Ingenious, but her people were all psychic, to put it in human terms, everyone of her people had latent telepathic abilities, and a significant number had other capabilities as well. They had been forced to stop use of the ZPE generators because of this, the generators had the unfortunate side effect of drawing power from any being with extra-sensory perception in preference to the universe itself, quickly draining them until their entire soul was devoured by the machine.

Her entire people were now in the grips of such a device, so someone out there now had more energy at their control then two exploding supernovas, this could not be good. She probed quickly around the field and soon came across what she was looking for, a Goa'uld Ha'tak entering the field, heading towards what could only be the station that powered this field. It was too deep within the field for her to influence. She would need help.

Chocky span around and headed back to earth, hoping the Tau'ri as they now styled themselves could help her and her people before the ZPE field cut the lifeline to her body, killing her.