Thundersdawn PT5: Chocky's Thunder

by Chaos_eternus

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Chapter 17: Reinforcements 2: The Fleet


Once again a fleet gathered within sight of Thundersdawn. This time however, the fleet was missing two limbs, Iwo Jima, destroyed in action against the Goa'uld, and USS Persephone, whose damaged navigation system had failed during the jump out of hyper, putting her in Thundersdawn's only available capital ship sized dry-dock for at least another week.

However, amongst the warships of the fleet, a different bird nestled. Liberty, the prototype Merchant class fleet support ship had left the dry-dock where she was under construction early and all bar one of her holds were loaded with relief supplies, medical, food, water and other essentials. Her final hold was loaded with the components her crew would have to install themselves, en-route. This was to be her first mission.

As one, the fleet turned and accelerated to hyper, slower this time, Liberty not having the acceleration available to her that the warships did.

Chocky's Home System, Contested Space

With a flash, the fleet dropped out of hyper, and almost instantly went to battle stations. Maktenos's reinforcements had arrived already, once more they would have to fight for this system, so be it. The four warships accelerated, their engines straining to bring them into the fight as soon as possible, for three Ha'tak's versus one Ha'tak and an MTB were uneven odds, and the defenders were being forced to fall back closer and closer to the besieged planet of Chocky's birth.

With the return of the main fleet, that changed however and the Goa'uld controlled Ha'tak's were forced to re-deploy to meet the stronger threat that had just arrived, giving Blastboat and Valour's Hour time to regroup.

All six Tau'ri warships targeted the same Ha'tak, their Gauss rifles, torpedoes and the Goa'uld designed weapons systems of Valour's Hour flooded space around the vessel, catching the vessel in a murderous crossfire which sent it spinning, uncontrolled and on fire through space. Their ardour cooled by the quick destruction of their comrade and the obvious remains of a mothership and a major Goa'uld station the two surviving Ha'tak's broke off, fleeing the system. It was finally over.

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