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Swallow The Moon

     A sigh, a moan.

     Ed listened, humming happily, quietly.  He knew what they did each night.  How could he not?  He sat outside Eddy's window and listened as Eddy and Double D made music.

     "Venus De Milo in her half-baked shell understood the nature of love very well."

     Inside the room, Eddy sucked on the side of Double D's neck, causing Double D's back to arch and his breath to catch.  Eddy licked, tasting, savoring.  He couldn't get enough of the sweet-silk flavor of Double D's flesh.  He never could.

     "She said, 'a good love is delicious, you can't get enough too soon.'"

     Double D wrapped his arms around Eddy and pulled him up to his lips.  He kissed him deeply, sucking his tongue into the hot-wet cavern of his mouth.  He couldn't get Eddy close enough.  He never could.

     "It makes you so crazy you want to swallow the moon."

     Ed looked up at the night sky, still humming.  Stars glittered down at him, making a beautiful pattern that seemed to match the beautiful music he could hear behind him.

     "Oh, oh Jupiter."

     Eddy pulled away for a moment to stare down into Double D's face.  His best friend gazed up at him, eyes clear and trusting and beautiful.  So beautiful Eddy's heart caught in his throat.

     He reached out and placed his palm over Double D's heart.  Double D smiled tenderly, softly, as Eddy relished the feel of Double D's heart beating rapidly beneath his hot, sweaty skin.

     "Oh, oh be still my little heart."

     Double D sighed as Eddy's hands tweaked his nipples.  A pleasant burning sensation centered in his chest, and it wasn't until Eddy's talented fingers moved lower that Double D realized the burning wasn't only caused by the pleasure Eddy roused from his nipples.

     "Oh, oh love is a flame neither timid nor tame."

     Ed leaned back against the house, his kooky grin plastered to his face.  Summer wind blew by, blew a dying flower into his short hair.  He plucked it out and smiled down at the trapped plant between his fingers as more helpless moans echoed out the window above his head.

     "Take these stars from my crown.  Let the years fall down."

     Eddy gently pulled off Double D's hat, always the last to go, and watched with his usual awe as the silky dark hair spilled out onto the bed before him.  The boy whose hair it was blushed deeply at the look on his face, then pulled him down for a surprisingly chaste kiss.

     "Lay me out in firelight.  Let my skin feel the night."

     Ed began to nestle back into the wall, still grinning to himself.  It wasn't the most comfortable position, but the cool evening air was soothing, the starlight was magical, and the music made by his two best friends warmed him from head to heart to toes.

     "Fasten me to your side.  Say it will be soon."

     Eddy knelt between Double D's legs, using his teeth to administer gentle nips, using his hands and lips to cup and stroke and suck and caress.  Double D cried out, the first words spoken since this night had begun.

     "Please," he gasped, breathless.  "Please."

     "You make me so crazy baby…"

     Double D clawed the bed, his back arching up higher than before, his voice cracking on strange, choking moans.

     "Could swallow the moon."

     Eddy's hands cupped Double D's firm butt and pulled him closer, swallowing more of him down.  Double D could feel stars bursting behind his eyes.  When the big burst came, he called out his love to the real stars that he couldn't see and the brilliant, rainbow stars that Eddy brought to his world.

     "My hands are two travelers-"

     Double D lay back, trying to catch his breath.  Eddy smiled, running his hands over Double D's slender chest, his delicate arms, the tender curve of his feet.

    "-they've crossed oceans and lands."

     Ed pulled the flower up to his nose, inhaling the last vestiges of its fragrance.  His other hand caressed the ground, the grass.  They were the most sensuous things he had yet experienced.

     "Yet they are too small on the continent of your skin."

     Double D rolled Eddy over onto his back, skimming his hands over Eddy's trembling, sweaty flesh.  Where his hands traveled, his lips followed, and soon Eddy was quivering helplessly beneath him, half-incoherent with pleasure and need and lust.


     Double D lightly ran his fingers over Eddy's chest, swirling his fingertips through the sparse chest hair Eddy was always so proud of.


     As Eddy writhed and moaned, Double D wrapped his lips around one succulent nipple and sucked hard, then softly, then hard again.  His hands drifted down, drifted around, leaving pleasure-hot-heat in their wake.

     "I could spend my life…"

     Eddy twined his fingers into Double D's hair, groaning and sighing and undulating with pleasure.  But no matter how hot he got, no matter how crazed, he was careful with the delicate bones he held so closely – he didn't pull too hard, didn't move too rough.  After all, they could take their time.  They had all the time in the world.

     "Traveling the length of your body each night."

     Double D left off his gentle but spirited ministrations to plant tiny, fluttering, butterfly kisses on Eddy's inner thighs.  Eddy gasped and then groaned.

     Double D smiled against his skin, then continued his leisurely exploration of his friend's body.

     "Oh, oh Jupiter."

     Ed curled up on the ground, moonlight shining down on him, blending with the flickering candlelight streaming in orange-bright beams through the window.  Double D lit candles every night when he came by.  Seeing him holding a single white candle as he drew Eddy's drapes closed was always Ed's sign that it was time to come over, sit by the window, and dream.

     "Oh, oh be still my little heart."

     Eddy smiled as Double D returned to worshiping him with his generous mouth.  If there was a more beautiful sight than Double D nude and enflamed and flushed with arousal he'd yet to see it.

     "Oh, oh love is a flame neither timid nor tame."

     Double D met Eddy's dark, adoring, aflame eyes and smiled through his blush.  If there was a more alluring sight than Eddy nude and entranced and panting with need he'd never believe it.

     "Take these stars from my crown."

     Ed smiled up at the star-filled sky.  How he envied his friends.  They got to make their own stars.

     "Let the years fall down."

     Eddy sat up abruptly, and pushed Double D's graceful form back onto the bed.

     "Lay me out in firelight."

     Candlelight flickered over Double D's heated skin as Eddy ran one finger down his slick chest, then pulled his legs gently apart.

     "Let my skin feel the night."

     A breeze drifted in the window, and for a moment both boys looked over as they thought they heard the familiar sound of Ed's contented humming.  Then they turned back to each other.  And Ed was forgotten.

     "Fasten me to your side."

     Ed sighed a little, softly.  He wished he was in there, with his two best friends.  He wasn't entirely sure what they did, but their private nightly ritual made such beautiful music.

     "Say it will be soon."

     Eddy reached over and rummaged around in his nightstand drawer.  When he didn't find what he needed, he swore quietly and stood up, crossing the room to rummage in his dresser.  Finally, he pulled out what he was looking for.

     When he looked back at his circular bed, Double D was sitting up, dark hair in disarray, dark eyes flashing with need, with heat.  Eddy could see the urgency in the dark gaze.  His mouth went dry.  He hurried back to the bed.

     "You make me so crazy baby…"

     Eddy rested Double D's legs on his shoulders, but before he could do anything Double D had taken the lube from him and squirted some into his palm.  He rubbed it all over Eddy's hardness, and by the time he was done Eddy was burning.  He wanted Double D so bad…

     "Could swallow the moon."

     With a quiet sigh that turned quickly into a deep moan Eddy entered him.

     "Oh, oh Jupiter."

     "Oh," was all Double D said as Eddy pushed inside him.  It was all he could say.

     "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…"

     "Oh, oh be still my little heart."

     Eddy had to remain in control.  He had to hold on, to prolong…

     But Double D was warm and tight and pulsing around him, and it shredded his control.

     "Oh, oh love is a flame neither timid nor tame."

     Eddy was holding back.  Every time they did this Eddy held back.  For him.

     But this time Double D was tired of control.  Rigid control had ruled him most of his life.  What he loved about Eddy was his lack of it.  And for once, he wanted to be free.

     He knew by now what felt good to him.  So when Eddy would've continued at a slow and steady pace, Double D pushed his straining hips upwards, further impaling himself.

     "Take these stars from my crown."

     Eddy looked down at Double D in utter, stupefied amazement.  Double D gazed right back at him, though his eyes were glazed over with pleasure.

     Sweat sparkled like diamonds on his skin, and the wanton picture he made took Eddy's breath away.

     "Let the years fall down."

     All their shared history, all the bickering and the bonding and the banter and the laughter, had brought them to this point.  And now, as Eddy rocked inside Double D and Double D rocked back to meet him, all of it took on too much significance and none of it mattered.

     "Lay me out in firelight."

     Double D was burning up, he was dying.  He was parched for something, something only Eddy could ever give him.

     One slender hand reached up and slid around the back of Eddy's skull, bringing him in for a long, deep kiss.

     "Let my skin feel the night."

     Double D's hot breath stirred the hair at the side of Eddy's face and suddenly it seemed all his cells were on fire.  This dance was killing him-

     But what a way to go.

     "Fasten me to your side."

     Ed waited with baited breath outside, feeling the knowledge rise up in his gut.  'Soon,' his mind told him.  'Soon.'

     "Say it will be soon."

     Eddy thrust harder, slamming up against the spot he knew Double D liked most with almost punishing roughness.  He could hear the hoarse quality of Double D's moans, and he knew it would be soon.

     For both of them.

     "You make me so crazy baby…"

     Double D clutched at his back now, clawing, trying to maintain some sort of physical hold on reality as he felt his mind spiraling away, dissolving in pleasure.

     "Could swallow the moon…"

     They erupted at once, Eddy releasing deep inside Double D with a violent cry, Double D moaning like he was dying as he shot into the air.  Some landed on Eddy's mouth, and he licked it away with a satisfied smile.  Double D could only blush becomingly.

     "Swallow the moon…"

     Ed drifted off to sleep staring up at the stars, the flower crushed to his nose, listening to the music as it began to fade, dreaming of a time when he would be able to make his own.

     "Swallow the moon…"

     Eddy collapsed bonelessly beside Double D, then gathered Double D into his arms.  The boy who had at one point in his life been known to be thrown into a panic whenever anything in his general vicinity was too 'dirty' or too 'messy' snuggled closer to his lover, whose seed slowly dripped from between his slender legs.

     "Swallow the moon."

     Eddy nuzzled his head into Double D's sweet-smelling hair, only able to go to sleep once all his five senses were entrenched in Double D.  Soon enough he was drifting off.

     No words of love passed between them before he slept.  But then, none needed to be.  Some things didn't have to be spoken – they were already true.

     Sleepily Double D leaned over Eddy and blew the white candle out.