Title: Secret Hogans

Author: Kits

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The man gave the compound a furtive glance before passing a crumpled piece of paper with writing on it to Hogan, who slipped it nonchalantly into his jacket. The first man gave the Colonel a questioning look, which was answered by a slight incline of his head. Both walked away from each other to opposite sides of the compound.

On the way, he crushed and opened the fold of paper in his pocket until he reached Barracks 2.
One of his men looked up when he walked in and noticed his expression.

"Another one, Colonel?" Carter said sympathetically.


"Can I see it?"

He sighed. " 'Fraid not, Carter. My eyes only."

"Oh," his sergeant said disappointedly. "I understand."

Sparing the blonde a warm pat on the shoulder, Hogan retreated to his quarters, shutting the door behind him. He sat at his desk and retrieved the note from his pocket.
Smoothing the abused paper, he sighed as he deciphered the cramped handwriting.

It read:

Carter--Chemist apron

and so on with other names, a dash, then an object beside them.

Hogan groaned and added it to a rapidly growing list of his own.

"I hate going Christmas shopping for the guys!"