"My Sister"
AN: Alright, we'll get straight to the point. This is a poem that I wrote
from Hiei's point of view to his darling sister, Yukina. You will notice
the softer side of him.
Disclaimer: I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho so, there's no reason to sue me.
Here we go.

Yukina, my sister, I love you.
I sometimes wish I could tell you,
But this cursed jagan won't let me.
Why can't you figure it out that it's me?
It's kind of obvious that we're sibs.
We have the same height, same eye color...a connection.
But, no, you'll never notice that,
Because I hide it behind a cloak of darkness.
Yes, I'm the one who watches you in the trees.
When you play with your animals and bees.
I watch you when I get the chance.
To protect you and see the winter dance...around you.
You are my light,
I'm your dark.
When we combine together,
We are one.
If your reading this poem,
Them I'm long gone.
To protect me, mainly you
From pain, suffering, and death.
Good-bye my sister, forever.
I love you.
Your beloved elder brother,
Hiei Jaganshi