Dark: I don't own Cyborg 009. Well, here it goes. I posted this in a cyborg 009 fanfiction community of livejournal.com. Honestly, I'm a bit nervous to put this up for a couple of reasons I can't explain, but I guess I had to reveal myself anyways… To some people.


            The Dolphin was meant to be a tool of war, and battle, but thanks to its present members, it was being used as a place of solitary and turmoil. 6 of the 00 Cyborgs were stationed in the control room, along with Dr. Gilmore. They had a recent string of run ins with Black Ghost forces, and it was too much for their liking.

            A melancholy mood had affected all of them. Their natural leader remained at his station, looking over everything but the control panel he worked. Likewise for the strongman and advanced swimmer. The shapeshifter of the group had given up attempting to cheer the others with his wisecracks. An arsenal in the back and an aerialist were silent the whole time. Each one of them, excluding the doctor, were garbed in their cyborg uniforms.

            As for the three remaining cyborgs, they were situated in the kitchen. The chef wasn't in the mood for cooking, instead sitting at the long table. Across from his, was their ballerina, holding the psychic baby in her arms. They too were clad in their cyborg uniforms.

            006 decided to try strike up a conversation, seeing as no one- in that room- would. "Everyone's been so depressed lately, don't you think 003?"

             Aqua eyes looked at him, before the answer came. "Yes... We've just been fighting too much lately. Along with the results of those fights..." There wasn't a need to continue as 006 knew what she meant. A few of their members had recently been released from the infirmary that morning.

            She was more quiet than usual, and that led 006 to think that there was something else she was brooding over. "003, is something wrong?"

            Even though it was the most common question among their group, it still caught the Frenchwoman off guard. She spent a few minutes of silence, thinking whether to really answer his question. It was true that there was something on her mind, for a long time now. Something that she didn't want to admit. But Jean Paul once told her to always tell someone if you have a problem, or it'll get worse. She listened.

            "I wasn't much help with those battles, was I?"

            006 was the one to be caught off guard this time. "I don't exactly understand."

            003 cradled 001 in her arms, before elaborating with, "In those battles we've had recently, I couldn't help. I only have my radar and hearing powers. And they couldn't really help the situation. Any of them." She still remembered vivid memories of the others being hurt during battle, while she stood by the side, unable to help them. Black Ghost didn't give her that good an ability, and she knew that all she could be really good for in a fight, was lookout... That's what she thought anyways.

            But 006 knew that this wasn't the case. He also knew that the others would definitely agree with him if they were here to listen. "But they do!" In an attempt to cheer her up, he added one other detail. "And you can help them in other ways than fighting." He could sense the turmoil from her, and it didn't seem right for a girl like her.

            "How so?" She was curious to what he meant.

            "You've done a lot more than any other girl out there, and you powers do help... But you still know how to cheer up others, and we've always seen you in the infirmary whenever someone gets hurt out there. The others would say the same too."

            This little bit really did seem to cheer her up, because a small smile formed on her face. "Thank you 006."

            He nodded in response. "And I think the others who would also like some cheering up, and I know how. Some of my special tea will fix them up in a jiffy!" He stopped at seeing 003 contemplating something, while setting 001 in his bassinet on the table.

            "Not to offend, but I think, the others might like this." She stood up and walked over to a cabinet, unlocking the safety metal clasp and removed a small red tin box. Opening, revealed several white packets. "I bought this before we left town. It's hot chocolate."

            "Well, it may not be my special tea, but it will do the job." 006 also stood up, preparing the water while 003 retrieved several mugs. And as they both filled those mugs with water, along with the sweet brown powder, they thought they could at least lift their spirits for little while. What was wrong with at least trying?

            003 set the mugs on a large tray, leaving two mugs for herself and the chef, beaming a bit more. "I think I'll take them to the others this time. Thank you for helping me 006."

            "It's no problem. I'm sure the others will like it." He grabbed his mug and sat down, while 003 walked out the door carefully holding the try in place. If the doors hadn't closed, he might have been able to hear a faint wave of "thank yous" from the distant control room.

            003 stood there, taking in the scene of the others drinking their hot beverages. She still remembered their look of bewilderment, but they faded into soft smiles. She didn't know if it was just to satisfy her, but those smiles may have been real.

            And if some of those smiles weren't genuine, she didn't need to hope that there was a way to make them genuine. She knew. She knew there was a way to help them through this after all, even if she couldn't fight as well.

            And this was proof.