Title: May I Have This Dance?

Rating: PG

Spoilers: "Chimera" Season Seven

Season: Post "Chimera"

Summary: Sam gets dance lessons for her birthday but she doesn't have a dance partner, until fate intervenes.

Disclaimer: Okay I don't own Stargate SG-1 or anything to do with it's universe, you know that and I know that so lets not bring it up. I have no rights to "Fruit Loops" or "The Simpsons" either. I do own the plot.

Author's Note: I'm working hard on several other projects (including "A Major and her Series") but I needed a small escape.


Sam walked up the small stone path to her door as if she were walking on air, a feeling that had lasted her all day long. She had spent the past two weeks counting down for in just one short day, Pete would arrive from Denver to spend his two-week vacation with her and take her to the salsa lessons that he had gotten her for her birthday.

After walking into the house she did her usual routine, flicking on the hall light and checking the mail as she headed into the kitchen towards her answering machine. The small electronic device flashed that she had two awaiting messages. Hitting the play button, Sam listened as she grabbed herself a water from the fridge.

"Hi Aunty Sam! It's 'Lizabeth I was just calling to say hi. Daddy said I could. I dialed you myself...oh Daddy said I have to go or I'll be late to ballet. Bye Aunty Sam! Miss you - love you - bye!"

Sam broke out into one of her million dollar grins at the sound of her niece's message. Elizabeth had a tendency to get excited over the phone, even if there wasn't anyone home to answer it. Her smile grew wider as Pete's voice clicked onto the next message.

"Hi Babe, it's me. Listen I'm sorry to break this to you now but I'm not going to be able to make it tomorrow, or any other day this month. I'm so sorry, something big came up and my boss needs me to fly down to Florida to assist on a case. I'm so sorry and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this any other way but I have to leave for Florida in an hour. I'm not going to have my cell phone with me but after I'm settled I promise I'll call you and let you know where I'm staying. I love you sweetheart...oh and by the way, don't waste the dance lessons; I expect to come home to one sexy, salsa-dancing mama when I fly back. Love you."

The grin had faded quickly from Sam's lips and her heart sank. She hadn't seen Pete in nearly three months because of conflicting schedules, every weekend he could come down to Colorado Springs she was either off world, in Washington D.C. or San Diego and every weekend she was off he was on duty. But she could forgive all of that because she had these looming two weeks to spend with him, until now.

Suddenly the phone rang and Sam grabbed it, secretly hoping that it would be Pete; "Hello?"

"Hi Sam, it's Daniel."

"Hi Daniel." Sam tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

"Hey, anything wrong?"

Sam cringed slightly, the attempt to hide her disappointment didn't work as well as she had hoped; "Yeah, just a little bad news. What do you need?"

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out and have a cup of coffee with me. I offered to Teal'c but he was quite adamant about not going and Jack's being locked in his office until he finishes his mission reports."

Sam sighed as she eyed the clock on the wall, she knew she should stay home and wait for Pete's call but he had really disappointed her and in hearing Daniel's kind, sweet and warm voice sounding so concerned for her over the phone it was an opportunity that she couldn't pass on; "Sure Daniel, do you want to meet at our usual place?"

"Yeah, give me about fifteen minutes to get topside then over there okay?"

"You got it Daniel." Sam gave a slight grin as she hung the phone up.


Sam pulled up in front of the small, out of the way coffee shop on her bike. She immediately found the space Daniel had saved for her and was once again thankful of his generosity. She found the attractive archeologist in their usual corner, right by the window and approached him with a grin on her face. Like any gentleman, Daniel stood as he watched Sam walk over and grinned at his blonde friend as she noticed that he had taken the liberty of ordering her drink for her.

"Hey Daniel." Sam smiled as she took the seat across from her friend.

"Hi Sam. I hope you don't mind." He kept his grin as he pointed at the coffee.

"Not at all, just what the doctor ordered anyway." Sam smiled half heartily as she took a sip.

"Yeah, you mentioned that before, what happened?" Daniel asked, his blue eyes blazing with true concern for the woman that he had come to regard as a sister.

Sam sighed; "It's Pete."

Daniel nodded at that one comment as if he could predict what she was about to say; "What happened?"

"He was supposed to have the next two weeks off and come down and spend them in Colorado Springs, with me, but he got called to Florida on a case." Sam explained.

"Well that stinks, did you two have anything big planned for the vacation?" Daniel asked, not in the least bit in a sexual way but in more of his natural, curious manner.

"Actually yeah, he got me salsa lessons for my birthday that are supposed to start on Saturday but now I don't have a partner." Sam took a long sip of her coffee, hoping it would lessen the pain.

"Listen, if you need a dance partner, I'll go with you." Daniel offered as he shrugged but he made sure to make direct eye contact with his friend when he said it.

Sam smiled at Daniel's generosity, "That's sweet Daniel, thanks. This really means a lot to me, and you know that I wouldn't be asking if I had back-up plan."

Daniel smiled, he knew that she didn't mean that as harshly as it may have sounded to anyone else, she meant it like he meant his concern, in a brotherly - sisterly sort of way; "You'd better start drinking your coffee before it goes cold on you Sam."


By the next morning at the office Sam was in a much better mood. She had talked to Pete and told him that Daniel had agreed to go to the classes with her the night before and now she found herself once again looking forward to what the day had to bring. She was still disappointed that Pete wouldn't be coming but he promised her that they would rearrange his vacation to coordinate with SG-1's downtime, so they could both be off.

She walked towards Daniel's office and quickly poked her head in before she headed to her lab; "Hey Daniel, I just wanted to say thanks again. You really helped me out."

"Uh...no problem Sam." Daniel half grinned as Sam continued on down the corridor. The moment her grinning face moved out of his line of vision an overwhelming sense of guilt washed over him, he didn't have the heart to tell Sam that he couldn't be her dance partner, he had forgotten a previously planned vacation with Catherine and Ernest to Egypt.

Suddenly Jack's voice cut into his train of thought; "Hey there Danny boy, I was just about to treat myself to a nice bowl of Fruit Loops, care to join me?"

Daniel looked up and found his best friend's gray head peeking into the room from the doorway and it hit him. He broke out into a full smile; "Hey Jack...do you have any plans for this weekend?"

"As it stands now my only plans involve my butt, my couch and my new "Simpsons" DVD season." Jack replied as he raised an eyebrow to his younger comrade.

"What if I asked you to do me a favor, what would you say?" Daniel asked, sitting on the edge of his seat.

"Daniel, spit it out." Jack ordered as he sensed Daniel's lead-in.

"Dance lessons." Daniel answered, putting on his best desperate look.

"Danny I am not dancing with you." Jack said flatly as he turned back for the door.

"Not me Jack!" Daniel called after his friend, following him into the hall and towards an elevator.

"I said no Daniel." Jack replied before Daniel could further explain. He stood in the elevator as the doors began to close, leaving Daniel standing at the front of the doors.

"It's Sam." Daniel breathed quickly, hoping to get his friend's attention.

Betraying a man of his age, Jack quickly snapped the "door open" button and smiled slightly wickedly at Daniel, "Please, join me."


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