Title: Is This Our Final Dance?
Rating: PG
Spoilers: "Chimera" Season Seven
Season: Post "Chimera"
Summary: Sam and Jack have to show off their dance moves and an unexpected visitor shows up.
Disclaimer: Okay I don't own Stargate SG-1 or anything to do with it's universe, you know that and I know that so lets not bring it up. I don't own any rights to The Simpsons either. I do own the plot and all of the original characters in it.
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Sam looked at Jack with a facial expression, which could be described as uncertainty. He smiled softly at her and she took in a deep breath as the students began to file into the room.

'You can do this Sam…nothing to it…' Sam thought as she tried to encourage herself. All attempts failed miserably when Rosa walked into the studio, 'Oh God we're in trouble…'

"Hello class." Rosa smiled as she walked to the front of the class, "Tonight I decided to start our lesson with a student example! So please everyone welcome Jack and Sam!"

Jack smiled and went to stand next to Rosa, nudging Sam so she'd snap out of her thoughts. Rosa smiled and turned to them with her bright eyes, "I don't need to encourage passion with you two."

Sam blushed slightly as several impure, very unbecoming of an Air Force 2IC of her CO thoughts and images moved through her mind.

Jack took her hand in his and seemed to anchor her to their situation. He gave her one of his O'Neill grins as the music started and he pulled her forward so that their bodies touched in a warm, hard line.

Sam looked up at Jack's brown eyes to find a twinkle to them before he pushed her off and she spun out until their conjoined hands formed a perfect line. Jack tugged her back into him and she smiled slightly.

Spinning into his body she stopped abruptly as their chests touched and Jack's firm grip found her hips. They did several basic steps with their hips touching and staring into each other's eyes before Jack pulled one of his hands from her hips and into hers as they began several salsa moves they'd learned in the class.

As they moved Jack could feel Sam open up to him, her reaction became equal to his own as they moved to the quick rhythm of Sam's song.

As the song was coming to a close Jack dipped Sam, something they'd yet to learn so he grabbed her bare thigh and held it to his hip to make it look like he at least knew what he was doing.

The song ended, leaving Sam and Jack slightly breathless. They were close enough that their chests touched as they breathed.

Jack stared into Sam's beautiful eyes as she stared into his. They both went to say something when Rosa came up to the pair clapping, "Fantastic!"

They broke from their moment and separated, realizing that all eyes were on them. Sam blushed slightly and gave a small curtsey as Jack did a slight bow. Their eyes met and they both exhaled before turning back to the class.

An hour later the class was coming to an end. Sam was chatting with an older couple in the corner while Jack grabbed himself a bottle of water. He watched Sam from across the room, smiling softly every time she smiled. He couldn't help it, she was just so beautiful and seeing her happy made his heart soar. He watched as the couple left before making his move back over to her, she smiled when she saw him and he grinned back before holding up his water bottle, "Want some?"

"Sure." Sam smiled taking it and drinking some. She capped the bottle and licked her lips before handing the water back to Jack who suddenly found his own lips rather parched. So parched that he didn't even realize he was staring at Sam's lips until she gave him a funny look, "Are you okay?"

Jack snapped out of his trance and looked at his 2IC, ignoring the thoughts he'd been having a moment before about her lips, "Yeah," he noticed she was still giving him that look so he quickly added, "Starving though. What do you say?"

Sam smiled, "Dinner sounds good."

"Good." Jack smiled before he took his jacket from a hook and pulled it on, grabbing her beaded black shawl next and turning to gently lay it on her shoulders, "Shall we?"

Sam smiled and took his offered arm, trying to remind herself that he was still her CO.

A soft piano played in the distance accompanied by a beautiful assortment of wind instruments. It was a chilly night but Sam didn't notice the weather, she noticed how the soft light from the candles made Jack's eyes glitter. There was so much emotion in those eyes…and all of that emotion was for her. In all honesty she couldn't notice the weather since Jack held her closely to his chest, his arms wrapped around her, his breath warm on her cheek…

"…Carter." Such a soft voice, it was as if it were miles away. Sam smiled slightly, what a beautiful sound to come from his lips, she was so happy she hadn't even recognized his voice at first – she wondered, had he called her Sam or Samantha?

"Major Carter!"

Sam flinched slightly as her eyes refocused in the briefing room, she looked at Jack who sat next to her and noticed he was giving her an odd look. Looking at the head of the table she found General Hammond staring at her with a slight pink hue to his cheeks, he'd been the one yelling her name.

"Sorry sir." Sam quickly apologized, licking her lips and blinking.

Hammond huffed slightly and Jack looked back at the General, Sam glanced up to find Teal'c and Daniel still eyeing her however, "If there is nothing else this meeting is over, however I would like to see you Jack and Major Carter in my office immediately."

Sam gulped at that statement…that wasn't a good thing. Hammond stood from the table and Sam and Jack rose to their feet before following him into his office while Daniel and Teal'c gathered their folders and left.

Sam stole a glance at the general to see if he was upset at her, he didn't seem to be…no he couldn't have found out about the lessons could he? They were dead!

"Please sit." Hammond said after all three were inside the small office. He'd remained standing so he could close the door before he went to his chair. Sam and Jack took the two seats in front of the General's desk and gave one another a shooting glance – what was going on?

"Uh…did we do something?" Jack asked breaking eye contact with Sam to look at the man behind the desk.

"Not quite Colonel." Hammond said, "I wanted to tell you that I've been asked to pick representatives of the SGC to represent us at the annual ball in Washington D.C. and I've picked you two."

Sam frowned, "Sir?"

"Us?" Jack asked.

Hammond nodded, "Both of your names are well known in Washington, you are both well respected and frankly you're among the best we have. Here are your tickets and the schedule for the ball. As you both know it's more of a fundraiser for the various widows programs and such. Your uniforms are a must though if you'd prefer Major, you can wear a dress. Now if you'll both excuse me, SG-5's debrief begins in a few minutes."

Sam nodded and stood up, following Jack out of the office; they made it to the elevator before either said a word, "Well."

Sam smirked slightly; Jack was a man of few words, "Yeah."

Jack looked over at her, "Well I guess we should be honored right?"

Sam nodded, "Yes sir, General Hammond could have gone himself but the fact that he trusts us says a lot about how he feels towards us. Besides its only a one night thing."

Jack nodded absently and silence descended upon the pair again, but only for a moment, "So what are you going to wear?"

"Sir?" Sam asked glancing at him.

"Come on Carter, dress blues or just plain old dress?" Jack asked.

Sam thought for a minute, she'd probably just go with her dress blues, she was a military officer after all, "I'll probably just wear my blues sir."

Jack gave her a slight grin, "I'm thinking about wearing a dress myself."

Sam smiled at him and shook her head as the elevator stopped on her floor, she stepped off.

"What? No comment?" Jack asked as Sam walked down the hall.

Sam turned around and grinned at him, "Exactly. No comment."

Jack grinned and watched Sam while the doors closed, she never lost that grin, nor did she lose eye contact with him. When the doors closed he leaned against the back of the small cube and looked down at his ticket, less than a week until the ball, they'd be in Washington D.C. perhaps even dancing with one another…anything could happen.

Jack took in a deep breath as he pulled up to the front of Sam's house several days later, the week had flown by thanks in much part to that new Simpsons Gameboy game, Saturday had arrived and Saturday meant dance lessons.

Jack climbed out of his truck and headed up the path to Sam's front door. Raising his hand to knock the door suddenly opened and Sam stood there in a cute blue halter dress and matching heels. "Well good evening."

Sam smiled at him, "Good evening. I heard the truck pull up."

Jack looked over at his truck and only then realized he must have been sitting in the truck for a few minutes lost in thought, "Ah yes…because trucks make noise."

Sam gave him an off grin and nodded, pulling her shawl on, "Are you ready?"

Jack smiled at her and offered his arm, "If you are."

Sam smiled and gently placed her hand on his arm, letting him escort her to the truck. Once they were both in Jack started the truck and headed to the dance studio, "What sounds good for dinner tonight?"

"I was thinking that little bistro by the park?" Sam offered looking over at Jack, the soft glow of the dashboard made his handsome face stand out against the darkness.

"Oooh, steak sounds good to me." Jack nodded and Sam smiled.

No more than a minute after Sam and Jack pulled away from her home did another car pull up. Pete popped out of the driver's seat holding a large bouquet of pink roses and hurried around the car. He arrived at the door and knocked twice, listening for movement. After thirty seconds he knocked again before frowning – where could Sam be on a Saturday night?

Then it hit him, her dance class! He quickly headed back to his car to go and surprise Sam. He'd missed her and wanted to see her as soon as he could, plus he could see what she'd been learning with his birthday present and maybe take her out to dinner afterwards!

Laying the flowers on the passenger's seat, Pete started up his car and headed to the dance studio.

After Thought: Well, I think one more chapter to come! Maybe two! Any ideas for a "final" song? And please let me know how you liked this one, I'm worried my writing isn't as good as it once was.