Title: Confidential Confession: The Entering

Summary: When Voldermort was destroyed Harry and his twin were found at the scene. With Hertz in perfect health and Harry on his deathbed. Assuming that Hertz defeated him, he left Harry in an ally and raised Hertz as his own. This is his first year. Slytherin Harry!

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August 31st Kings Cross; Platform 9 ¾

"Are you sure you really want to do this?" Rey asked for the fifth time, casting worried eyes on his child. From what he could tell, this would be the biggest development between vampires and humans in decades, since the birth of Lea Evans, a vampire and human hybrid. Just allowing a vampire or ones' heir to be in the presence of humans was extremely rare. Actually attending a human school? That was unheard of. It had never happened. Rey didn't know how this would affect Harry. If anyone found out his secret, there could be a lot of trouble and from what he saw already, there was three, at most, loyal and trustworthy people. Harry had noticed this as well.

The first one was Draco Malfoy. He was heir to the pureblood Malfoy lineage. He had light snow blond hair and pale gray eyes. He stood at 4"9, and looked as if he weighed 85 pounds. Pride could be seen in his eyes and posture as he walked. His appearance itself demanded respect. He wore black silk robes, and a pair of brown dragon-hide boots, that 'clicked' against the ground every step. He, like Harry and Rey, had gotten to the platform extremely early. They had actually arrived at about the same time. Three hours prior to the appointed time. His father, Lucius Malfoy, had not came to the station. From what Rey could tell, the boy had probably taken a portkey from his manor, straight to the station. The younger Malfoy had not noticed them.

The next two were identical twins. They arrived only moments ago with their family. Fred and George Weasley. They stood at 5"2 with bright red hair, ratty clothes, and light brown eyes, both with a hint of amber around their pupils. Almost all magical twins were trustworthy, at least between themselves. Magical twins were born with a special connection. For some, its merely a slight case of empathy when dealing with the other, but Magical identical twins. They were different. Mostly only wand makers knew the truth between their connection. At birth, seconds before they are born, their magic combines, mixing together, before pulling apart again. In these few seconds, half of one twins magic is removed and is exchanged with half of the opposite twins. In essence, not only are there features almost identical, but so is there magical signature. Since they both share the same magical signatures, their thoughts, feelings, skills, and attributes were shared. In most cases, their personalities were also identical.

"I'm sure Rey," Harry responded gently, in hopes to ease his guardians nerves. "You are accompanying me on the train anyway, will you not?" He turned to look, at his cloaked mentor. Rey tended to get worried with the slightest things. There was nothing to worry about though. He would easily make friends with Fred, George, and Draco. It would be not problem, especially with a little mental persuasion, if needed.

"Yes, I will stay on the train with you." Rey said, looking around at the other humans outside of their compartment. The were all saying goodbye to their parents, or children. None had noticed his presence among the children. Yes he was worried. If he could sneak through without even trying, what would happen if a vampire of an opposing clan decided to pull a surprise attack? Could they slip in just as easily? No vampire had ever been inside of Hogwarts wards, aside from his sister Ishtar. That was why she had been exiled. She was accused of having ties with Albus Dumbledore and slipping him secret information from the vampire council. Now she was working secretly for him, gathering information from the students and teachers as they passed by 'her' forest.

Harry nodded absently watching the crowd outside of the train slowly diminish, disappearing from view, from either portkey, or disapparation. Several Aurors were positioned at the entrance to the platform, covered in multiple invisibility spells, potions, or under an invisibility cloak. 'Foolish wizards,' he thought sadly, smiling bitterly. Did they think the they were invisible? Any twin, magical creature, or powerful wizard would be able to see them. Even certain objects would allow a normal wizard to see them. The magic was stronger where the spells were placed, allowing the spells to be noticed quickly.

Moments later, he heard Rey gasp as he felt the train lurch lightly. The ride was just beginning. "Are you staying like this?" Harry asked, eyes locking onto the older man.

He shook his head. "No, I'm going down to explore the rest of there wizards. I might have missed a couple." There was a loud pop as smoke filled the area where Rey was once standing. It cleared almost immediently. A small sokoke(1) cat was in his place. *I'll see you later,* a deep voice rang in his mind. Rey's telepathic powers worked, even when he was in another form. A second later the small cat jumped off Rey's seat and walked over to the door.

Harry got up and opened it for him. He knew that if anyone saw the door opening on its own, there could be trouble. He didn't expect to be greeted at the door by two, red-headed boys. The shock, of having two people pop up in front of his face, caused him to fall backwards, the hood of his white cloak, slipping off his head, part of his long hair falling out of its elastic tie, and his breathing to become slightly erratic. His eyes were still opened wide, in shock as he heard the two laughing.

As one of the boys held out their hand to help him up, he calmed down. It was only Fred and George Weasley. Just the two people he needed to find anyway. Kindly, he took the offered hand, allowing the older boy to pull him up. "Thanks," he said, making eye contact with the one who helped him. It was Fred, before nodding towards the other twin.

"It was our fault," George said apologetically. "We though you were our little brother. This morning he spilled juice all over my dear brother here and we needed to get a little payback." he explained. Fred nodding eagerly, agreeing with his brothers statement. If the two boys weren't so focused on there telepath, to make themselves a cover story, they might have noticed the younger boys eyes flash, or the additional presence in their minds, as he scanned each of their thoughts.

Harry shook his head as he found out what they had been planning to do to him, if he had not opened the door when he did. At least it really wasn't aimed at him. "Lee's three compartments down," he stated softly. The two boys' across from him looked shocked. Did they let something slip? Before they could respond, they saw the younger boy tense. "Why don't you stay here for a while." He urged them further into the compartment and pushed them into seats, closing the door quickly.

Harry knew that the two thought that he was crazy, but that was okay. As long as the Aurors patrolling the compartments didn't think there was a disturbance, everything would be fine and they would leave. They wouldn't station one in the compartment. *Start a conversation, Fred,* Harry sent to Fred, watching as George's eyes widened. He had heard it too, but it wasn't his voice. Before he could tell his brother that he didn't send it, Fred began to talk.

"So, is this your first year at Hogwarts?" he asked looking at Harry.

"Well, ye-" Harry was cut short as the door to their compartment slammed open. A cloaked figure was standing in the door way.

"Is everything progressing normally in this compartment?" he asked roughly, as if checking on kids was a waste of time. Fred and George nodded quickly. Harry watched as the eyes flickered to him before, nodding, a slight blush of embarrassment growing on his face. "I see," he said eyeing the rest of the compartment warily before leaving, slamming the door shut behind him.

A brief moment of silence passed between the three, two of them holding a silent conversation. Harry broke the silence. Not by word, but by his thoughts. *You are probably wondering what happened back there.*

Fred gasped, before entering. *Well, I always hear my brothers voice in my head, but another one? Who are you?*

*What are you,* added George.

Harry sighed softly. "I am Harry Potter." He heard the two gasp, but knew that they wouldn't interrupt him. "I am the brother of Hertz Potter. For eleven years I have been living with my mentor, Rey Duzzel, a vampire. I am his heir." Harry stopped, there was no need to tell them all of the details. Especially before a bond of silence had been created.

A bond of silence was a silent, mental agreement, that overrides the normal brain commands. It was created by an old vampire, who's lover had a twin, which read her sister thoughts, and almost revealed the existence of the vampire world to the wizards. He had sacrificed his own life to create a new twin law. The bond between two twins must remain silent, as it does between telepathic people, therefore, what is spoken in these bonds must retain, between the speakers. It applied to all who used the telepathic speech. Not even a truth potion could cause a user to reveal what had been spoken through such a bond. However, it was based on knowing. If they knew that there was a bond, they would be forced to bind by it. If they didn't however, it was a free for all, with the information.

"Are you-"

"-really?" the twins asked.

He nodded.

"But then-"

"-why didn't we-"

"-know about you?"

"After the attack on Godric's Hollow, I was brought to an abandoned alleyway by Albus Dumbledore. He didn't want me alive. I don't know how or why he took me away or even why there aren't any records of me, but all Rey told me was that, 'With me out of the way, Dumbledore's fame would increase and he would once again become the current leader among the light.' "


(1) Sokoke is a small African domesticated cat. It looks like a small cheetah, and is very playful. It is the same size as any other cat.

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