One: Decision to Change a Life Style

Kim didn't understand…she didn't grasp how the people of her suburban neighborhood could be so entirely clueless. Clearly, they saw only what they wanted to see...housewives bored to tears each day, living off their husband's money, concocting juicy gossip when life became particularly drab. Well, they had succeeded in frankly, getting just what they had wanted. The townspeople had driven off the gentle and compassionate man that Kim had fallen for. His name, was Edward…a name no man could forget no matter how they tried, a name that clung to her memory.

He had been shunned. Chased to the lonesome estate where he lived since he was fashioned. The women had created elaborate lies that Edward had caused them harm, yet could not deny that perhaps the world had been a more interesting collaboration when Edward was around.

After that night, the night where the Boggs' Christmas party was to go off, Edward fled home. Everything with the neighbors had gone terribly wrong. Kim and he, had kissed briefly and exchanged goodbyes. She had whispered to him those three words she'd reserved only for the special someone; I love you, and Edward had been taken aback. He had never felt about anyone the way he did about Kim. The Inventor had warned him this might happen Nevertheless, nothing would register Edward's surprise as when Kim escaped suburbia to pay him a visit.

It had been two weeks- possibly three- since the goodbye, and Peg Boggs had recently arrived home from an uneventful days worth of her rounds as the neighborhood Avon lady. She had made one sale which, wasn't as bad as none at all.

Kim knew her mother was exhausted. Now home from work, only having to cook dinner for Bill, Kevin and Kim. It was emptier not having precious Scissorhands around to help with odd chores effortless for him, difficult for her.

"Hey mom." Kim pecked Peg's cheek as she entered the kitchen. Just dismissed from school, an idea had struck Kim when she had been walking down past the now untrimmed garden sculptures that lined the street.

She had been overwhelmed with emotions that tore her entrails up-no more Edward to fix the bushes, snipped to create various different creatures. The neighborhood had gone on to normality, as if he had never existed. Although the unique hairstyles on the women, and these sculptures made sure no one forgot.

She thought briefly of love, her longing for the tall, crazy haired man. Scissors for hands had only made him more exceptional. She couldn't stand the thought of him up in that obsolete mansion, alone with nothing to occupy himself with except for a significant amount of rogue bushes.

Kim set down her school bag and Peg passed her an envelope that was resting on the counter top. She looked at her mother questioningly.

"It's a invitation to Jim's memorial service." Peg explained. Jim, Kim's old sweetheart had died the night Kim last seen Edward. Edward was not a murderer (even if he had unknowingly earned him the reputation) and never used his hands for the likes of evil. However, when he had seen Jim injure Kim, shoving her aside as if she had been merely a rag doll, it had been all too much for him.

Would she attend Jim's service? She had thought she had loved Jim at one point. At times she still recaptured the affectionate times they shared together. His familiar nickname reserved for only her, his "Kimba". At that same time she evoked the memories of Edward's sorrow as he watched the way Jim treated him in the end.

"It's this Sunday." Peg continued, although her daughter only partially listened.

"I'm going back out right now Mom, cheerleading practice." Kim lied, ignoring her mother's last words, although she felt remotely guilty.

Peg didn't push it, assuming Kim would come to terms on her own time. She didn't blame her if her daughter still felt remorse for the boy. They had after all, been the It couple.

She snatched herself a gingerbread cookie from the plate which Peg had baked only minutes before, and darted out the door before her guilty conscience confined her behind the walls.

She found herself jogging and glancing back every now and then to confirm that no one caught sight of her. The neighbors were intrusive- brash Marge, Helen, Joyce, Lois...they lived for disturbances to chatter endlessly about. Of course, you could tell they were sad when she had told them Edward was dead-anything to have them leave him alone in peace.

If they only knew she was heading up the winding path of the mansion entrance...

Without knocking, Kim entered the mansion.

It was a dark empty void, led by twisting corridors and cobwebbed inventions that no longer functioned. Most impressive, instead Kim ignored them. Her main goal was seeking Edward.

"Edward?" Her voice called loud and clear, reverberating against the stone walls. "Edward!" What happened? Was he still here? Still alive?

"Kim?" A quiet, voice spoke out precisely from the shadows. Kim whirled around. She heard the sound of blunt scissor snipping, and a wave of nostalgia almost swept her off her feet.

Out stepped Edward-still the same…the same Edward that Kim had fallen in love with.

The look of surprise on his face was considerably noticeable.

"Oh Edward I had to come and see you!" She blurted out, tears practically overflowing. She embraced the stunned man, eventually feeling his arms encircle her slender waist. When their bodies separated, his eyes searched hers. Confusion, hope, love? Was that what the glimmer represented in his meaningful eyes? Perhaps it was mourning.

"I thought you'd be lonely..." Why hadn't she thought to bring home cooked food or an item he favored? Better yet, that wasn't the only reason she had come. "Look at you." She whispered in horror, raising his right hand and running the soft skin under her index finger along a blade. "You've been reduced to this. I guess I should have brought a knife sharpener."

He chewed his bottom lip, waggling his bladed fingers.

"I missed you a lot Edward...and Mom misses you too." "Peg." She concluded. He smiled softly. He had much respect for the woman who had taken him under her wing, and brought him into their reposeful home.

"But no one knows I'm here." She added.

He did not speak at first, examined the exterior of his leather outfit, until he was able to explore Kim's eyes. "Maybe you shouldn't have come." Edward knew how the neighborhood had abruptly turned against him. Would they turn against Kim if they found out the truth?

"Edward..." She faltered for words, flabbergasted at this turn of events. How had this ingenious plan backfired? She thought he would be so…happy. She hadn't gotten over him, but perhaps he'd gotten over her in his own time.

"But I'm glad you've come." He smiled shyly.

From the moment he had lay eyes on her photograph, he had been entranced, absorbed in her beauty. But it was impossible to love someone so forbidden, when you were forced to keep everything you had together secret.

Kim and Edward asked themselves this, would it ever work out?