Four: That's Love For You

It was as if suddenly, the three people were paralyzed. They couldn't move, they couldn't speak, they just stood in silence, looking wide eyed at the entrance to where they heard the noisy outraged crowd stampeding up the stairs-an angry mob. Wanting to know why Peg was here, for they didn't know the truth about Kim…and Edward's life.

"Maybe we should hide?" Kim wondered aloud miserably.

The mobthrust into the scene. Men yelling and women chattering, limbs flailing, absolute chaos. The people all stopped dead in their tracks (at least 40 people) when they saw Peg and daughter with Edward in tow.

One woman collapsed with grief, another fainted. Screams rang through the stone room.

"I should have known she was lying!" Joyce shouted pointing a long talon like fingernail in Kim's direction. Kim astounded, said nothing.

"It's him!" Marge roared as she clutched her husband's arm. The crowd burst into unpleasant chatter again.

"Let's kill him like we should of done last time!" Joyce's husband George Monroe bellowed to the throng, stomping a work boot.

Edward, saucer-eyed took a step backwards, not wanting to resort to violence-not again.

A flutter of deja vu overwhelmed Kim-this scene seemed all too familiar.

"Really?" Peg shouted at the bickering horde. A few of the more meek neighbors wanted to forget about Edward, but most wanted to do away with him. "This is nothing but nonsense, Edward has done nothing to harm anyone!"

"He assaulted my wife!" Mr. Monroe yelled, his face a bright shade of red. Peg exchanged glances with Joyce. Joyce averted Peg's gaze. Peg scowled.

"She lied about that, Geroge. Edward would never do such an inhumane thing, he never lay a finger on Joyce." Peg sputtered.

"Joyce wouldn't lie about a thing that serious," The plump woman with curls in her orange hair, Helen, put a comforting arm around Joyce, "anyone with scissors in place of hands has to be a psycho!" The crowd agreed with shouts and chorus of "yeahs" and "hear, hears"

Kim squeezed Edward's arm and they looked at each other quickly. He had no escape, the mob blocked the doorway, and running into their territory wouldn't get him anywhere. The only other way out, was out the window- all the way down.

"Accept people for who they are." Kim whispered, as tears burned her eyes. No one would listen, they never did, they only spoke and interrupted valuable statements. "Hands or scissors."

"Did you hear the girl?" A balding man laughed rudely. "Accept people with dangerous objects for their hands? That's outrageous."

Somebody anonymous to Kim suggested Edward say something for himself.

Edward looked at the floor as he chewed over what to say. Finally he spoke,

"I...I mean no one any harm." It wasn't much, but it had a pretty big effect on everyone. In fact it caused an uproar, as if he had been lying. Because really, Edward didn't mean destruction, but a small fire was starting to burn inside the depth of his eyes…an angry fire.

"I say, we kill him!" A husband shouted jerking his fist in their air, triumphantly.

"Better yet..."Another one added. "Lets kill them all!"

Many of Peg's female friends began screaming their protests at this. They didn't have anything against Peg.

"Come on, do it!" Kim shouted, causing silence. It was really the loudest thing anyone had said yet, it caused the hush. Edward even stopped snipping abruptly, because he was alarmed. Kim wished for them to kill him?

"But if you kill Edward, you kill me first," She lowered her voice menacingly, her brow etched into a scowl. The angriest Kimberley Boggs had yet to be, "and that's how it will go. Kill an innocent man, and a teenage girl."

"Sounds like a plan!" A skinny man in the flock piped up, and was greeting with scowls and hushes. She wasn't even an adult yet.

"Go ahead. I'd never let you take Edward away." She stared fiercely, willing the crowd to start chucking pointed wood stakes at her heart. "I love the man who stands beside me, and love is a strong thing." She explained like a kindergarten teacher teaching her class of five year olds. "It's impenetrable." She carefully took Edward's scissor in her own, so that they were holding hands, his palm against hers. The scissors hardly interfered.

Edward stared down at their holding hands,. Kissing him was one surprise, holding his scissor hands showed love itself.

"I say you all just leave Edward and I in peace."

"Kim?" Peg questioned confusedly. She had been extremely terse the entire time, she wasn't a strong person who could speak up for herself.

Kim stepped away from Edward, and embraced her mother tearfully. "I've thought it through Mom." She explained before Peg got on her overprotective mother act. "I'm practically an adult."

Where she going with this, Peg hadn't the faintest idea.

The mother and daughter could feel all eyes on them. It felt as if they were on a movie screen, being viewed by dozens. Drama, tragedy-everything you faced in a normal life, pushed into movies to mock you; fiction. Well, this wasn't fiction, this was happening…two good people being forced to make final decisions.

"I want to stay and live here, with Edward." She declared, despite the many gasps from suburbia. She craned her next around to face the figure of the man she had just declared her love for. What a soap opera this had turned out to be.

She stared at him with perplexed eyes and to her relief, he just nodded. He would never be alone again.

"Do any of you have any objections? If so, frankly I don't care." She spun on her heel so her back was towards the audience. In seconds the crowd dispersed, people got restless and figured they'd lost the battle. They turned and began the back down the stone stairs, whispering to one another.

But one older man lingered, and that man pounced at Kim.

He bounded forward, a meaty knuckle reaching out and grabbing Kim by her shirt collar.

"There you go, ruining everything," his nostrils flared, "what's wrong with you ingrates?" He roared, his breath reeking of alcohol. It was Jim's father, the wealthy and once distinguished man. "He's a combination of a thief and a murderer- he killed my son- your boyfriend!" He held Kim by her pale rosy pink cardigan neckline. "This is how you repay Jim?"

Peg shrieked and batted at the man.

He shot her a glare, and gently released Kim. Seemed as though after the turn of events, he had turned to booze.

He turned on his heel and fled behind the now disappearing people, escaping confrontation.

And it was all over.

"Oh Kim." Peg wept, embracing Kim. "Is this goodbye? Do I ever get to visit you two?" She cupped Edward's face with a free hand.

"Mommy," Kim whimpered through her own tears. She hadn't called Peg 'mommy', in years, and it touched Peg's soul, "Honestly, I don't think that'd be a good idea. With everyone hating Edward and I..." She trailed off. "But come up when you can, just don't cause a ruckus."

Kim's maturity had never seemed so blinding. It brought another tear to her eye, but this time a tear of pride. Pride of what her daughter had grown into.

"What about school, college?"

"I plan on finishing, maybe looking into post secondary education." She laughed shortly, "I won't be getting into any Ivy League college."

Peg shook her head.

"Where's Dad?"

"At home, you know he's not a crowd follower."

When Peg made for the staircase, Kim felt a part of her desire, running after her and curling up under a blanket and staying there forever. Either that or beg the woman to stay up here with them for moral support. But no, she was sure she'd made the right choice. Edward deserved love more than anyone else right now.

She thought about food, a bed, and water and how would she survive up in this outdated address. She had rushed to speak without really considering all views.

"Mom!" She yelled, startling Edward. She heard her mother's footsteps as she jogged back up.

"Yes, love?" She asked adjusting her oversized spectacles.

"Would it be too much trouble to bring up furniture?" She asked worriedly, blushing at how ridiculous it sounded.

"Not at all." It was an odd request, but Peg knew what her daughter meant, she always did. It was like…an invisible bond between them; kindred spirits.

So Kim would have to make frequent stops to the grocery store to keep herself alive, Edward didn't eat too much anyway.

But when she was with Edward, time stopped. The world around them stopped, and nothing really seemed to matter to her.

The End

Author's Note

This was my first attempt at the passion they call, romance. I'm not sure if I succeeded, I'm not sure if it pleased readers, because I don't really like treading in this area. But I felt it needed to be done. After all, Edward Scissorhands is a beautiful romantic drama that leaves audiences scalded. I was not satisfied with how the movie really ended (too emotionally scarring) so I hope the story fulfills your desire for a happy ending.

Furthermore, I would love your feedback, so pop a review and thank you for reading.