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Summary:Wes's thoughts on Illyria during "Shells" when she asks him to help her live in this world.

"Because She Looks Like Her"


Fred's gone. She won't be back.

Illria's here now. She's staying.

Its not as hard as I though it'd be.

Sometimes there are moments I can look at Illyria and lie to myself.

I can tell myself Freds still here.

Because she looks like her.

I should walk away now, but I can't. I won't.

I think Angel knows that. I think he expects it.

I should treat this like another case, another demon.

But thats not possable. She'll never be 'just another' anything.

Maybe though this'll be for the best. Maybe Illyria will infact change for the best.

Either way. I'll help her as much as I can.

Because she looks like her.

She just said I'd help her. Thats true.

She said why I would thats true too.

As a child I was raised to do what was for the greater good.

Maybe I didn't always honor that, maybe I did.

I always however TRIED to do what was expected of me.

I will do that again right now.

Not because I think its right.

Not because she wants me too.

I will help Illyria for one simple reason, and that alone.

Because she looks like her.


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