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Evil John charged, he was fast. John tried to escape but was clipped slightly on one arm, though impact was minimal, John felt numbness flow down his shoulder as he saw his arm drenched in blood.

"You see, just lie down, it'll be a lot faster, and a lot less painful," Evil John said in a disgusting form of sympathy. "Never...I've searched to find the truth...about myself, and I see it in front of me, I can't let you do this!" John shouted, part in anger, part in frustration.

Evil John charged again but this time John was ready and caught him with a roundhouse to the face. Evil John rose swiftly from this blow that could kill most any human, with nothing more than a bruised ego. John then went on the offensive himself with a howling blast that connected with its target. Evil John was sent reeling, and collided with a near-by elm to remind him of their surroundings. Evil John rose, again, and dived at John. They rolled, end over end, attempting to either strangle each other, or launch the opponent's head careening into a surface hard enough to shatter his skull.

They struggled for some time until Victor, Rikuou, and Lilith appeared in the park. "Who's that?" Victor asked. " John's dark side," Rikuou replied solemnly. "We can't just stand here while John could very well DIE!" Victor shouted. "No, this is his battle, he has been fighting these demons since his creation. If he doesn't win this battle by himself, he'll never be rid of them," Lilith spoke in a moment of seriousness, so much unlike her. John hit with a fury of kicks and punches that did some, how be it minimal, damage to the unwavering creature of darkness. "I don't care, I'm going to help him!" Victor said charging to help his comrade. However, before Victor could attempt to help, a barrier, of dark energy, prevented the being from doing anything but sizzling a little.

As Lilith tended to Victor's wounds, much to Victor's frustration, Felicia walked up, apparently just awakening. "Felicia, you're alright!" Rikuou shouted as he ran up to greet the feline. "Wait, what's going on?" She asked. "Evil John, who kidnapped you, is fighting John, and John's losing," Rikuou replied.

"Ah, she's awake," Evil John smiled. "Don't you dare!" John screamed, launching a fist at Evil John, who merely grabbed it. "Oh, I wasn't going to kill her, yet, I was just musing on how entertaining it would be for her to see you die," Evil John said, with an evil smile making its way onto his face.

"Wait, John's fighting...for me?" Felicia asked, watching as John fought on with new fervor. "Yes...he loves you," Rikuou said. "But why...why didn't he tell me?" she asked. "The same reason you never told him, you're a cat, he's a wolf," Rikuou answered.

"You bastard, why won't you DIE!?!" John screamed at his adversary attempting an upward flash-kick. "Because, I'm you, except one-thousand times more powerful," replied Evil John as he unleashed a punch to John's stomach.

"No, can't lose, you can't die, not when I finally know the truth," Felicia cried, with tears streaming down her face. "No John...I LOVE YOU!" she screamed into the night air.

This sudden shout halted the fight for a few seconds. "John, it's hopeless, you can't even conquer you're inner demons, how can you hope to beat me?" Evil John said in arrogance spitting a trickle of blood from his mouth. John stood there, rather hunched there, covered in blood, drained physically and mentally. At that moment John had a proverbial light-bulb blink on over his head. John let his pain go, his sorrow, his anger, all of his inner demons. A light, bright and white, then began to shine from John, turning night to day. "What...HOW!?!" Evil John said covering his eyes. "You're right, I can never defeat you, nor the demons within me, so I must accept you for what you are," John said walking over to his evil doppleganger. Evil John stood there motionless, as darkness began to shoot from his body. They embraced, and merged as the darkness of yin merged with the light of yang. Thus was Jonathan Talbain reborn, whole.

John lay there, drained but breathing. Felicia ran towards him and took his head in her arms. "My past, my search...was for nothing," John whispered, drained of nearly all energy. "The past is not important, where you came from is not important. Whom you are is, and so is our future together," Felicia stated, stroking John's hair. "I love you," John said. "And I you," Felicia replied as they kissed.

Three months later...
"John, honey, we have guests," Felicia's voice stated to the Lycanthrope sleeping upstairs. "Huh?...yeah, yeah," John said waking. John put on his standard outfit and walked down the stairs of the little two- story home, a few miles out of the metropolis in which he had nearly lost it all, he and Felicia bought. There sat his friends in the living room. Victor, Rikuou, Lilith, and Sasquatch among others stood in the cramped living space. "Hey guys!" John said as he walked next to Felicia and gave her a passionate little hug. On the table sat multiple gifts, one that was so mangled that it had to be from the bumbling, but good-hearted, big-foot. "What are these for?" John asked. "Engagement gifts of course!" Victor stated with Lilith hanging off his arm, he had given up on trying to stop her and had gone with the flow more or less, excluding things that could be considered illegal. "Thanks guys, that's really..." John started but was cut off by the doorbell. John went to the door and opened it. On the other side stood Demitri and Morrigan, bearing a package. "What are you doing here?" John snarled. Demitri stood there a second and began to say something arrogant but was elbowed in the side by Morrigan. "Here!" Demitri said thrusting the gift into John's hands. "What's this?" John asked suspiciously. "It's a congratulatory gift slash make-up gift for the stuff we did in the form of a pressure cooker," Morrigan said. "Wait a sec...MORRIGAN IS THAT YOU! GIVE ME BACK MY BODY!" Lilith shouted, rushing to the door. "I can't do that, but I can make your body that of an adult," Morrigan said. In a puff of smoke, there stood Lilith fully-grown, and Victor's jaw went down so fast it fell clean off. "Oh Victor honey," Lilith cooed walking over and sitting on Victor's lap. "Okay, uh...see you two later I guess," John said as the two left. "Okay, I didn't see that one coming, did you?" John asked Felicia who simply shrugged.

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