It Was All A Dream – terminal_insanity

Once I sat upon a rock

Afraid that night would fall

I'd lost my lamp as well as my way

And heard a raven call

Then I saw a man in black

With skin as fair as snow

Tall and thin, with stars in his eyes

He told me where to go

"Follow me," said he and smiled

"And I will show you the way

Worry not about wasting my time

For I have got all day"

I took his hand, he helped me up

But nary said he a word

Night soon fell but I did not fear

Though ravens I had heard

When finally the dawn approached

I turned to him, confused

We were back to where we began

"Where were we going?" I mused

"Your path is where you choose"

Said he, stars flared in his eyes

Then a raven alighted on his shoulder

And they faded into the skies

"Where is my path?" I asked the road

"For I have not chosen this!"

As fear returned the dream then faded

And then I woke from bliss

Morning had begun whilst I slept

And the sun that shone was bright

But vaguely I recalled from the dream lost

His eyes had given more light

Pictures that in sleep were clear

Were fuzzy, aged with waking

But still I saw, the only clear thing

A raven, and a king


^^ it really came to me as I was trying to fall asleep.