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The story is set after Kyra's death. Zad is still the king and Voden is trying to dethrone Zad. He is trying to get Dar to help him. |______________________________________________________________________


Phoenix gave the village she had been living in for the past few years a last look. The woman who had taken her in a few years ago when she was an orphan died. She had nothing holding her back. She had to move on.

Phoenix was walking through the forest. Suddenly she was assaulted with memories of the past. The happy times she had with her family. Phoenix is an Eiron. She remembered her mother, her father and her two brothers. She remembered the attack by the Terrons clearly. She was having dinner with her family. Her second brother Tao had left home for sometime to expand his knowledge. She had been young at that time.

Suddenly the city was under attack. People were wailing and crying. She saw her parents being murdered. Her brother Kim had urged her to run otherwise she would be added to the Harem of the Terrons. She ran for her life. She did not know whether Kim survived or not.

She had heard talk in the village about the Beastmaster, he had the power to communicate with animals, and his companion an Eiron. Somewhere in her heart Phoenix knew that the Eiron was her brother Tao. She had to find him.