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"Okay guys, that's enough for today" Buffy told the room full of young Slayers, as she grabbed a towel from behind her and dabbed some sweat off her body. The young Slayers cleared out of the room, chatting animatedly about what they'd learnt as Buffy moved towards the door.

"Lurk much?" she smirked at the guy she found leaning there.

"Not lurking" he told her, "Just admiring the view" he grinned suggestively, letting his eyes travel up and down her toned body in tight, skimpy clothes.

"You are a very bad man" she giggled, leaning in to kiss him long and hard.

One of the young Slayers passing by in the corridor whistled at the scene. Spike pulled away from Buffy and pointed a finger at the brunette who giggled with her friends.

"And you can mind your own til you learn to punch properly without sticking out your elbow" he told her, making her blush and run away. He'd been teaching classes of girls along with Buffy, Faith, Wood and the others for the past few months now.

It didn't seem to matter to the young Slayers that he was a vampire. They understood he was on their side, and everyone knew that several of them thought he was the hottest guy they'd ever seen. Sometimes Buffy had to admit, she felt a little jealous. They were all so much younger and prettier than her, but she knew it was always her bed that Spike came to at night, always her he professed eternal love for.

They were completely lost in each other right there in the corridor when Xander came clattering towards them with Willow on his heels.

"Guys!" he yelled, earning twin looks of annoyance from both Slayer and vampire, "Sorry to break up the party but, Faith's water just broke right in the middle of the first floor gym" he said none to delicately.

"Bloody hell!" the blondes cursed in unison as they belted off down the corridor.

By the time they got there, Dawn was already instructing Faith to push. It seemed unfair somehow that a Slayer with all her stamina and powers should have such a short labour, but much like his mother this baby was eager to get out into the world and start living.

The whole gang witnessed the arrival of Nicholas William Wood, since Faith and Robin's engagement had been announced not long after her pregnancy and the wedding day was set for in a few months time.

"Our little Nicky Liam" the dark-haired Slayer proudly held her child for all to see, Robin at her side with tears evident in his eyes.

The gang decided a few moments later that the new family should have a little privacy and they filtered out and back to there respective rooms.

"You coming Spike?" Buffy asked when he was the only one not to follow up the stairs.

"In a minute, luv" he assured her, "You go on and just give us a sec, I fancy a smoke"

"Okay" she nodded, disappearing up the steps and leaving him alone.

Spike wandered through the building and out of the back door, peering up at the star studded London sky. He lit his cigarette, pocketing the lighter, before leaning back against the wall and blowing the smoke out in a long plume.

So much had happened to him in his unlife, the last decade being the greatest of all. From enemies to friends to lovers and back round again, him and the Slayer seemed to be on a merry-go-round of knives for a while there, too much pain for it to ever be worth it. But in the end, it had been, to get to where they were now.

Spike fitted here, more than he ever had anywhere else. Even Giles and Xander had come to accept him as part of the gang, and as much as it pained both of them, even he and Wood were civil to each other. He was trusted and wanted here, and loved by a woman he knew deep down he could never really deserve.

"But I've got you to thank for a lot of this, haven't I?" he said towards the stars, "For more than one reason, I have to say thankyou...you great poof" he smirked playfully as he flicked his spent cigarette to the ground and stubbed it out with his boot.

"Rest in peace, mate" he said with a small salute to the sky, before heading inside to his love, "Rest in peace"

- The End -

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