I decided to write this in a fit of insanity. Of which I have quite a few. I hope you like, if not, tell me so. I'm not entirely certain whether or not I'll continue. Well, here we go.

Warnings: Naruto POV. Written like how I think Naruto thinks.

Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine. I have come to grips with this.


I fell in love with a boy.

That in itself, not such a bad thing to say, you know? I've been told that girls my age say it all the time, sometimes standing in front of a mirror to make googly eyes while saying something similar to it. In fact, I think I was told (by who, I don't know, but just work with me, okay?) that if a girl doesn't say that particular sentence by the time she reaches my age, she's considered abnormal, perhaps even emotionally stunted enough to be sent off to a mental institution. So, yeah, it's not a bad thing to say, you can even say, it's a normal thing to say.

Sure, if you're a girl. I just happen to be a sixteen years old boy, though.

When did I find out I was in love with a boy? I don't know when it happened, but I can tell you how I came to realize that fact. It was in chemistry class, I think, or at least, in the vicinity of a chemistry class. Oh, hell, I don't attend classes too often, so cut me some slack. Anyway, it was in school. In a classroom of some sort. I was just sitting in my chair, staring off into space, probably thinking about what I could be doing instead of being in school, when my eyes caught a head of dark hair out of the corners.

Dark hair that belonged to probably the most wanted man on the entire fucking planet, Uchiha Sasuke.

So, yeah, I ended up staring at him during the class, not really connecting the dots, when bam, I got hit with some serious mind blowing revelatory kind of shit when he got up to leave the class with the ringing of the bell. The graceful movements of his body combined with the 'I don't give a shit' look on his pretty, pale face gave my heart a jolt and the damn thing started to hammer triple time in my chest.

I kind of just sat in the empty class listening to my heartbeat for a long while before I got enough strength in my legs to stand. Then I had to sit down again because my brain finally caught up to my dancing hormones and told me some things I had missed. Like, apparently, according to my brain which I'm not sure is entirely sane, I found the damned asshole unbelievably attractive. You know, hot and bothered kind of attractive, the kind that led me to think that I wanted to do.. uh.. stuff to him. Really exciting, forbidden by the Catholics, Muslims and most other religions, stuff to him.

If that wasn't enough, my brain also told me that not only did I want Sasuke's body in an unholy way, but I wanted to be with him in other ways. Like, how I've always wondered what it would be like to just talk to him, about anything and everything. Oh, and the fact that ever since I laid my eyes on him a half a year ago when he transferred in, I had always wanted to know him. Like a friend, I had thought, but apparently, as I sat in that unnamed class with my jaw dropped to the ground, I saw that I loved him.

So yeah, I fell in love with a boy. His name is Uchiha Sasuke.

Uh, did I mention I have yet to ever speak to him? Didn't think so. Or that I'm damned fucking sure that he's as straight as they come? Yeah. How about the fact that every girl within five hundred miles radius of him wants to be with him? Or that I was pretty damned sure that I wasn't gay until I had this fucking epiphany of self? I mean, the problems that cropped up with my realization were many.

Like, let's consider traumatic fact one. Society, not very tolerant in general, and high school society.. well, I think socialist dictators had better sense of tolerance than high school kids. So, not the most conducive place to announce that you fell in love with a boy when you're obviously a boy yourself. Traumatic fact two is as follows. I'm not the most popular of kids here. Actually, I think I might be licking the bottom of the social barrel because I missed the ladder altogether. Sasuke is at the top of the said ladder, ruling the school through sheer force of his good looks and mysterious presence. I got a long climb to get to his acceptance level, because I'm sure that he won't plummet to mine. Oh, yeah, let's not forget traumatic fact three. He's got himself a girlfriend. A real pretty and real popular one, just like him, a giggling, gorgeous package with pink hair.

From those alone, you realize that I'm pretty much screwed.

But as they say, love makes you real stupid. Love makes you chuck all things logical and sane out the window and makes you consider the impossible dream of being with that person you pinned your heart on. Hence all those ridiculous dreams I have at night involving Sasuke, candles and various other things that surfing the net has provided me. Hey, don't look at me like that, I'm a hormone driven teenager. I'm supposed to have sex dreams.

Aside from the dreams, I also have imaginary conversations with Sasuke. I sit and imagine that we're talking about sports, school, lunch specials, what have you. Once, I even managed to imagine that we talked about pottery. I know shit about pottery, yet I imagined it because why the hell not? I'm imagining this shit. Makes sense? If it does, you got one up on me, because I sure as hell don't know where my mind comes up with most of this stuff. Yep, love definitely makes you stupid, forcing your brain out your ear in manageable chunks of gray matter.

So you can see where I'm going with this. I love the guy and have never spoken to him. I have wondered how the hell I could love a guy I've never talk to. For all I know, he has a terrible personality, like he likes to beat kittens or something equally icky. But truthfully, I don't think he does. Beat kittens, that is. But I don't know what his favorite color is, or what he does when he's bored or what he watches on television. Besides from the fact that he's utterly gorgeous and I want him sprawled out in a field of.. (edit, edit, edit, not for your perverted eyes), I know jack- shit about Sasuke.

Yet, I am still convinced that I'm in love with him.

Did I mention that I'm not the brightest bulb on the string of lights? Hell, I am that one light bulb that fails to light and makes the rest of the string go out. Still, that does not mean I can't do something about my love.

So, I made plans. That's right, I decided, mooning over the guy isn't going to get me anywhere. If my dreams and infatuated imaginary scenarios are of any indication, I ain't getting over him any time soon. Then again, he's got a girlfriend, announcing your gay intentions in high school is a surefire way to commit social suicide, and I'm not the bravest guy on the planet. Lots of obstacles in the way of getting Sasuke, little too much for lil ol' me.

Best I can do, or so my planning says, is to get to know Sasuke and just be his friend. That is probably the best I can do and all I can hope for in reality. I can dream about him in other ways at night, but during the day, I just want to hang with him and share his life.

Sounds really corny, doesn't it? Well, love does that to you, too. I'd like to see you being all cool and Barry White in the face of hopeless love.

So yeah, plans. Step one, go to school as often as possible since that is the only place I see him. Step two, find a way around the social block that is high school hierarchy and strike up a witty, amazing conversation with him. Step three, become his friend.

A three step plan, a tiered plot, a flawless theory. Step one, easily done. It might even give my guardian a small coronary when I do that. As for steps two and three.. I'll get back to you.

Ahem. So, here I go. I, Uzumaki Naruto, the idiot who fell in love with a boy in high school of all places, am going to go forth and be Sasuke's friend. Oh yeah, wish me luck, because boy, am I gonna need it. And while you're at it, pray for me too, but not to those homophobic gods, because they're certain to derail what little chance I have.