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The door opened and Harry appeared in the doorway. He smiled when he saw Draco, but the smile quickly faded as he noticed the boy's expression.

"What's wrong?"

Draco couldn't say anything. He didn't knew if he wanted to yell or calmly ask for answers.

"Draco, what happened?" Harry asked again.

In less than a second Draco pulled himself together, his expression darkening. "I found your Pensieve, that's what happened."

Harry gaped at him for some time, then he finally said softly; "What did you see?"

"Oh you know, us fighting, Crabbe and Goyle still alive and you living with that aunt of yours... Stuff like that." Draco said, sarcasm dripping from every word.

Harry gulped. Okay this wasn't good... He desperately sought for words, for some explanation. But nothing came to his mind that sounded even reasonable. Slowly he felt himself getting angry, as Draco started to glare at him. "You shouldn't have touched the Pensieve in the first place!" He blurted out.

"What!" Draco yelled.

Harry bit his lip. Fuck, had he said that aloud? This wasn't good at all...

"So now it's all my fault, huh?" Draco jumped up from the bed.

"No wait, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..." Harry started, but Draco shoved him aside and left the room.

"It's really impressive how you always manage to fuck things up." Said a voice.

Harry turned to the large painting in his room. The young boy in it smirked at him.

"Oh come on, what's with that sad look. You don't really care about him, do you?" he shook his head. "He's such a nancy. Really, you deserve someone better... like me." He winked seductively.

Harry pulled the painting roughly off the wall and threw it on the floor. Then he hurried after Draco.

"You weren't that cute, anyway." Came a muffled voice from the floor.


Draco felt to his disgust tears welling up in his eyes. 'Since when have I become so weak?' He wondered, angry at himself. He started running. Past his room, past Taro who could only just jump aside and down the stairs. He heard Harry yelling his name, but he ignored it and left the house through the frontdoor.

Outside the others were still busy with fireworks. To Draco's relieve, no one had seen him storming out of the house. He run further towards the forest close to the mansion. As he shot a look over his shoulder, he saw Harry coming out of the house. He was just to late, Draco had disappeared behind the trees.


Harry ran towards Hermione. "Draco", he said between short breaths.

"Yes? What about him?" Hermione asked frowning, she could tell from the look in Harry's eyes that something bad had happened.

"Have you seen him?"

"No, why?"

Harry dind't answer and ran further. "Dad!" He called as he reached James and Sirius. Both men turned around and waited for him to continue. Harry bit his lip. "He knows." He said softly. "Draco found the Pensieve."

James sighed and laid a hand on Harry's shoulder. "Do you know where he is now?"

Harry shook his head.

"The forest." Came a voice from behind them. It was Ron, who walked with Hermione towards them.

James nodded. "Would you inform Lily and Remus?" He said to Sirius, then he turned to Harry. "I think Hermione and Ron should know about this, too." He made a gesture towards Hedwig and she landed on his hand. "Bring me to Draco." The large owl set off and flew to the forest with a certainty, as if she already knew exactly where Draco was.


After Harry had finished his story, Harry looked up to his friends. Impatiently he waited for their reaction, but they just gaped at him. He moved nervous in his chair, wishing they would say something.

"You've got to be kidding." Ron finally broke the silence. He looked from Harry to Hermione.

Hermione shook her head. "Why... how...?" She stammered.

"I know it was wrong, but I wasn't thinking straight at that time. There was nothing left for me there, so I risked everything to change that." Harry said, "Even other people lives." He added softly, looking down.

Hermione nodded, then she stood up and left the room. Harry followed her with his eyes. He knew she wasn't upset or mad, but just needed some time alone to think things over. Ron barely noticed her leaving. He tried to see how it all had been possible. He looked up to Harry. Was he the same as his childhood friend?

"You can ask me anything you want." Harry said, seeing his friend's troubled look.

"What..," Ron paused, searching for words. "What do you remember? I mean, are you... have you lived two lives? Or did you just pop in this one after you drank that potion?"

Harry told him about how it had been after he had awoken from the hospital. Ron nodded, but you could see he still didn't quite understand. Which was obvious, of course.

Lily entered the room, bringing hot chocolate and coffee. After giving the boys a cup she took one herself and sat down. She sighed. "Well, this wasn't quite the beginning of the new year we had planned."

Harry and Ron nodded.

"Is dad back yet?" Harry asked.

Lily shook her head. "He probably has a hard time talking Draco into coming back to the house." Seeing her son's pained expression she quickly changed the subject. "Where's Hermione?"

Harry shrugged. "Probably in the library, doing research about changing time."

Mrs Evans entered the room, followed by Remus. She sighed and sat down across from Harry. "Remus told me." She said softly. "I've just accepted the whole story for now. It'll take some time before I'll be able to understand."

Ron smiled slightly. "Even for me, a wizard, it's hard to understand."

They stayed there for awhile, talking or just enjoying the comfortable silence between them. Then everyone went their own way. Lily went to find Hermione, Ron went upstairs to Harry's room where he was staying, Remus tried to explain the whole process of changing time to Mrs Evans and Harry went to the attic.

The attic of the Potter Mansion was one like those in old ghost movies. It was filled with old furniture covered by sheets, wardrobes affected by woodworms and old portraits of long forgotten ancestors. The only light came from the moon that shone through the round window.

Harry walked towards it and wiped with his sleeve the dust of the glass. You could hardly see the forest because of the darkness but Harry still looked, hoping to see any sign of Draco. He stood there for hours, until his legs gave away from exhaustion. He was too tired to return to his room, so he lay down on the hard wooden floor and soon he fell asleep.


James walked silently beside Draco. The conversation they had after he had found Draco repeated itself constantly in James' head. He wasn't sure if it had gone better or worse than he had hoped for. Draco had been very disappointed in him and Lily, because they hadn't told him anything. And Harry…Draco wasn't sure if he was capable of forgiving him everything soon. But he had promised to act civil towards Harry so the sphere at home wasn't completely ruined.

Many people wouldn't have taken all this too seriously. Draco was after all a teenager and they were known for being total dramaqueens and making everything worse than it was. But James knew Draco long enough to be worried. The boy was incredibly intelligent and he never decided anything without clearly thinking it out. On the other hand, James also knew how much Draco loved Harry and the chance was quite big Draco would forgive Harry in the end, but it would take a lot of time.

The closer they got to the house, the slower Draco was walking. James pretended not to notice and slowed down. Draco kept on shooting looks over his shoulder as if he was planning on running back every moment.

It seemed it had taken hours before the finally arrived by the house. James opened the door and let Draco in first. The boy hesitated a bit before entering. Inside he gave a short nod towards James, then went upstairs and disappeared from sight. James waited in the hallway until he heard Draco close his door. When he turned around he noticed Lily standing in the doorway.

James wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Give them some time." He whispered.


Harry woke up the next morning with a huge headache and painful muscles. He looked around him to see what had woke him up. He was sure someone had called out to him.

"Over here, boy." Came a voice not far from where Harry lay. It was one of the old portraits. Harry recognized the man in the picture as William, one of his fathers uncle's. The picture had always hung in the hallway when Harry was little. William had been a bit too fond of talking about stuff like sex and when Harry started to repeat things he had heard from him, lily had removed the painting and put it there. As the years past by, she forgot about it and never placed it back.

William lay the porn magazine he was reading down and lay it on top of a large pile of what also seemed to be porn magazines. The man had insisted on being drawn with them. He must have read every magazine a million times, but he never seemed to get bored of them.

"In my time we slept on the couch, when we were kicked out of bed." William remarked.

Harry didn't even listen to him anymore. He stood up and wiped the dust off his clothes. He left the room without saying goodbye to William, which the man found very rude as to hear from the things he called after Harry. Not that Harry was paying any attention to anything else than his own thoughts... He stumbled down the stairs, wondering what he should do or where he should go. He wanted nothing more than storming into Draco's room and explaining the whole situation. The only problem was, there wasn't much to explain. Harry could think of lots of reasons why he hadn't told Draco, but he couldn't say with earnest that those had stopped him. No the reason was a more selfish one. He knew Draco wouldn't take everything lightly and he even expected some sort of reaction like this. The only reason he didn't tell was to save their relationship. At first their relationship as brothers and when that had grown in something more, it had only become harder for Harry to tell the truth.

And now there was nothing between them. Draco didn't even talk to him anymore. Harry cursed out loud. The sound of his voice pierced through the silence, making him jump slightly. He continued his way downstairs, trying to block out his thoughts about Draco. He would have a chance to talk to him with breakfast and as that wasn't until more than two hours he just had to find something to keep him busy until then.

In the hallway Harry was greeted by taro, who had been sleeping in front of the kitchendoor. Harry realized that he had completely forgotten about the dog and as the door of his room probably was closed, the dog hadn't had any other choice then to sleep on the cold floor. He petted the dog and let him in the kitchen, himself following. Harry shot a look at the clock on the wall. It was almost five o'clock… Groaning he went to make himself some coffee. It would take some time before the others decided to show up.


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