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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2004

March 15th 2004 14:15

"Hello?" James Bond, Secret Service Agent 007 said, looking inside the main office at MI6. He had just been called off his current assignment, which had been handed over to 005, with no explanation other than that he was the only one who could carry out this new mission. "Anyone in?"

"Ah, 007," M said from behind her desk. "You finally arrived. Please, take a seat." Bond sat down in the indicated chair and looked at his boss. "So, what's all this about, M? A new link to this branch of assassins?"

The branch of assassins in question was an extremely lethal group whose true identity was unknown. They had, to date, managed to enter the rooms of several high-up politicians and several well-off businessmen, and the only clue that they were all the work of the same person was the fact that they had left the same thing at the crime scenes; a small part of a painting of some kind.

"Of sorts," M replied, as she reached into her desk and pulled out a large file. It had only three letters on its front cover: L.X.G. "You'll never have heard, I think, of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?"

"Never," Bond replied. "Sounds like something from a child's comic."

"Believe me, 007, the League was anything but," M explained, as she opened the comic and passed him seven photos; six were of various different men and the seventh showed a woman. "It was formed over a century ago, in 1899, by a man claiming to work for the British Government. It consisted of several characters that the world at large believed to be fictional; Mina Harker from Dracula, Captain Nemo from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Doctor Jekyll from Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Tom Sawyer from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and a thief called Rodney Skinner who stole the workings of Griffin, the scientist, from the book The Invisible Man. In the end, however, it was revealed that the man who recruited them was really attempting to control their powers for himself, and they barely managed to stop him and his agent in the League."

"Agent?" Bond asked.

"Dorian Gray, from The Picture of Dorian Gray," M explained, showing Bond an eighth photograph. "In fact, that's where the relevance to our current topic comes in; the fragments of a painting that have been left at the crime scenes match a part of Mr Gray's portrait- which, as you may recall, was the reason for his mysterious immortality."

"He's alive?" Bond asked, his voice hiding the slight fear he was feeling. He'd read The Picture of Dorian Gray when he was younger, and had no desire to fight its title character.

"No, 007," M replied, allow Bond to relax. "Mrs Harker managed to kill him in the attack on the Mongolian fortress of their adversary, the man known publicly as the Fantom. Mr Gray is definitely dead, but it is possible that some of the Fantom's soldiers have survived, and simply been biding their time. This new evidence suggests that the assassins that have been troubling us are... vampires."

Bond would normally have laughed at that, but after seeing the file on the League he was doubtful; Mina Harker was a vampire, after all, and one of their earliest opponents had been Dracula himself. He supposed he had no right to criticise.

"So, what's all this got to do with me?" he asked, decided he might as well get to the point.

"I have been in contact with the American Government regarding the situation," M replied. "We have decided, on reflection, that the time has come to reform the League. You, 007, will be its leader."

"Me?" Bond said, slightly surprised. "Lead a team? I've never exactly found it easy to get along well enough with others to make it last longer than one mission."

"Unfortunately, that isn't possible right now," M said, as she pulled out another file and passed it over to Bond. "The assassins are far too powerful for you, or indeed any of our chosen members, to handle alone. You have to bring them together, and then you shall begin to track the assassins to where we believe they are based."

"Which is?" Bond asked.

"That shall be revealed once the rest of the League are recruited," M said, as Bond opened the file and began to read the information in it. He looked up at M once he'd finished, almost completely unable to believe what he'd found.

"Is this accurate, M? I'm expected to work with..." he glanced over the file again, to ensure he hadn't made a mistake, "...a wizard, a couple of aliens, a vampire, a thief who emits electric blasts, a scientist who can become invisible, and a heiress who's been trained in several forms of combat? Do some of these even exist?"

"They do," M replied, as she reached into a drawer at the side of her desk and pulled out two objects; a small black box with no distinguishing features on it, and what appeared to be a transmitting device of some kind. "The box will allow you to recruit your first member. The transmitter should be activated at the bank of the Thames, near the location of the former Millennium Dome, after you have recruited all the League members currently in England."

"Let me guess, it summons our transport?" Bond asked, as he got up and began to walk towards the door.

"It does. Oh, and 007?"

Bond turned around and looked at his boos.

"Good luck," she told him.

Bond smiled his thanks at her. "Never leave home without it," he told her.

Then he walked out of the office and began to head for the streets. He had a bit of thinking to do.