Alas, the last chapter. No more fondue.

Chapter Neter

When You're a Wildebeest

That evening after Snitzelfritz had passed out… I mean, fallen asleep. Yes, that is what I mean. After Snitzelfritz had fallen asleep and retracted his fang like teeth from Christian's nose, and yes the baby had teeth already even though he was only a week old or something, he was after all the FON baby, the severely deranged family sat in the breakfast nook of the little house by the sea complete with a breakfast nook. Christian was rocking the baby, its legs hanging over his arms and down to about where his knees were.

Now that the little dude was asleep, Christian found that he liked him much more. That and the fact that now it was too dark to see the freaky legs.

Satine looked at the two of them smiling. "It's just so wonderful!" she exclaimed.

This would have been a very deep family moment, that would also have been profound to use another word besides deep, if it hadn't been for the giant sandworm that jumped up from the beach outside their house and caught a baby seagull in its mouth just outside the window, the colors of the sunset pouring through its open mouth as it chomped on the seagull.

Christian and Satine sat in silent awe of this scene, while also being scarred for the rest of their lives.

"That was graphic," Christian commented.

"I didn't know there were sandworms here," Satine said frowning.

They shrugged. Not that sandworms or graphic..ness… was really important. They had each other and that was all that mattered.

Snitzelfritz woke up at this cheesy thought passing through both their minds that he was somehow able to read, since he was, after all, a FON baby, and rolled his eyes.

The End

El Fin