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Summary: After the Indigo League is over Ash wakes up to find himself in a completely different world from what he has known. The people he talks to say what happened was only a vivid dream, but if that's true, why does Ash keep feeling closer to the dream than to reality?

Notes: for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics for pokemon talking.

Ash's 'real' family and everything else will probably be different from the show because that is a dream. Ash is in actuality 14.

Chapter 1

            He was awakened by the smell of French toast, wafting up from the kitchen. It was delicious, and as he groggily came to he realized that what he was in did not seem like the top bunk of a bed at the pokemon league.

            He was in a neat feather bed, covered with a dark blue comforter embroidered with white pokemon silhouettes, in a room.

            The room itself had a desk with a computer, a TV with a Nintendo 64 hooked up to it, a bookshelf covered with books, and a large Lapras poke doll in one corner.

            A few pokemon mobiles hung from the ceiling, and the walls had posters of various pokemon on them, as well as some haphazardly hung pictures.

            It was all very nice, but unless his mom had done some redecorating, it wasn't his room at home.

            Getting up, he changed out of his pajamas, which were patterned with little abras for some reason, and into the black jeans, black t-shirt, and dark purple jacket that he found in the closet. He tucked his feet into a pair of ankle boots, which fit although he was sure he had never seen them before, and the elbow-length fingerless black gloves with a lavender stripe around the wrists.

            His hair seemed to have grown also, so he managed to tussle some sense into it with his hairbrush and keep it out of his eyes. Then, he headed downstairs to ask his mom just what was going on.

            When he got to the kitchen, he froze.

            The pale-haired woman in the black dress who was cooking with a Houndoom next to her was not his mom!

            And who in the world was the blonde man reading a newspaper at the table?

            Ash screamed.

            Karen dropped the bacon, which her Houndoom gobbled up. "Ashura, what is it?"

            "Who are you?! Where am I? Where's my mom!"

            Karen blinked. "Ash, I am your mom."

            "B-but! That's impossible! My mom is Delia Ketchum!" Ash said, flustered. * What is going on here? *

            Morty got up. "Ash, that's enough of your jokes."


            "Who else would I be?" Morty asked, slightly miffed.

            "B-but! You're supposed to be on a journey as a pokemon trainer!"

            "What?" Morty blinked. "I've been a member of the Elite Five for six years Ash."

            Ash's head was spinning. "Hold on a second… Dad, are you telling me you had an affair with this woman and since my mom is absent you brought me to live with you?"

            Karen dropped the frying pan.

            Morty gaped.

            Ash blinked. "…No?"

            "I'm sensing something wrong with him." Morty muttered. "Ash, maybe you should go back to bed until you feel better."

            I agree. He seems stressed. Houndoom told Karen.

            Karen frowned. "Ash. What's wrong?"

            "I don't know. Is this a dream?" Ash murmured as he touched the furniture to make sure it was solid. "No, it isn't."

            "Ash dear, being a psychic comes with certain problems. You say that you had a very vivid dream?"

            Ash paused. Maybe he was going crazy. It wouldn't hurt to tell them his story, would it? With a sigh, he started from beginning to the end.

            It was a good five hours later when his dialogue finally ended.

            Morty tapped his coffee mug thoughtfully. "Hmm…"

            "What do you think it is?" Karen asked anxiously as she served up sandwiches.

            Ash bit into a sandwich. It tasted great. Maybe this dream wouldn't be so bad after all.

            "Remember what happened before he went to bed? He and Sabrina were having a contest and they got so carried away that they overexerted themselves. He's been sleeping for almost a week. I guess his mind just needed a way to amuse itself."

            And nothing implanted those images in his mind. Gengar added.

            Morty handed his Gengar a sandwich. "What Gengar said is true."

            "But I don't remember anything." Ash said. "Not really."

            "Well, maybe seeing your friends will give you some flashbacks." Karen supplied.

            Sabrina came downstairs in a pink flannel bathrobe, making Ash jump.

            "Morning lil' brother." Sabrina said, ruffling his hair. "Nice to see you're awake."

            Ash's jaw dropped. * LITTLE BROTHER?! *

            "Don't mind him, Sabrina. Your psychic duel seems to have blown his mind."

            "Morty!" Karen scolded. "He just needs some time to recover."

            Sabrina winced in sympathy. "Ouch. Sorry little brother. I wouldn't have done it if I'd known."

            "Its okay, aneki." Ash said, surprised when the word slipped out of its own accord.

            Sabrina grinned. "Well, are you up to some exercise with me this afternoon?"


            After lunch, Ash took a deep breath and prepared to introduce himself to his pokemon… again.

            "Just take it easy, they'll understand." Sabrina instructed. Her Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Venomoth, Murkrow, Umbreon, and Espeon all nodded.

            Ash had never seen the three latter pokemon, and was surprised when he learned that he had been living with them and many others for years.

            Sabrina sighed. * Memories are such tricky things… *

            Taking a deep breath, Ash pressed the release buttons on the poke balls.

            Xatu flew in circles around his head, glad to be free.

            Sneasal was sympathetic as it hugged his leg.

            Psychu jumped up and down, calling out suggestions.

            And the wolf pack watched as he thought.

            *BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*

            Misty glared at the hospital heart monitor in irritation.

            "Stupid Ash… trying to drown himself." She muttered. "Couldn't even end his misery that way."

            Brock shot her a sharp look as the green lines continued on inexorably.

End Chapter!
So a dream within a dream that is actually reality. Confused now? The 'dream' is real, what is outside is not, but what is on the outside seems real. Okay?

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