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Timeline: 3 weeks later

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Chapter 2

            He loved his wolf pack. There were so many of them, each with a different elemental specialty. Sabrina said when he was little, he had called them and they had come ever since.

            It made sense.

            He stroked Tempestwolfe's fur as he watched the others run and play.

            Life was relaxing here. He went to school in the mornings, maybe another two hours in the evening, and in the afternoon he had training sessions with Sabrina or his parents. If he wanted to, he could hop on Xatu and spend the night at someone's house in another city.

            But he was learning a lot more than he had in the other world. The dream world, he reminded himself. How could he be so stupid…well that fluke would have to be remedied sometime in the future.

            Ah well.

            Sabrina was sitting next to them with eight spoons flying around her head in a figure eight.

            "Hi 'nee-chan."

            "Hello, little brother." Sabrina replied from where she was still floating the spoons. "Are you getting any of your memories back yet?"

            Ash nodded. "Some… they're kind of fragmented, but I do remember a few things."

            "These things just take time most likely."

            Ash nodded as he smiled at a snippet of himself and Sabrina a few years ago, when they were playing in the haunted house together and scaring the neighbor's annoying puke green (dyed?) dog off.

            Quite fun, really.

            Psywolfe nudged his arm and Ash smiled, feeding her a poketreat. She was a psychic/electric type, quite powerful and graceful. A dark magenta wolf with gold tipped ears, tail, and cheeks, it also has waves of lighter magenta fur on its shoulders and three bands of pale magenta fur above its paws.

            Ash smirked. "Well, any gym challengers?"

            Sabrina chuckled. "Not yet, but there was one yesterday. Mom's Houndoom really whipped him."


            Outside the door, a clanging sound resounded. Sabrina got up. "Oh, there's another one."

            "Can I take it?"

            "I suppose." Sabrina said, "It'll bruise his pride though."

            "So? What's a psychic family to do?" Ash asked as he and his pokemon floated out the door.

            Good point there.


            I concede the point, lil' brother. Have fun!


            Joey frowned at the sight. "Who are you?"

            Ashura. I'm the temporary gym leader at the moment, since my parents are both at the plateau.

            Joey frowned. "Oh well. It'll just be easier to get a badge then! I challenge you for the Phantom Badge!"

            Challenge accepted. Ash sent. Sis, could you referee?

            Certainly. Only dark and psy and ghost types though.


            Joey smirked as he readied his pokemon. * Just a leave-in huh? Well, who gives a care? Not me. *

            "Alakazam, go!"

            Ash rolled his eyes. Psywolfe, let's show our stuff.

            The dark pink wolf materialized and growled. Ready whenever you are!

            "Alakazam! Kinesis!"

            Psywolfe, Crunch. Ash said, as the pokemon raced towards alakazam and sunk her fangs into the nearest limb.

            Alakazam screeched in pain.

            "Um. Forget that, hit it with Psychic!"

            But psychic attacks won't do much to a psychic pokemon. Let's finish his, Zap Cannon now.

            Psywolfe's eyes sparked and she nodded as she fried Alakazam.

            "Hey! No fair! You used an electric type!" Joey complained.

            You idiot. She's a dual electric/psychic type so therefore legitimate to use in this gym. And you were the one who challenged me. Send out your next pokemon.

            "You asked for it! Haunter, go!"

            But poison is 4x weak to psychic. Sabrina sent Ash as he smiled.

            Psywolfe, Psychic.

            Hai! She wagged her tail and performed the attack, blasting haunter off.

            Joey paled. * I'm down to one pokemon… maybe there is a reason why most people don't go to this gym. No! I have to prove myself! *

            "Absol, go!"

            Now that's smarter… Ash said, recalling Psywolfe in a snap. I'll match type then.

            "Spiritwolfe, go."

            Another wolf materialized. A black-purple wolf with three blood-red stripes on each leg, a flowing white mane with gold flecks, silver stripes on its back, red eyes, and a gold mask around its eyes.

            Ash smirked slightly.

            Joey frowned. "Not another wolf pokemon…"

            Come on, I'm waiting.

            'Absol! Razor Wind!"

            Spiritwolfe… Crunch!

            Absol went flying as the wolf pokemon drove his fangs into its back before tossing it into the air like a rag doll.

            Good! Now follow up with Thunder!

            Joey left the gym, cursing, as Ash preened and hugged his pokemon happily. Sabrina grinned. "Great battle, lil' brother."

            Thank you!

            "I'll make lunch for us, what kind of sandwiches do you want?"

            Can I have marshmallow fluff and peanut butter?

            Sure. Sabrina said, smiling as she left.

End Chapter!

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