Cover You Up


Chapter 8


By: Rachel


Rated: R


Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy




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          She was right. It was snowing out, and snowing hard. He shuddered as the cold stabbed through his body, like a thousand needles. He couldn't stay out long, unless he wanted to die. He didn't care either way. He took a long drag from his cigarette. He tossed his lighter over the side of the deck and cursed at the biting cold. He tensed as the door slid open. "Go." He growled.

          Kasadey shook her head. "If anything, you should leave, it's my place." She crossed her arms as he kept his head down low. "Sanzo, you saw…you know what you saw. I wasn't kissing him Sanzo!" Her voice echoed in the eerie silence the loomed over the globe. She shuddered. "Will you at least let me look you in the eyes?!" She screamed and ran forward, hitting her fists into his chest. "Sanzo, I don't want you to hate me. Never hate me, please Sanzo…" She shivered and shook. She sighed as he didn't push her away. "You're warm."

          He shut his eyes. "Get away from me, or I'll kill you." She tensed. His voice was dark and loathing.

          She pulled back and looked into his eyes.

          Dark, loneliness, betrayal, and hatred…

          His teeth were bared and he dug his fingers into her shoulder. She whimpered out in pain. He grinned. "Sanzo, stop it!" She shouted when it really started to hurt. "I didn't kiss him!" She slapped him across the face. He stopped, and let his arms fall to his side. His cigarette fell from his cold, blue lips. He was numb, and if she left now, all he would have to do is shut his eyes, never again to see the rising sun. Tears rolled off her cheeks and froze halfway down her face. He gritted his teeth and looked away. "Sanzo, please…you heard me didn't you?" Sanzo shook his head.

          He snorted and nodded his head. "You think a Sanzo Priest could ever love someone?" He laughed in her face. "I love no one Kasadey, and I never will." He muttered.

          She shoved him into the sliding door. He grunted as his head cracked against the back. "Damn you." She growled. "All because you're a priest you think you can talk like that to anyone, don't you? Who says a priest can't fall in love, maybe he doesn't mean too, but…I know some of them do." She shook her head. "Get out of my apartment. Now." She pointed to the door. "Good luck living in this damned cold, maybe if you're lucky a shelter will let you in—"

          Sanzo grabbed her and shoved her into the door and kissed her again. He wiped away the tears that were frozen to her face, and marveled at the way she fit in his arms. He pulled back and turned away from her. "Go," he mumbled.

          She gritted her teeth. "If you think that's how you can get me to shut up every time I get angry with you, you're mistaken." She bared her claws. Sanzo took a deep breath and before falling into her arms. She looked down at him in surprise. "Sanzo…?" She mumbled. She shook him lightly. "Sanzo, get off me you dumb—"

          He didn't move. "Kasadey…" he whispered. "I'm okay, go in without me." He mumbled and struggled to sit down.

          She gripped onto him. "Sanzo, oh my god, are you okay?" She pulled him back and he started to shiver. "Sanzo, damn it!" she cursed and tugged him inside. He fell onto the kitchen floor and curled into a shivering ball on the floor. His fingers were frostbitten along with his face. Red blotches stained his cheeks, and his fingers were turning dark blue. He gargled out her name as she grabbed the blankets off the couch. "Hakkai, someone help me!" She screeched. She pounded on Hakkai and Gojyo's doors.

          Hakkai opened it quickly, his right eyebrow arched upwards. "Please, can you help me with Sanzo?" She jogged into the bathroom. "He needs to get warmed up fast; he has really bad hypothermia!" She ran into the bathroom and tossed the spare blankets onto her bed. Turning on the hot water she cursed; only cold streamed out. Gojyo stood in the doorway. She turned back and sighed. "I forgive you." She mumbled.

          He nodded his head. "What's wrong?" He pointed towards the tub.

          She grimaced. "We used the last of the hot water when Sanzo and I took our showers…" She sighed. "Someone carry him into my bed for me." She ordered. Gojyo smirked, and nodded his head.



          Sanzo shook violently as Hakkai and Gojyo dragged him into Kasadey's room, and lifted him onto the bed. Hakkai turned to Kasadey, I did what I could with my powers, but I'd hurt him if I did anything more…" He frowned, rubbing the back of his head. "He's in your hands now." He smiled.

          Grabbing socks from Sanzo's room she pushed Hakkai and Gojyo out and shut the door behind her. Sanzo curled up. "I'm…fine…" His teeth chattered together and Kasadey quickly wrapped his feet up with her sheet after pulling on several pairs of socks that she'd grabbed from his room.

          She gritted her teeth. "Shut up, no you are not okay." She tugged off his sweater that was soaking wet, and buried him under the blankets. Taking his hands she rubbed them between her own. "Can you feel anything?"

          He blinked. "Feel what?" He muttered. Her heart wrenched. "Feel what…?" he trailed off as his eyes spotted his hands in hers. "Of course I can." He mumbled. He gave her a far off glance.

          She tensed. "Don't get any ideas…" She took a deep breath. "This is really going to hurt after a few seconds, do you understand?" Sanzo looked at her worried expression.

          He nodded his head lazily. "Sure…" he breathed. "Can't be that…bad…" His eyes drifted shut.

          Her eyes widened. "No!" she tapped his face until his eyes opened. "Stay awake, just concentrate on me." She frowned as she continued to rub his blue colored hands. They were bitter cold, and weren't warming up much at all. "Grit your teeth." She ordered as she slowly took each finger into her mouth as she struggled to get him warm.

          Sanzo's cheeks flushed as he watched her. He clenched his teeth together as she asked, and soon shut his eyes tightly and shouted out in pain as he started to regain feeling in his fingers. He arched his back and tossed her to the side. Kasadey pinned him back down by kneeing him in the stomach. He pulled back and she cursed and took hold of his hands again. "Stop it hurts!" he cried out. He was still shaking. She shut her eyes and held him close to her. "…It hurts…" he whispered as she laid gentle, warm, but painful kisses on his fingertips.

          Kasadey loosely laced her fingers around his left hand. "Can you tighten your grip on my hand?" She asked. Sanzo closed his fingers around her hand and squeezed tightly. They'd regained their flesh tone. Kasadey smiled and nodded his head. "Can you move you feet?"

          He wriggled his toes. "With the socks, no." he muttered. She grinned and sighed falling on top of him. He tensed. "What are you doing?"

          "Wrapping my arms around you, and taking a nap." She lulled and rested her head in the crook of his neck. Her hand went to his neck and checked his pulse. "You should rest, you're still weak." She spat.

          Sanzo sighed and pulled her close. "Kasadey," he whispered.

          "Hmm?" she yawned.

          Sanzo ran his fingers through her hair. "…what you were saying earlier to Gojyo—"

          She smiled and nodded. "Yes, I meant it." His grip tightened..

          Every second in this world had been a wild ride that wasn't stopping. Where was she taking him, how far could they take this? He brushed her cheek with his right hand and she shivered. He was still cold. He sat up, pushing her up with him and looked into her green eyes. She blushed as he eyed her carefully, letting his emotions settle.

          She quickly stood and walked to her nightstand and turned off the light. "Why?" he asked her in the dark. All she could make out was the outline of his figure as she inched her way back to her bed and climbed back up. He leaned in and kissed her. His fingers rested on her hips as he pressed her against the wall. He sighed into her mouth. His feelings were anything but settled. He gave into the craving, the need. He needed her, and he wanted her.

         She pulled back and ran her hands over his face. His eyes were closed and he let out a quiet moan. "Are you sure…?" She spoke, her voice barely auditable. He pressed his face into the crook of her neck and nipped at her collarbone. Her face flushed as he nodded.



          She cried out, holding him close to her he let out a moan before falling against her frame. His breath was harsh as he felt her body shudder underneath him. He smiled and kissed along her neck. Everything, it was right. Her fingers ran over his bare back, pausing as she touched a scar. She frowned and he quickly kissed her. "It feels like it was painful." She mumbled.

          He smiled. "It's not as bad as you think." He breathed as her fingers ran through his damp blonde locks.

          She narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure?" She questioned him. With a blank face he nodded. She smiled and pinned him down; his face flushed as she kissed his chest lightly and snuggled against him.

          "I'm sure." He mumbled. Her fingers ran over his chest, examining the ripples of muscle carefully. He rolled his head back and let out a hushed sigh. Kasadey smiled and poked him in the side. He jolted to the right and cursed holding his side, and fighting back a laugh as she did it again. "Stop," he grabbed her wrists and held her down.

          She smiled coyly. "The brave legend Priest Sanzo…is ticklish, what would the history books say if they found that one out?" She grinned wickedly and he scowled before capturing her lips in a breath stealing kiss. She sighed and smiled as he pulled back.

          He pulled her into his arms and wrapped the blankets around them. He stared up at the ceiling. "You never answered me." He mumbled. She looked up at his face, all serious as he wet his lips, and brushed back his bangs. He narrowed his eyes and angled his eyebrows. "Why, do you love me?" his voice was quiet and sweet. Like a little child, frightened and alone. He'd shown her everything there was to him, whispering things only she could hear things only he'd want her to know.

          She smiled. "Well," she sighed. "There really isn't an answer, I just do. The way you can get angry when I tease you…your face scrunches together, and it looks cute." Sanzo squirmed in discomfort as she smiled. He was embarrassed by her answer. "Your eyes too, I love your eyes." She sat up and let her face hover over his. He frowned as he looked into her eyes. She sighed. "Everything about you, I love you." He jerked her back down held her tightly. She let out a small gasp before relaxing.

          "Tell me the truth, you know something I don't. I can tell." He swallowed as his eyes darkened. She tensed in his embrace. He needed to know what she was hiding. Her smile faded immediately.

          She took a slow deep breath before sitting up and swinging her feet over the side of the bed. Sanzo pushed himself up and eyed her as she shuddered. "After you kill…" She shook her head. "You're leaving. Tomorrow, you'll go up the mountainside where the creature is living." Tears rolled off her cheeks, slowly one after the other. He nodded his head slowly. "I can't go with you. You'll all just simply fade away, like a mirage. You never existed in this world."

          "You can come with me." He reassured her. She started to cry even more. He reached his hand out and she pulled back.

          She shook her head. "No, no I can't Sanzo." She whispered.

          He clenched his fists. "What are you talking about, yes you can!" He pleaded with her. She shuddered. "Stop lying, if you don't love me—"

          She slapped him again. He fell back his eyes were cold and lifeless. "Dead, you die in two days Sanzo. Not in my time, but in your time the history books have your death recorded for June seventeen..." She covered her mouth. "We brought you here as our last resort." She drew her knees to her chest and cried silently.

          He watched as she quivered with each cry. Turning he looked towards the mirrored closet. He stared at her pale, drained expression in the mirror as moonlight shown through the snow filled clouds and made her glow. "How?" he asked her.

          She sniffled. "I can't tell you that. We don't know even one hundred percent, besides…do you really want to—" He kissed her and she continued to cry. He gritted his teeth and she wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers dug into his shoulders. "I'm sorry, I should have said something."

          He shook his head. "Why are you crying?" He smiled. "I'll just have to watch myself when I go back." He kissed away her tears. "Trust me, the priest life was getting boring, so I most likely faked my death." He smiled reassuring her. He had his doubts though.

          She let out a muttered laugh against his neck and nodded. "That must be it…" She frowned as she fell asleep in his arms.


          Morning again in snow covered Tokyo. Gojyo staggered out of his room with a blanket around him. He shivered. "Hakkai…?" He looked towards the couch and frowned. "What are you doing out here? Where are Goku and Mia?" He yawned.

          Hakkai grinned, rubbing the back of his head. "Well, why don't you go check out Sanzo's room and you go tell me?" He bowed his head and sighed. "Our little Goku grew up." He laughed and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a box of cereal and began to eat it dry.

          Gojyo laughed and tiptoed towards Sanzo's room. Holding his breath and swung the door open.

          His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. Mia turned slowly standing in her bra and underwear. Her face flushed first before she began to tremble. She dropped the nightshirt in her hands before she let out a shrill cry. "Get out!" She screamed throwing everything that was in arms reach out the door and at Gojyo. "You pervert! I hate you!"

          Goku sat up and yelped in surprise. His face flushed as he saw Mia standing in her undergarments and blinked before turning towards the opened door. He blinked as he saw Gojyo covering his eyes. "Oh, God! I didn't mean to—"

          Goku shouted out. "You bastard!" he bellowed. Mia froze in her place and stared towards Goku. His teeth were bared, and she could have sworn he'd grown claws and he jumped out of bed, simply dressed in a pair of boxers. He leapt towards the open door. "I'll kill you!" he shouted and checked Gojyo into the wall.

          Hakkai, with closed eyes inched along the wall and tossed Mia a blanket. "There you are, wrap that around yourself until you're able to get the door shut." He smiled kindly towards her, eyes still tightly shut.

          She smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She bowed her head and did as he said she stood in the doorway and continued to stare, shocked, and worried.



          Sanzo groaned as he heard the muffled cry. His eyes opened, and he sat up quickly looking around. Kasadey slept soundly next to him. He sighed and relaxed before he heard the scream yet again. "Hmm…?" Kasadey's eyes opened and she rubbed her face with her hands before yawning. Sanzo's eyes warmed, he loved waking up next to her. He leaned in, to kiss her, before he turned his attention to the next shout.

          He blinked and got up, blindly getting dressed. "Goku…Gojyo…" He snarled, his eyes narrowed, he shook with anger.

          She sighed, her eyes still closed. "Don't be too hard on them…" She grabbed his pillow and hugged it to her chest; she smiled at the warmth of it.

          "I'll try not to shed too much blood." He cracked his knuckles before opening the bedroom door and storming out in an angered rage. He blinked as she saw Gojyo go flying. Goku shouting in a mad rage of hysterics…

          "You're dead!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He punched Gojyo hard across the face and he shouted out. Gojyo shoved him back and he slammed against the open door to Mia's room. It snapped back and he shouted out before standing.

          "Stop!" everyone fell silent as they turned to see Sanzo in his boxers with a pink, thin strapped shirt with a red strawberry on the front.

          Goku heaved for air, his fists clenched. "He needs to die." Goku snarled. He looked towards Sanzo and for once, held back his cries of laughter at the shirt.

          Gojyo through the pain that throbbed in his head, managed to snicker. Mia pointed at him, her jaw dropped eyebrows raised. Kasadey jogged out a sheet wrapped around her. She tensed and froze. Her eyes closed tightly and she bowed her head, tiptoeing back inside. She gritted her teeth as she saw Sanzo stand frozen in place. The tension in the air was so thick you barely catch your breath.

          Sanzo lowered his gaze to the floor and balled his fists as his side. He started to tremble as he noticed what shirt he had grabbed. He swallowed as he felt a cold sweat trickle down his back as everyone stared at him.

          Hakkai swallowed and stepped back. "My word…unexpected I must say, but damn, you stopped them from killing each other, a job well done…" He smirked. "…Sanzo." He blinked shaking his head he turned and walked back into the living room.

          "Ka…" Sanzo let out a quiet mumble as he exhaled. "Kasadey?" he called her name as he looked around in a panic.

          The door open and everyone turned their head to the right as they spotted Kasadey. She walked out in Sanzo's sweater, now dry; and her underwear. It was long and reached down mid-thigh. She smiled and stood in front of him. "He's so sweet sometimes, don't you think? I forced him to do it." She smirked. "It was that, or one with a bunny that was white and fluffy." Hakkai nodded his head towards her. She was a quick thinker. She looked at Mia. "You, come with me." She pointed towards her room after shoving a stiff Sanzo into his room with the riled up Goku. "Hakkai, you deal with the player!" She hissed glaring towards him.

          He snickered. "It got him laid, didn't it?" He cooed. She screamed and slammed her bedroom door shut.


          She looked towards Mia. She eyed Kasadey, and Kasadey eyed her back. "I told you two not to do anything." She narrowed her eyes. "…and in my apartment of all places!" She hissed in hushed voice.

          Mia shook her head. "I wanted to…" she sighed, a smile crossing her face. "Goku wants to wait longer though." She blushed and drew her knees to her chest. "I really love him Kasadey."

          She stared at Mia her eyes wide. She sighed, shaking her head she sat next to her. "You mean it, nothing at all?" Kasadey mumbled.

          Mia blushed. "Well, I mean…yes, but…I mean—"

          "Never mind, I don't want to know, as long as you didn't sleep with him…" She sighed running her fingers through her hair.

          Mia smirked. "So…?" She trailed off. Kasadey blinked. "Well, did you guys…do anything? I mean you did walk out in his shirt, and he…" She smirked.

          Kasadey's cheeks flushed and she shook her head violently. "Like I would tell you about my private life!" she hissed. "You're still a kid! Ask me that when you're married, and maybe I'll answer!" She growled.

          She twirled in circles. "Do you think I could marry him? I mean, I know he'd like a demon or something, but still. I really want to." She cooed holding her hands to her chest.

          Kasadey bowed her head. "Mia…" she shook her head. "Even if you were old enough, you can't."

          Mia looked at Kasadey with narrowed eyes. "You're just saying that because I'm a kid!" She screamed. "Don't try and point me down the right path, you're not my mother—" Kasadey slapped her. Mia shuddered and held her hand to her reddened cheek.

          "You're mother would do a hell of a lot more than a slap on the cheek for that one." She muttered. "Don't think about it Mia, you'll only get hurt. They're leaving in two days as it is." She hissed.

          Mia straightened. "I'm going too." She ran out of the room and into the bathroom slamming the door behind her.


          Sanzo tugged off his shirt and pulled on a t-shirt, and his old jeans. He looked at Goku, his right eyebrow arched. Goku eyed him back with a blank face, his lips curled downwards. "Don't look at me like that. You slept with Kasadey…" Goku spat.

          Sanzo tensed. "I did not." He snarled back.

          Goku snickered. "You did something; we could hear the moaning…" He muttered and rolled his eyes. "We didn't do anything." He pulled his clothes back on and left Sanzo with his thoughts.

          Sanzo turned back and looked towards Goku. What was that reaction? Why the hell did the monkey act so damned serious. Kasadey slowly walked sighed when she saw that Sanzo was only in the room. He was looking out the bedroom window as the snow covered world below them. She snuck up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her frame against his back.

          He tensed before relaxing. "Morning…" He mumbled.

          Kasadey smiled. "I see Goku was happy to be lectured by you too." She ran her fingers over his chest. His eyes slid shut and he nodded.

          "They heard us…" His face was flushed as Kasadey spun him around.

          She bowed her head and leaned against him. "I see," She bit at the fabric on his shirt and he tugged her away. She bowed her head. "Mia knows you're all leaving."

          He nodded his head. "Goku…I never saw him so serious before." He swallowed as leaned against the window. "You want to get in the shower first, or should I?"

          She shook her head. "The hot water's out. It'll be freezing." She sighed hugging him close. "Then again, we could get in together." He smirked shaking his head. "You're no fun."

          He shrugged his shoulders. "When the hot water comes back, then maybe I'll agree to it." She nodded her head. "Let's get ready and go." He mumbled and walked away from her.

          She smiled and nodded her head. "There are showers in gym at drop down, so hopefully they've got hot water. We can use those showers." His completion paled as she left the room first.


So…what do you think? What's going to happen in chapter 9? RR! Also, we're winding down to the final chapters too! Will Sanzo and Kasadey be able to see each other again? Or is it their destiny to be torn apart?