Title: The Scandal

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

Author Notes:

This will be my first Digimon fic so I'm not sure how this'll end up. Be patient with my updating. I have other fics that also deserve attention so I may not pay much concentration on this, depending on my mood and perhaps depending on the reviews. Also, this is an AU (alternative universe.) If you are unclear what that means, it means that this story will not have anything to do with the Digimon storyline. This will deal with characters from season 1-4. The couple(s) will be evident as the story progresses. I will however accept ideas on some pairings although I may not use it. Again, it depends on how I feel about the certain couple or the character.


I don't like Mimi. I'm sure you can guess what I'm trying to imply here. If not… I suggest you keep an eye open. You may not like how I deal with things I don't like.

Flames will be used for a bonfire; however I will reply back full force. If you're up to it, feel free.


To magic girl nine, who kindly asked me to write a Digimon story because the section needed "more crazy but exciting writers". Here you go, girl. Wish me luck on this.


It may not always be that way,

You can't take nothing for granted,

You got to live life today!

I turn around, I can see what's behind me.

I turn back around, I can see what's ahead.

I turn around, I can see what's behind me,

I turn back around and I can see what's ahead...

The cheers coming from the audience grew louder as the song died. The green and yellow lights showering the blond rock star faded as the concert grew dark. Once the performance was over, Yamato headed off stage to put his electric guitar down.

"Ya-Ma-To! Ya-Ma-To!" a few female fans rooted, making the rest join in.

Answering his fans' call, Yamato headed back out onto the stage again. He smirked when a few girls screamed and signs of "Marry me Yamato!" and "I Love You Yamato!" were lifted up for him to see. He waved, gave a flying kiss to a group of girls, and headed back off stage, leaving the screeching fans begging for more.

"Good job," Koushiro, one of the backstage crewmembers, commented when they passed by. He grinned but said nothing.

"Here you go, Yamato!" a female voice filled his ears. When he turned around Jun was in back of him, handing over a bottle of water and a towel in the other.

He uttered a, "Thanks," took a huge gulp of the clear liquid, and wiped the small beads of sweat rolling down his eyebrows with the towel. "Wow, I needed that," he breathed, giving a wink to the red haired girl before walking off.

Once he was out of sight, the starry eyed Jun let out a, "WHOOPEE! I rescued Yamato from dieing of thirst!" And as if this was the best thing that had ever happened to her in her life, she skipped away while whistling a merry tune.

Yamato let out a small sigh when he reached his private dressing room. He would have to change quickly for the news reporters and for the photographers. Opening and closing the wooden door, he leaned his whole back on it and let out a groan of exasperation while closing his eyes.

"Your fans love you," a chuckle was heard nearby.

Yamato ran a hand through his hair but kept his eyes closed. He smiled slightly before turning towards where he heard the very familiar voice.

"I know; no one needs to tell me." He smiled, walking towards the couch where the person was seated. "What are you doing here anyways, Takeru? I thought you had to go to a meeting about your new book?"

His younger brother waved his hand slightly to show there was nothing to be worried about. "Nah, I canceled it. I don't think my book's good enough for it to be published yet. I need a much better storyline. I re-read it over and I felt, what the heck is this?"

He chortled again when he heard Yamato laugh lightly. "But I thought you enjoyed writing adventure stories?" Yamato inquired as he went to get a can of soda in a mini refrigerator.

"I do, don't get me wrong. But I think it's time I take a break from it, you know? …Which brings me to another thing…"

Before Takeru continued, he waited for his older brother to join him on the couch with two cans of soda for the both of them. When he knew he caught his brother's attention he began. "You see, Yamato," he licked his lips uneasily. "I was thinking maybe I could write a story about you. I mean, since so many people love you I'm sure they'd be willing to read about you."

Yamato raised his eyebrow slightly at his younger kin. "Why? They read me on the newspapers and in the magazines all the time. What's new about that?"

"Well," Takeru tried to explain, putting his can of soda down. "I was thinking maybe a story about your love life. You know, how you found the girl of your dreams."

Silence filled the air. Two brothers faced each other; one giving the other an odd look while the other shrugged and smiled slightly.

"What? No way!" Yamato finally blurted out, getting up from his seat.

"Oh c'mon! It'd be hit, Yamato!" Takaru insisted, getting up as well. Unfortunately for him, his older brother was still the tallest.

Yamato stared at his sibling again with a skeptic look on his face. He then turned away, trying to hold in the laughter that itched on his jaw line. Running his hand through his hair again, he paced the room. "That's bizarre Takaru. I mean it. Cause one, I don't even have a girl of my dreams. In fact, I don't have anyone I'm interested in!"

"Well… the media sure don't agree with that. Look here! They keep publicizing you with that pop star, Mimi Tachikawa." Takaru countered, lifting up a newspaper. The heading said, A Starry Romance!, and a picture of Mimi and Yamato were seen together on stage singing a duet.

Yamato's eyes hardened when he saw the gossip column. Ferociously, he yanked the paper out of his brother's hand and examined it again for himself. He read it to himself as Takaru leaned over his shoulder.

A romance may be blossoming for the two hottest singers! Mimi Tachikawa and Yamato Ishida had once done a duet with each other for a concert in Tokyo and "…ever since, our bond grew strong!" Miss Tachikawa claims to the reporters when they interviewed her at her concert last Sunday. Who would have thought that love would bloom here?

"But it's so evident! They truly like each other! Just look at them! The way they stand together! And when they sang together on stage! They just look so cute!" a fan exclaimed. She even has a website dedicated to the two and she calls the couple, Mimato, a name using Mimi and Yamato, (Mi-mato). However, there is no known fact that the two are dating, much less Yamato liking Mimi in that fashion. But others provide an explanation.

"Yamato is such a hunky guy! Everyone loves him! But since he loves Mimi so much he doesn't want any angry mobs of Yamato fans to hurt Mimi out of jealousy so he doesn't let it on that they hitched. I swear, Yamato and Mimi ARE going out! Yamato HAS to like Mimi! She's so pretty! How can he not?"

And even Mimi acknowledges it. She said to Pop Star News,

"When I sang with Yamato I knew I fell in love! Yamato is so gorgeous! I thought he was going to kiss me live in front of the audience when we sang that love song, 'My heart is yours.' Because definitely, my heart is his!"

Hopefully, more news about the two will be heard. Fans are going hysterical with this idea!

"How sickening is that! How the heck can they say I like Mimi? The only reason we sang together for one song was because we have the same record producer! That doesn't mean I like her!"

Full of rage, Yamato threw the paper to the nearest wastebasket. He stormed to his dresser to change out of his clothes while muttering curses to himself.

Takaru laughed, heading over to pat his brother on the back. "Don't worry Yamato, they'll have to lay off someday. I mean… it's only been going on for-"

"Two weeks! Ever since that stupid duet we had! And she sang off key too! Agh, can't they just see I only like her as a friend? Heck, I don't even like her as a friend actually, I hardly know her! But in my opinion she's so freaking prissy! She isn't my type! And I'd just wish that someone would just tell the darn truth about how I feel!"

With a huff, Yamato took his new set of clothes and went into the bathroom to change. He made sure Takaru knew how angry he was by loudly slamming the door shut. It made Takaru cringe at the bang.

Letting out a sigh, he went to pick up the newspaper that Yamato had thoughtlessly thrown away and gave another observation on the picture. He had to chuckle to himself. Yamato and Mimi weren't even close to each other when they sang. Both of them were on either side of the stage.

"Funny how weird people get just so they can pair two good looking people together…" he mused. He turned the paper over and took a seat on the couch to read to himself. He still wanted to talk more about his idea on Yamato's love life, even though his brother didn't have one yet.

Whistling slightly to himself as he skimmed the paper, his eyes landed on a certain article. It was a new category called, "Reality Check"

Hmm… he thought, reading the article. It had been about how some singers didn't have a very good voice so they had machines alter theirs to make it better. And in the article it listed two singers who did this. At the bottom of the small column, it gave the name of editor and the company's phone number.

Yamato… I think I may just have the answer to your problem…

"Here you go."

Sora looked up from her typewriter to see Hikari with a few photos of malnutrition dogs in her hands.

"I just got these developed. I bet it'll be great for the next article." Hikari smiled as Sora took the pictures from her. She leaned on the desk as she watched the auburn haired reporter scan through them. "What do you think?"

"I think they're fantastic! Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This'll prove that some pet companies aren't what they seem. It's a good thing the police are investigating that horrible Animal Co."

"Mmhm, sure is!" Hikari agreed, still keeping her eyes on Sora, who was putting the pictures in a folder. The older woman gave a warm smile to her younger colleague before going back to her typing.

But Hikari remained where she was, a wide smile planted on her face. "By the way, Sora," she interrupted. "I just heard form Rika that you might be getting a new assignment for someone very special."

Sora looked up from her paper again and raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

"Yamato Ishida!" Hikari grinned, trying to prevent herself from squealing with delight. But she tilted her head to one side when she noticed Sora's perplexed expression.

"Uh… you mean that rock star singer…?" Sora inquired; her tone of voice was very unsure. She leaned back in her chair to think to herself when Hikari nodded frantically. "Um… and what exactly does he want us for again? He does know that we reveal truths right? Not some lifestyle of the rich and the famous."

"He wants us to write about how he feels about something. His brother said Yamato would explain what about when the reporter comes. But I think Rika is going to give you the job. Wouldn't that be so cool? You'd be able to meet Yamato Ishida!"

Sora shrugged and smiled lightly. "I really don't know what to say… I don't know much about Yamato Ishida except that he's in an affair with that Mimi Tachikawa girl."

"Well that's only a rumor. But oh well, I'm still happy for you if you get the job. You'd be one lucky person! Now I got to go. Talk to you later!"

"Uh yea, bye Hikari… thanks for the pictures!" Sora yelled after Hikari as she walked out of the room. Once Sora was alone again, she folded her hands and thought silently. Yamato Ishida? What could he possible want to reveal?

Closing Notes:

And there's the prologue. I agree it was short but I'll try to get it longer in the upcoming chapters. The song at the beginning is a © Akiyoshi Hango and Toei Animation, I'm unclear who exactly made up that song for Yamato to sing in season 2 so either one most likely wrote it.

Disclaimer: This will apply to all future chapters as well. Digimon is © to Bandai, Akiyoshi Hango, and Toei Animation.