Title: The Scandal

Author Notes:

I am really, REALLY sorry for the lateness here, everyone. To tell the truth, I began this chapter in June of 2004 during summer break and I finished it in August of 2004. Why didn't I post it then? Because I hated what I ended up with and I wanted to fix it. But then I never got the chance or even the motivation to work on this until today, after reading some very beautiful Sorato fanfics. I didn't really change much though… most of what's here is still from months ago.

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Part Two

Sora glared into mesmerizing azure eyes, which stared right back; the young owner's face reflecting the same look of shock. She had instantly slammed on her brake pedal when she saw a tall form leap into her car unexpectedly.

"You!" she screamed furiously. "Get out!"

"I-I…" the stranger could only stutter, seemingly glued to her leather seat.

The feeling of fright was already gone by then and Sora's temper took complete control. At first she thought the man was up to no good, but when she noticed his equally startled expression, she viewed differently.

"Get out!" she repeated agitatedly, feeling for her pocketbook in the backseat. Once she got a hold of it she was ready to beat him with the small purse when a flash of light blinded her eyes for a split second. The sounds of yelling and loud talking filled their ears when Yamato's fan club and the media were suddenly gathered on the right side of Sora's convertible.

"Mr. Ishida, do you always make this sort of grand exit?"

"Who is this woman, Yamato?"

"What's her name?"

"Yamato, what of Miss. Mimi Tachikawa?"

And more questions were thrown at them as microphones appeared in front of the rock star's face and pictures were taken of a surprised Sora and an embarrass Yamato.

So this is Yamato Ishida… Sora silently thought as she eyed him carefully.

"Miss, are you in a secret affair with Mr. Ishida?" a reported asked, bringing half of the attention to her.

"What the hell? I'm in no affair with anyone!" Sora shrieked, ready to pounce on the reporter who asked the brainless question. But Yamato suddenly grabbed her arm and looked at her earnestly.

"Please, I'd really appreciate it if you took me away from here. At least a block or two?" he begged.

She raised her eyebrow at him before looking at the crowd. She couldn't help but sigh. And just moments ago she was determined nothing would ruin her peaceful night…

"Sit tight," she ordered, making sure no one was in her way before slamming on her pedal and driving off. The sound of moans and the calling of Yamato's name were beginning to die down as Sora turned the corner.

Yamato looked behind, hoping no one had crazily followed them. Seeing that no one did, he smiled broadly and leaned back comfortably in the unfamiliar car.

"God, thank you so much. You're an angel!" Yamato sighed with relief. He turned his head to look at the stranger, but raised an eyebrow when he noticed her pout. He smirked.

I guess I wouldn't be happy too if someone suddenly jumped in my car... But he couldn't help but feel a little confused. He was after all Yamato Ishida: the hot singing sensation of all Japan. Wouldn't a girl kill to be in this situation?

Hm… he thought to himself. He hadn't taken notice earlier but the young woman was quite attractive. Her eyes were a particular shade of cinnamon, and her hair was a much lighter auburn color than Koushiro. He chuckled. How the hell did I mistaken her for Koushiro? Koushiro doesn't look half as good as this girl!

It seemed he chuckled loud enough for Sora to hear and she turned her head to glare at him. She felt like asking, "What the hell's so funny?" but she restrained herself from doing so. Instead, she pulled her car next to a sidewalk in front of a café.

"Now. Out." She used the same harsh tone as before when she first told him to leave.

"What! You're going to leave me here?" he asked, looking around. Sure she was dropping him off in the middle of town but still! Couldn't she have brought him to his house? It sure would have made his life easier.

"Yes, what else did you expect me to do? Drive you home?"

Uh. Yeahhh… he mentally answered.

"You are after all a perfect stranger to me. So get out of my car now." She emphasized on the last word, her ruby orbs still burning dangerously. She may have been an attractive woman but if looks could kill…

"But why couldn't you drive me home?" Yamato inquired, not moving from his spot. He knew he was pushing it, but still… For some reason he felt he wanted to buy some more time. Could it be so he couldhave more timeto stay with her? He wasn't sure.

How unbelievable! Sora fumed. "No! Now get out before I call the police," she threatened, showing she had her cell phone ready.

Yamato only smirked at this. "You wouldn't. I'm Yamato Ishida. You wouldn't call the police on me." He felt like literally punching himself just then. He sounded so… egotistical.

"I don't care who you are! You can be the Queen of Sheba for all I care, you arrogant ass!"

"I'm not arrogant!" What the hell? Yeah I am! Yamato, you stupid fool! What the hell are you doing? Yamato scolded himself. "Most girls would love to be in your position right now you know." He continued, stating in a deep whisper as he moved in closer towards the redhead.

"Don't you come near me!" Sora hissed, moving away until her back pressed on her car door.

However he didn't listen. He leaned into her until their faces were just half a foot away, not exactly a comfortable closeness for strangers to be in. But instead of doing something he knew he would regret, he chuckled playfully, pulled away and got out of the car.

"I was only joking, Miss." He smiled. "Thanks for the lift." He began to walk off while giving a half wave when he realized something. He turned to face the girl again and asked, "Wait, what's your-"

Although when he turned around the red Corvette had pulled out and was already speeding off, the pretty driver along with it.

"…name...," he finished to himself.

Hikari looked up from her desk when she saw Sora entering the office. She looked up at the clock to see 9:45 and frowned. "Sora," she called for her friend. The auburn head turned to her before smiling and walking over to the desk.

"Hey Hikari, what's up?" she greeted.

"Nothing. But what's wrong with you? You never come this late to work before. You usually get here before I do in the morning."

Sora brushed it off with a laugh. "Oh, I'm fine. Just got late coming home last night." she explained.

Hikari gave her the skeptical look before shrugging it off and grinning again. "Okay. Anyways, guess what? Rika wants to see you in her office now. She told me to tell you when you come in." Her brown eyes were twinkling with excitement that made Sora look at her questioningly.

"Um… alright. I'll talk to you later then."

Walking towards her desk, Sora put down her thermos filled with coffee, her stack of folders, and her purse on her chair before heading out towards Rika's office. The door was already open and she could see Rika on the phone, her back turned towards the window as she peered out.

"Alright mom, I know. Yes. I know. Alright, I get it. Yes!"

Sora laughed lightly. Everyone knew about Rika's odd relationship with her mother. She always felt it was half Rika's fault causing the fights though. Her boss always had such a short fuse. She'd get cranky if things didn't go her way.

She waited at the door until Rika noticed her, trying not to listen to the conversation.

"Yes! I get it. I'll come by to pick it up after. I know, I won't be late!" Rika's free hand was clenching as she turned around to see Sora standing at the door. Her pretty face lightened up a little though as she listened to her mother on the other line. "Ok. Ok mother. Bye." And she hung up.

"Sora, you're finally here. Where were you this morning?" She asked folding her hands questioningly.

"I'm sorry I was late. My night didn't go so well…" Sora tried to explain without giving too much detail. Flashbacks of last night filled her head. It gave her the shivers remembering those sapphire orbs staring engagingly at her. God, stop thinking about it!

"Hm… I see," Rika eyed her warily. "Well Takenouchi I have an assignment for you," she announced, getting a cream colored folder from her desk and handing it to her. "Surprisingly Mr. Yamato Ishida requested an article onhim. I want you to interview the client today. All info is in here. I plan to get this article out by tomorrow, so don't delay."

Sora stood there dumbfounded. Hikari was right. Rika was giving her the assignment for Yamato Ishida. Ack, you mean I have to interview that jackass?

"Er, Rika, would it be okay if I turned down this project? I don't think I'd-"

"Nonsense. Of course it would not be alright." Rika replied sternly before Sora could finish. "Everyone else is busy. Just because of what the paper says, it should not discourage you Takenouchi."

Sora looked up puzzled. "Paper?"

"Don't tell you me you did not see it in the papers." Rika said, looking at her as if she had two heads.

"Read what in the papers?" Sora queried, approaching her anxiously.

Sighing in disbelief, the amethyst-eyed leader of the newspaper column held up the Tokyo Lines Newspaper "This." she answered, handing it over.

What Sora saw almost gave her a heart attack. On the front page at the very top, there was a large picture of her and Yamato Ishida in her car. And the title that went along with it was Yamato Ishida in an Affair? Watch out Tachikawa!

"Oh my god," Sora gasped before fainting.

"I can't believe those stupid reporters," Yamato scowled as he looked at the same article.

"Yeah, I almost feel sorry for the girl. I bet a lot of your fangirls are ready to bash her silly," Takeru sighed. "Nice going Yamato."

His older brother glared at him, throwing a pillow at the back of his head. "Hey! I made a careless mistake alright! I mean if you were there with me you would have thought she was Koushiro too. They had the same exact car!"

Takeru picked up the pillow that belonged to Yamato's expensive couch and threw it back at him before walking towards the kitchen counter. "Hey, what ever happened to Koushiro anyway?"

"Ah, I called him after that girl dropped me off and he came and got me."

He received a chuckle from his younger brother as he read the article about him and the 'mysterious beauty'.

"Damn, I'd hate to be around Mimi Tachikawa when she reads this. It won't be a pretty sight I bet." Takeru commented while he poured himself some cereal.

"Yeah, I know. I could care less how she'll react though. It's not like that whole crap where we're an item is true anyways."

The oldest of the siblings examined the picture for the twentieth time that morning. "… I gotta admit though, this girl and I would make some good looking babies." Yamato joked, inconspicuous of how he was constantly looking at Sora in the dull picture. She had such an appealing surprised expression on her face… he couldn't help but think she looked rather…well, hot.

"What's this? Is Yamato getting turned on over a picture?" Takeru teased when he saw Yamato's eyes glued on a particular figure in the image.

"Takeru..." Yamato warned, this time tempted to throw his slippers at his younger brother. But he still smiled to himself. For some reason the thought of him with this mysterious girl was an alluring idea to him.

I still wish I caught her name…

Closing Notes:

This is much shorter than my other two chapters… well, I guess we'll have to deal with it for now.

Mimi will be mentioned next chapter (evil grins). And Sora and Yamato will meet again. AND, if there's more room I'll see if I can add some Hikari x ?.