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The Perfect Family

Chapter 1

Brutal Beatings




Harry Potter sat at his windowsill, staring at the starry night sky. Harry loved the stars, they made him feel so comfortable, so innocent and free. He looked at his favourite of all the stars, Sirius. He immediately thought about his godfather. He wished he could see Sirius right now, it was so boring without him. Actually, he wanted to see anyone at that moment, even Snape or Trelawney. He'd rather spend the summer with them than the Dursleys.

So far his summer had sucked. No, it didn't just only suck but it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. He thought that his summer couldn't get any worse. It was already a living hell. It couldn't get worse could it?

Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley had been laid off by his company. He would spend all the time that he would have been at work drinking at the local bar and come home a horrible drunk. All his anger had been put on Harry. Harry was blamed for everything, every little thing. Dudley's mad marks, Petunia's flowers dying even Vernon's drinking problem. Beating were becoming regular to him, he was beaten at least three times a day.

Harry walked over to the mirror he looked horrible. Scars, cuts and bruises marred his pale skin, almost every inch of his body covered. Blood was soaking through his shirt which was already dried with old blood from past beatings. The skin that wasn't covered with cuts and bruises was pale, almost like paper. He hadn't seen any sunlight since he had gotten home from Hogwarts.

Ribs stood out from under his large shirt, almost like a bird's cage. The skin on his face was so stretched that if he didn't have large green eyes shining out of his sockets he would have been a corpse. He hadn't eaten anything since Hogwarts but a few glassed of water and some bread. Harry knew that he wouldn't make it to his next year at Hogwarts, he would probably die first.


Harry was shaken out of his thoughts by his uncles voice. He limped down stairs as fast as possible. He really didn't' want to know what would happen if he didn't. A beating probably. His uncle pulled him into the kitchen as he reached the door. He painfully threw him into the stove.

"Cook Dudley's cookies and don't burn anything!" snarled Petunia

Harry slowly opened a pack of cookies and began to cook them on the stove. He soon fell into one of his usual day dreams.

He was flying through the air on his broomstick. The rest of the Quidditch team was flying below him. He spotted the Snitch nearby and plunged foreword, catching the Snitch. He held it up for everyone to see. The crowd of people cheered loudly, Ron and Hermione in the front row. He had just wont the Quidditch world cup.

"You're burning the food!" yelled a voice

Harry snapped into focus and looked down at the cookies he had been cooking before. They were black! Harry turned to the Dursleys, a frightened look on his badly battered face. They looked murderous.


He was cut off by a sharp blow to his face. His uncle glared down at him.

"You great git! How dare you ruin our food!"

Harry received five painful blows to the chest. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to receive the pain. It didn't work at all.

"You worthless!" yelled Vernon "A useless piece of shit!"

Harry felt two blows to his face, one breaking his cheekbone.

"Can I help Dad?" asked Dudley

"Of course Dudders"

Dudley left the room, returning seconds later with his Smelting's stick. Harry's eyes widened. Not another weapon! Hadn't they used enough on his already!?

"Good enough Dad?"


Dudley began to beat Harry with the stick. Harry cried out in pain. He could feel his ribs breaking. It hurt so bad! After about five minutes of sheer torture Dudley handed the stick to his father. Harry could see his own blood leaking off the stick. There was so much!

Vernon took the stick from Dudley and like Dudley did, he began to beat Harry with it…only five time harder. Harry both felt and heard his arms snap. It felt like hot iron being pressed onto his skin.

Vernon stopped and pulled Harry up. He dragged him to the stove. Harry wondered what he was going to do.

"You burn our food…we can burn you"

Vernon picked Harry up and laid him down on the stove. It burned so bad. Vernon put the temperature on high. Harry could feel the stove burning into his back. The three Dursleys laughed as Harry began to cry. He was in pain and the Dursleys didn't even care.

"Stop it!" Harry cried "Please stop it!"

Harry tried to get away from the element, falling off the stove in the process. He tried to get up but his legs wouldn't hold him. Instead he dragged himself to them on the floor, trying not to scream out from the pain.

He looked up at the Dursleys, tears falling from his eyes.

"Please stop! I can't take it anymore, it's too much" he whispered

"You ruined my food!" yelled Dudley


He desperately gasped for air.

"Let me be, I'm dying"

"That's the point" yelled Petunia "Slow suffering death!"

She kicked Harry in the side. Harry screamed.

"Please have a heart…"

Dudley grabbed Harry's matted hair and smashed his heads on the floor. Harry's world began to spin, colours mixing together.

"Monsters!" Harry managed to gasp before passing out on the kitchen floor.

Vernon roughly grabbed Harry by the shirt collar and stomped up the stairs, to Harry's room. He threw Harry to the floor leaving him to bleed.




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