Author's note:

This is a teaser for one of my fics. I'm currently working on I think 5 but I'm lazy and haven't typed up the first chapters yet. (I write on paper then transfer to computer word processing documents) Also, I'm going to be in Yosemite with my science teacher on Sunday to Friday because It's our spring break and all. And no, not like that. There are 9 people going besides myself so hah! And it's a scientific study trip thing too. Lol x.x. but er I'm going to stop boring you with the boring information about myself, and write the disclaimer then the teaser. Yay! Haha. Wellll er uh er uh errr yea.

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-gi-oh, as much as I'd like to, but I prefer to sit at home and read the manga and watch it on my T.V. at home, while making Kazuki Takahashi, Kid's WB, 4Kids Productions, and various other companies very rich and happy. In short, Yu-gi-oh belongs to them, not to me, ::cries:: so HAH you can't sue me!! ::sticks out tongue:: NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!!! O and btw, I'm not going to write the same disclaimer for every single chapter In this story, so just pretend I did! .

Finally! On to the teaser!

Oh yea and warning: There will be *cough* slight *cough* Seto bashing, so if you love Seto don't read this and leave me here all by my lonesome watching nobody review because I'm not loved T-T

Ok I'm not joking this time I'm actually going to tell you what this fic is about!

Seto's platinum credit card has been stolen! The search for his missing credit card ensues as he spies on each and every Yu-gi-oh cast member, trying to blame them for the loss of his card. He even 'discredits' (XD sorry bad joke) his own BROTHER (like the crack-head he is). Mokuba tries to defend himself, stating he has no use for Seto's card because (of course) they're related, and Seto buys him anything he wants anyways. (I wish my brother had a huge fortune and spent all his money on me…)

But Seto, (being as stubborn and dogmatic as he usually is) performs crazy stunts and wild escapades to search for his stolen credit card, not caring who he annihilates on the way. But after time passes, and spurious choices are made, will he discover where it is? You'll see.

Although one thing I'm completely stumped about; why doesn't he just call Mastercard to report it as stolen, and get a new one? (Because he's a moron! That's why!) O.o;; that wasn't me. . .


So if this sounds interesting to you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read it (once I actually put it up x.x) ::looks at readers with puppy dog eyes:: With a cherry on top?

O yes I'm going to put a mastercard commercial up for the next chapter so just hang in there; It's short so I put it up before I actually put the fic up. I got this idea from DarkShadowFlame and Dragon's 1 Girl but I'm only going to do one because it came to me while I was thinking about credit cards and uh yeah you guys can go now but if you want to review I'd love you forever and and well isn't that enough? ^_^;; hehe byby