Don't know what you got…

Summary: A/U Spike's your average hot single guy. Lots of money, gorgeous apartment, and a different girl on his arm every night. Life can't get any better, so naturally his life is about to be turned upside down.

 A/N: Ok, I'm seriously depressing myself with if I could only hear which is why it's going slowly – don't worry though I'm not abandoning it. I'm just doing this to cheer myself up. I don't expect it to be very long but the idea wouldn't leave me alone until I got it down. Hopefully you'll enjoy.

Chapter 1: The beginning of change

William 'Spike' Giles was laughing as he let himself into his penthouse apartment; his arm slung over the shoulder of a charming brunette whose name he might get around to asking if she bothered to stay the night. It didn't really bother him if he never knew though, it wouldn't be the first time he'd sleep with someone without knowing their name. In a way it made it easier to dump them come morning is it was required, most of them knew the score though. It was just for the one night, no strings, and no commitments. Just the fun of getting laid!" Names made it seem more than it really was.

He wasn't surprised to see the light flashing on his answering machine as he let his new bedroom friend into the living room to get a drink form his liquor cabinet. He was rarely ever home so most people spoke to the machine more than they did him. Spike loved his life. After selling his first screenplay The Scourge of Europe, he had become the IT boy of Hollywood whenever the studio wanted a horror film. He was constantly commended about his ability to combine humour and drama in a single act; his razor sharp, witty dialogue was becoming a pop culture phenomenon. Only last week he had received a royalty check from a guy who'd written an analysis of the language he had unintentionally created. He was even currently in talks with some guy who wanted to use his concept of a girl who fights demons to make a television series. He couldn't see it working himself, but if he was going to get paid who was he to complain?

"Help your self to a drink luv." He told the girl, finally letting his arm slip from around her shoulders. "Just gonna check my messages." The nameless girl headed off in the direction he pointed and Spike made his way over to the machine lying next to his phone. The flashing number told him he had four messages, a few more than he expected. Not worrying about his company hearing, he pressed the rewind button and waited for the messages to play back. It wasn't like she was going to hear anything important.

'Hey Spikey!' the first message began and Spike rolled his eyes as he heard Harmony's voice. Was that silly bint ever going to forget his number? 'Just wanted to let you know I'll be in town this weekend and I thought we could…well you know maybe get together for some…fun…Well let me know, you got my number!' Spike perked up a little as the message ended. He didn't really like the twit but she was alright for scratching an itch. Maybe he'd give her a call if he couldn't find anyone better before the weekend!

'Spike, it's OZ.' came the voice of Spike's agent. 'You got a meeting with that Whedon guy Thursday at ten in the office.' And then the message ended. Spike shook his head. Oz was a man of few words and he had a feeling he wouldn't have said anything extra if he'd actually been home to answer the phone himself.

'Spike, we still on for lunch tomorrow?' asked the voice of Xander, Spike's best friend. 'Gimme a call!' Spike mentally noted to do just that when he woke up in the morning. Xander would be asleep already – the poor guy never got lucky!

'William.' The final message began and Spike was instantly alert, only his parents called him that anymore, not that they ever called him! His father's usually calm and cultured voice sounded strained and near breaking point, causing a sick feeling to settle in the pit of his stomach. 'It's your brother Liam…there's been an accident.'…

A/N: And there's the first chapter, I know it's short but aren't my introductions always tiny? Please let me know if you're interested in reading more and I'll continue. Can you actually believe I have a whole plan already? What the hell is wrong with me? Love you all!!!