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Chapter 9: Prior appointment

Spike was grinning from ear to ear as he entered Starbucks and took his seat opposite Xander and Anya. It wasn't a particularly rare occurrence these days so usually no one paid particular attention to his good mood. It had been nearly six months since Jenny had come to live with him now, and things were going better than he could ever have expected. If asked he never would have admitted it, but he was quite enjoying having his own little dysfunctional family. A year ago he would have balked at the thought of sharing his space with anyone, but now he had gotten used to the fact that Jenny and Buffy were always going to be there, he had come to rely on the stability they provided.

Having Jenny around forced him to think about others beyond himself, something he had be loathe to do before, and with Buffy around there was always someone he could talk to if something was bugging him. Yeah he'd always had Xander and his other friends…but there were just something's you don't talk about to guys – and it never hurt to have a woman's opinion when you were getting ready for a date. That was something else that had amazed him – apparently being a single parent made women find him irresistible…well he was before in his opinion, but as soon as he happened to mention that he was now raising his niece to a potential shag they would get this look on their face that just screamed 'aawww how cute!' And who was he to complain if they threw themselves at him?

Spike had never really had a woman as a friend before Buffy. He'd worked with them, and he'd slept with them, but this was the first time he would actually consider one a friend. And they were friends now. They would sit in the kitchen when Jenny had gone to bed and spend hours just talking about the kind of crap he couldn't tell Xander. Like while he was working on his latest script, he anted to discuss his ideas, get a second opinion. He wanted to tell someone how excited he was about his brilliant new ideas. Sure Xander would have smiled and nodded in all the right places, but Buffy would listen, tell him her opinion and make the occasional suggestion. He didn't know how he had coped without her before – even Oz had commented that his rough drafts needed less work these days.

"Somebody had lots of orgasms last night!" Anya announced happily the moment Spike took his seat. Spike's grin froze before falling away into a puzzled frown. No matter how many conversations he had with this girl he didn't think he would ever begin to understand her logic.

"Huh?" He asked, eventually deciding to let her explain rather than try and figure it out.

"You're smiling in the same goofy way Xander does after lots of orgasms." She informed him as Xander dropped his head into his hands, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

"I don't need to have had sex to smile Anya." Spike explained in a tired voice.

"But to be fair you usually have." Xander put in.

"I haven't bloody well had sex!" Spike yelled perhaps a little too loudly judging by the sounds of cups and spoons dropping amidst an unusual lack of talking in the busy coffee house. Great!

Xander could barely contain his laughter at his friend's expense, but fortunately for his health he managed to limit himself to a highly amused grin. "So…" he began as the conversations around them began again. "Why are you grinning like an idiot?"

"What?" Spike asked, mildly annoyed at their continued insistence. "I can't just be in a good mood?"

"Absolutely." Xander replied, realising somewhat belatedly that he wasn't going to get anything interesting out of him. "So are you up for hanging out tonight? I hear Faith's back in town again. I swear that girl only ever comes here because she knows you'll…what is it that you say? Scratch her itch?"

Spike rolled his eyes, but refrained from pointing out that Faith had stopped their little arrangement when she realised that sleeping with the writer didn't guarantee her a part in the movie. Last time they had met she had been screaming at him and threatening to kill him for using her…that bought something to mind about pots and kettles but he didn't give it much thought.

"Sorry Xand." He replied, though he obviously wasn't. "Already got plans."…

"Come on Buffy!" Dawn whined "You totally have a thing for him!"

"I do not!" Buffy protested, hoping that the heat she felt rising in her cheeks at the mere suggestion wasn't visible. She didn't like Spike that way. She really didn't. All she'd done was admit that yes he was hot and yes he was okay to be around sometimes. That did not mean she had a crush as her sister so vehemently insisted.

Willow just chuckled over her drink, watching the sisters argue good-naturedly. It wasn't very often that the three of them got together, but when they did it was rare that one of their lunch dates went off without a quarrel of some kind.

"Willow, you know them both." Dawn turned to the red head, hoping to find an ally. "Doesn't Buffy have a thing for him. She's always talking about him."

"Well I think…" Willow began, but was quickly cut off by Buffy.

"Leave her out of this." Buffy ordered. "For the last time I. DON'T. HAVE. A. THING. FOR. SPIKE!"

"I think the lady doth protest too much." Willow chirped happily before she and Dawn burst into giggles at the stricken look on the blonde's face. Buffy let out a resigned sigh.

"Look guys." She announced "Even if I did have a thing for Spike…which I'm not saying I do…it wouldn't matter."

"Why?" Dawn asked between gulps of breath as she calm down.

"I'm not his type." Buffy answered somewhat cryptically.

"And what is his type?" Dawn pushed. She had a feeling she knew exactly what her sister was going to say, and if she was right she was going to slap her silly.

"The gorgeous type." Yep – definite slaps for Buffy!

"Buffy!" Dawn and Willow groaned in unison.


"When are you going to realise that you are the gorgeous type?" Willow asked, shaking her head at Buffy's refusal to believe.

"How 'bout never?" Buffy sulked.

"Come on Buff, you're a total hottie." Dawn enthused. "You have the hair, the eyes the looks. You just hide behind the baggy clothes and glasses. Ooooh I know!" She squealed excitedly, much like the easily excitable twenty year old she claimed not to be anymore. "You have to come over tonight and we'll find you the perfect outfit from my wardrobe! Spike will never know what hit him!"

"I have plans tonight." Buffy replied, hoping that they would accept her excuse without digging any further. No such luck.

"What plans?" Willow enquired innocently, already having a decent idea judging from the rising blush in Buffy's face.

Buffy couldn't even look at them as she answered, knowing that they would read way too much into it. "Plans with Spike." She mumbled, half hoping they wouldn't hear. Their delighted shrieks let her know that this time, her prayers had not been answered…

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