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Minnie May (neé Hopkins) is now married to Ken Takizawa and lives with him in Chicago. They have an infant daughter named Maggie (after May). Minnie May continues to help out at the Gunsmith Cats store, often leaving Misty with babysitting duties. Now that Minnie May is a mother, Rally tries to avoid taking her along on bounty hunting jobs, so she has returned to a primarily solo act. Rally does bring Misty along on jobs from time to time, and Minnie May still helps out occasionally, usually working behind-the-scenes...

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Rally is in the back room, taking stock, when the door opens and closes. Without turning to face the person who just entered the room, Rally mutters: "So, Minnie May, you finally decided to help me do YOUR job for once?"

"Actually... I don't know exactly why I'm here," Bean responds.

Rally spun around to face him. "What the hell are you doing here?" She asked, surprised. "This is my store; you're not supposed to be here..." she trailed off, unable to make sense of the bizarre situation.

"Yeah, nice to see you too, babe," Bean calmly replied.

It was then that they both heard the click of the outside lock on the door. "Oh no," Rally thought, "I'm not stuck in here with him, am I?" She ran toward the door. "Minnie May! Let me out of here!" Rally screamed, pounding her fists against the door.

"Sorry, Rally, no can do!" May sang. "You have to stay in there, WITH Bean and resolve your differences," Minnie May explained, safely on the other side of the door. And although Rally couldn't see her, she knew all too well that Minnie May probably had a devilish grin plastered across her face.

"Resolve our differences?"

"That's what she said," Bean confirmed.

"You," Rally stated angrily, poking him hard in the chest, "stay out of this."

"Sorry, babe, but I kind of got the idea that I'm supposed to talk to you. Call me crazy, but it sounded like that's what she said," Bean explained with a sly grin.

"Exactly right. Bravo!" May congratulated him. "Now, here's how the game is played: you each have to say whatever you don't like about each other." Minnie May's grin widened. She turned to Misty and whispered: "Wait 'till she finds out about round two!" and tried to hide her giggles.

"Damn," Rally thought, "She knows I won't shoot the lock off the door if I can avoid it. I don't want to create unnecessary expenses. Shit, Margaret, you are a brat." Aloud, she responded to Minnie May: "Hmph. This is a crappy game, Minnie. But fine, I'll go first." She started to count off on her fingers, one by one, listing the things she didn't like about the infamous Bean Bandit. "He's a criminal; he helps other criminals escape; he participates in illegal acts..." she paused, drawing in a breath, "And he stole my car."

"I thought we sorted that out ages ago. And it's not like I hurt it. I just drive, you know that." He paused for a moment, then resumed his argument before Rally could interject. "For the right price, I'll drive anything from point A to point B, no problem. And, since I lost that bet to you, I ain't movin' any drugs." He paused again, staring at Rally silently for a moment, then continued: "In case you haven't noticed, you're certainly no saint yourself. You have a knack for makin' my jobs harder, but sometimes that makes things a little more interesting. You sure seem to like getting on my case about one thing or another. Or accusing me of things I didn't do. You really have it so set in your mind that I'm wrong, don't ya? Why don't you try an' look further into things; see the facts and reasons for them. You don't know me, babe, so don't get mad at me for breathin'."

Frustrated, and momentarily unable to think of a snappy retort, Rally turned her attention toward May. "Minnie May, what is the point of this?!"

"OK...our lovely contestants today have been locked in a storage room, unarmed, to resolve their differences. For those of you just tuning in to our show, we have just witnessed our guests state their dislikes for each other. Now we'll move on to round number two!" May paused, for dramatic effect. "Players, are you ready? Okay! Here's what you have to do: say nice things about each other. Anything nice; whatever you like about each other." Finally unable to contain herself any longer, Minnie May collapsed to the ground in a fit of giggles. Regaining her composure for a moment, she managed to add a little more fuel to the fire. "Oh, and Rally, when you're done in there; there're a few people that wanna talk to you," she spurted out in the middle of laughing.

"May?! You're dead!!!" Rally screamed, enraged; half mad at Minnie May, and half mad at herself for falling into this trap. "Damn," Rally thought to herself, "I should have known she was up to something... But wait a second – I'm fully armed; May knows that. Plus there's a gun in one of the desk drawers. And I highly doubt that Bean would be unarmed. If she thinks I won't shoot him just because we have a closed-circuit audience; she's got another thing coming. What the hell is she up to?"

"I'll go first this time," Bean announced, interrupting Rally's thoughts. He calmly rattled off his list: "She can shoot; she knows her guns, and her cars – great taste in 'em too. And I hear she's the best bounty hunter in all of Illinois." He paused, looking at Rally. "Should I go on?" he asked.

"Please..." Rally said, sarcastically, while gritting her teeth.

"She has impeccable aim; she's often seriously injured, but always manages to get out on top of things..." he trailed off, trying to think of more items to add to his list. "And her driving ain't half bad, either," he joked. "She's quite physically attractive..." he said, trailing on with his words, again. He looked Rally up and down, allowing his gaze to finally rest on Rally's chest.

Rally slapped him, hard, across the face. "Pig!"

Bean quickly grabbed her wrists. "Whoa, not so fast. At least let me catch up," he said with a wink.

"Argh!" Rally screamed, angrily. She furiously attempted to thrash at him but was unable to break his restraint over her.

"Rally... your turn..." May cheerfully sang from the hallway, to Rally's disappointment.

Rally finally stopped struggling, and Bean let go of her wrists.

"This should be interesting," he said with a smirk.

"He's a good driver. And he has great taste in cars," Rally reluctantly offered. She paused, turning her face back toward the door. "Do I really have to do this?"

A resounding "Yes!" was heard from the other side of the door.

"Um... he's nice to children..." Rally trailed off, running out of ideas. "Honestly I can't think of anything else off the top of my head," she admitted.

"Then keep thinkin'," Bean suggested.

"Y'know, sometimes you just piss me off more than anything else, Bean," Rally said coldly. She paused, regaining control over her fiery temper. "I have customers out there, in my store, waiting for me. I'd really like to get this over with."

"Why're you bein' so hostile?"

"For one thing, this is my store. The stock should've tipped you off - I'm a gunsmith, Bean. I really don't think that I have anything you'd be interested in."

"You're sure it isn't cuz you don't want him to know where we live?" May teased.

"You live in your store?" Bean asked, skeptically. "When'd that happen?"

"We live in a house--" Rally began.

"It's just behind the store. They're connected." May added, cutting Rally off in mid-sentence.

"Then I already know where ya live. I've been to yer place before..."

"I know," Rally said. She directed her attention back toward Minnie May. "Minnie May, if you're going to be so damned immature, then could you at least turn off the monitors?"

"No can do," May replied, "We must entertain our wonderful audience!"

"Are the cameras bothering you all that much?" Bean asked Rally, "Cuz I can take care of 'em pretty easily."

Rally looked up, somewhat surprised. "What?"

"I can take care of the cameras."

"Without breaking them?"



Bean searched around the room for a bit, then finally found what he wanted. He began to put tape over the camera lenses. Groans of disappointment were heard from the store.

"So you've taken care of the cameras. Big deal...we still have the intercom system working!" May pointed out.

"Not anymore," Bean said, pulling the intercom off the wall.

"You'd better pay for that," Rally told him.

"No prob."

"Well; now that we can actually have a private conversation," Rally said, motioning to one of the chairs.

They both sat down, on opposite sides of the desk.

"Why're you going along with this little scheme of May's?" Rally asked.

Bean smirked, "I'm curious."

"Curiosity killed the cat."

"But satisfaction brought him back." Bean put his feet up on the desk, seeming to relax.

Rally pulled out her CZ75 and aimed it at his head, "Get your feet off my desk!"

"You gonna to shoot me if I don't?" Bean asked.

Rally glared at him. "Look, if you're just gonna be an asshole—"

Bean cut her off, "Relax, babe." He put his feet back down. "Better?"

Rally withdrew her gun, tilting it up toward the ceiling so that she was no longer aiming at him. She removed her finger from the trigger as well, but was not yet ready to put it away.

Bean continued, "I knew yer friend must've been off 'bout that 'unarmed' business." He paused. "Anyway, doesn't the name of your store have something to do with cats?"

"It's called 'Gunsmith Cats,'" Rally conceded. "So," she continued, "You're trying to tell me that you're just sitting here, talking to me because you're curious? I find that hard to believe."

Bean grinned, "I figured this'd be entertaining."

Rally looked even angrier. "Don't try my patience, Bandit."

"Yer kinda cute when you're angry, babe," he said with a wink.

Rally rolled her eyes. "Gimme a break."

"So, Rally," Bean said, quickly changing the subject, "Let's sort out this stuff between us."

"What do you mean 'between us?' There's nothing. I don't really like you that much. You probably aggravate me more than anything else."

"Who're you trying to convince—me, or you?"

Rally blushed, embarrassed. "What? How can you say that?"

"Cuz I don't believe you. You hiding from somethin' or what?" He paused, taking on a more serious tone. "You're not bad to look at, y'know."

"Gee... thanks," Rally said sarcastically.

"Fine. Forget that. Still... we do have some similar interests."

"Like cars," Rally added.

"Right," he agreed.

"We've gone over this before, Bean. We're on different sides. I'm a bounty hunter; I take people in to the police. You help them get out of jail. So I can't really be on friendly terms with you."

"Don't make up yer mind so fast, girl. We've worked together before."

"I know. But unless you're planning to become a 'good guy' and work with the cops instead of against them..."

"I know it might not be easy, but it could be interesting. I'm willin' to sacrifice a few things for a while; I like a challenge."

Rally hesitated to respond. "I don't know. I can't help but have a bad feeling about this..."

"Hey, I stick to that bet, don't I?" Bean reminded her.

"Yeah, but that's just one thing--"

"One big thing."

"I'm not sure if I can trust you," Rally quietly admitted, looking down.

"I'm not all that bad, Rally. Haven't I saved yer ass enough times for you to realize that?"

"I'm sorry, Bean... but you've switched sides on me before."

"And it wasn't long ago that I asked you to be my partner. But I guess that doesn't count for anything, now does it?"

Rally looked up to meet his gaze. "Bean..." She paused, trying to find the right words to express what she wanted to say. "I told you then that I can't do that. I can't be your partner. Do I really need to tell you why, again?"

"No. I heard ya the first time." He leaned back in his chair. "Guess I was gettin' ahead of myself. You're pretty much a solo act now, right?"

"Yeah. I can take care of myself."

"If you say so." He searched in his jacket for a pack of cigarettes. "If you ever change yer mind, gimme a call, you hear?"

"Why, are you actually planning to come clean?"

"Would it make a difference?"

"I'm not sure... You've caused a lot of damage, so the police still want to bring you in. They're probably not willing to forgive you that easily."

"Screw them. I don't give a shit about what they think. And they sure as hell ain't gonna catch me." He took the pack of cigarettes out of his jacket and pulled out a cigarette. He closed the box and put it back inside his jacket. "Y'know, I'm not gonna become an instant boy scout just so we can be partners. I said I'd sacrifice a few things for a while. I ain't about to change my life overnight for anybody."

"Neither am I."

Bean didn't seem to care either way, "Fine. So nothing changes." He put the cigarette in his mouth and pulled a lighter out of his jacket.

"You can't smoke in here," Rally objected.

"Stop me," Bean challenged.

Rally aimed her CZ75 at his head again, glaring at him. Undaunted, he proceeded to light the cigarette and start smoking.

"You got a plan for getting out of here, or should I just rip the door out of the wall?" Bean asked.

"Don't you dare!"

"Have it your way..." Bean said, calmly.

"Damn it. We need to think of something, though. We've got to trick Minnie May into letting us out," Rally said.

"I take it you have no ideas?" Bean asked.

"Unfortunately," Rally admitted, finally putting her gun away.

"What do ya think she wanted to end up happening? We call a truce or somethin'?" Bean asked.

"She's more devious than that. Besides, she'd probably want something more permanent. That might rule out jobs, but maybe not..." Rally paused, thinking to herself for a moment. "She's been kind of weird since—" Rally gasped, "No, she wouldn't... but it would make perfect sense. Hm..."

"Mind fillin' me in?" Bean asked.

"I wish she had just talked to me about this first; but I guess she figured that I wouldn't go along with it."

"And you're gonna to start makin' sense when, exactly?"

"Oh," Rally said, finally cluing in, "I think it has something to do with her daughter, Maggie."

Bean raised an eyebrow, "She has a kid now?"

"Yeah. Maggie's still a baby. I guess Minnie May's worried about her. And, since you like kids..."

"She probably wants me to protect the kid," Bean finished.

"Exactly!" Rally confirmed with a smile. She was happy to have finally figured out why May had planned and carried out this devious scheme of hers.

"I don't mind, but I'm not about to do it all the time."

"Oh, I know that. I think she probably wanted back up; as strange as that might sound. But I didn't realize she was so concerned for her daughter's safety. I guess she didn't really want to talk to me about it because she knows I'm not exactly eager to work out any deals with you."

"And THIS was supposed to be a better idea?" Bean asked. He chuckled.

"I guess she thought that if we were more like friends, it'd be easier to ask you for a favour. But I'm not sure."

"So, tell me, is she always like this; or is this somethin' new?"

"In this case; I think she's just being paranoid because now she's a mom."

"Okay. But why worry about askin' me to protect her kid at all? I'm not about to stand by and let a kid get hurt if I see they're in danger. I've saved her a few times, even. Is she not too swift on the uptake or somethin'?"

"That's the part I'm not completely sure about."

Notes: Bean was hired by Gray as a getaway driver [Return of Gray: Big Game]. May gets grabbed by Gray and Rally tries to get her back; running into a few obstacles. Bean steals Rally's GT500 and helps Gray to escape. May is still dragged along for the getaway ride. Later: Gray drops a trailer and, thanks to Bean, Rally and May are able to escape alive. Rally says she owes Bean for this and Bean thanks her for the "loan" of her car.

Bean has previously complemented Rally on her shift work/ driving skills; and has asked her to be his partner [Misty's Run: Print... Out].

Bean was in Rally's house before the final fight with Goldie [Kidnapped: Suicide], including May's room. Misty and May both know this. (remember, May is teasing; she hasn't completely lost her marbles.)