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Escape –

Torment glared at the body of Bizarro who had ruin the trap. With a flick of her hands she lash her arm chains at him. The chains seem to lengthen as it wrap around his body. To the horror of everyone who are watching, the chain glowed with dark energy and tighten around his body breaking his skin. Pulling her chains back, Bizarro's body burst into blood and gore.

Kittybat was frozen in shock her eyes staring at the person who destroyed the person who saved her.

Lois glared at Torment. "You will regret that."

"I regret everything," Torment said in a tried voice.

A cab suddenly slam into Torment sending her flying. Poking his head out of the car Howard the Duck shouted at Lois and Kittybat. "Get in!"

Lois grabbing the still in shock Kittybat drove into the car, followed by Jimmy with the video cam, as Torment got back up. Howard hit the peddle to the metal and took off down the street. Sam having come back to life leaps on Torment's back keeping her busy as the others got away.

"Wait you're that duck from New York," Jimmy said. "What are you doing here?"

"I had a fair to here alright," Howard said as he look at his rearview mirror. "Now tell me where's the nearest police station is?"

"It's on Frost Ave," Lois said.

"Good since cops don't show up till after the badguys are down, we just have to take the badguy to them," Howard said looking back to see Torment swinging after them like Spider-Man using her chains. "Since this is Superman's city they should have the firepower to hurt his rogue gallery."

"Looks like they're way ahead of you," Jimmy said as a line of cops with heavy gear stood ready in a firing line.

"About time," Howard growled as he sharply turn down a back street alley.

The cops open firer on Torment their heavy weapons tore into her body sending her falling. But as quickly as she was taken down she got back up. She started spinning her chain deflecting the energy beams and bullets, she ran at the cops intent in killing them. The police helicopters appeared overhead and started raining firepower on her from above. Growling in anger she whip her chains upwards wrapping them on two of the helicopters and jerk them downwards right on the police line. The police cars and vans blew as the copters slam on top of them the cops near were either crush or died in the explosion.

Outside of the city -

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Catwoman ask watching the action happening inside the sealed off city from a computer screen. The heroes of both worlds are all doing what their can to break through the energy shield but with little to show for it. Right now the ones with energy attackers are forcing all of their might on one part of the shield hoping to drill an opening.

"I'm trying but the firewalls protecting the energy field is more advance then anything, I have every seen before," Batman said to her.

"Yeah this is more advance then anything back home," Supergirl said looking at the computer code.

A widow on the screen open showing the Huntress on the screen. "Bad news, Ranma escape."

"Where is he heading?" Batman ask.

"No idea, but he maybe heading for you guys," Huntress said.

"I see him and he's riding a flying cloud?" Supergirl said getting everyone's attention.

Ranma stop in the air seeing the energy field that surrounded the city. He knows that he has only one spell that be powerful enough to break through something like that. The heroes who are magical all gasp feeling the magical energy coming from him.

"Heart of Creation!" Ranma shouted as he unleashed his final spell. A massive purple ball of pure chaos magic struck the force field. The force field held but then was destroyed by the spell. The ball of energy continue to fly heading upwards before dispelling.

"The fields down let's get in there," Ranma shouted to the heroes flying into the city followed by the other heroes.

In the city -

Lois held Kittybat as she ran out of the car followed by Jimmy, Torment had landed the hood of the car causing Howard to lose control and slam into the side of a building. Howard pulled out his gun and fired at Torments face. The bullets tore into Torment's face but her face quickly reformed. Torment slams her chains on top of the hood of the car crushing it down on Howard.

"You're not going anywhere," Torment said as she leaps in front of Lois.

"You're not getting her," Lois said glaring at her.

"Yeah," Jimmy said still filming the action.

"I'm going make her watch as I kill both of you," Torment said coldly causing both of the news crew to step back in fear.

"Chaos Wave!" Ranma shouted appearing in the sky riding a flying cloud.

The wave of energy stuck Torment sending her flying but she landed on her feet. She glared at Ranma who was joined by many of the heroes of both worlds that kept up with him. "Ranma Jones we meet at last," she said.

"And who are you?" Ranma ask.

"I am Torment," she answers. "And now you are all going to die."

Lois having run behind the heroes watched the action placing Kittybat down. "Superman, Bizarro was…," but she was cut off.

"I know we all saw it," Superman said glaring at Torment.

"And you're going to be sorry that you did that," Nova growled.

"Then it's already too late for that," Torment said. "I truly regret everything, I have ever done and will ever do. But, I just can't stop doing the things that, I hate to do."

"How can you hate what you do?" Howard shouted as he pulled himself out of his crush car. "I thought that villains like yourself love this kind of stuff?"

"Because that's my source of my power and, I hate what, I am. Every pain and death, I feel and it makes me stronger," Torment answers.

"Wait you hate the harm you cause but you can't stop yourself?" Ranma said realizing what that meant. "You're insane, anyone would be with that. But it's worse then that. You hate yourself, you hate your very existents. And that makes you deadlier then anyone, I have ever face before."

"Oh really?" Joker spoke up from behind the heroes, both Batman and Catwoman gasped in horror to see him holding their child in his arm. In his other arm he held a remote of some kind. "Sorry but, I can't stay. I'll keep Kittybat here safe."

The heroes rush at Joker but he and Kittybat teleported away before they came even close to them.

"He still had it," Torment said. "Then the plan is still set." She lashes her chains around her and teleported away.

"No, no, NNNNOOOO!" Catwoman shouted losing her child when she was so close.

Back with Blue Blade -

Blue Blade and his team had stumbled on the pods that contain the Great Lakers and the Bat family. Freeing them they once more ran around the massive base looking for a way out and hiding from Rockman's people. They're currently hiding in one of the storage rooms of the base getting a breather.

"Okay what's the plan on getting out of here?" Nightwing ask.

"We keep on running and we'll stumble on something that will help us," Blue Blade said.

"Yeah but what about the people that are trying to find us?" Flatman ask.

"What powers does Rockman have anyways?" Nightwing ask.

"He's Hulk level and as fast as Quicksilver or the Flash. I'm pretty sure that his people have the same powers as he does. And they all have the power to control earth now," Blue Blade said.

"Which means we're no match for them," Gibbon said.

"Well at least we got most of the Rei's down for awhile," Grasshopper said.

"But we're not in any real shape to fight," Big Bertha said.

"Yeah but we made them work for it," Squirrel Girl added.

"Well, I'm ready to fight," Mr. Immortal said standing by Dinah-Soar.

"Yeah that's good but we still need to get out of here," Princess Python said.

"We can't fight all of them," Armadillo said.

"Hey what are you doing?" Batgirl ask seeing Doorman has his face to the wall.

"Looking through the wall," Doorman answers.

"What do you see?" Frog-Man ask.

"There's a big indoor garden on the other side and it's empty," Doorman said.

"A garden means that it has a way up to the above ground level. Those plants would need a lot of equipment to be able to glow underground not to mention new soil," Captain Cold said earning him looks. "What, I know somethings about underground bases being a villain and all."

"Good, I make a door," Blue Blade said pulling out a lightsaber.

"Where did you get a lightsaber?" Squirrel Girl ask

"Grab it from the trophy room," Blue Blade said as he cuts a door out of the wall. Armadillo gave it a punch and the stone slab revealing the garden behind it.

The ground burst open as two pillars of earth rose from the floor. The pillars broke apart to reveal two women. The first was a beautiful woman with a rich dark brown skin and lush green hair complimented by vibrant green eyes. The other was a tall, elderly woman with gray hair. Both of them are dress in black robes and both wore crowns on their heads.

"So you two are the ones who have been causing all the alarm around here," the younger woman said.

"While we don't mind, we do mind you children entering our room," the older woman said.

"Wait who are you two?" Flatman ask.

"Oh you don't know?" the younger woman ask. "I see that my granddaughters, Wonder Woman and her sister haven't talk about me."

"Or my grandsons Thor and Hercules," the older woman adds.

"Wait those are your grandkids then that would make you two?" Gibbon said gulping realizing the two women are.

"Dear you know who they are?" Princess Python ask.

"Those two are Gaia, Mother Earth," he answers.

"So you two are the ones who have been hiding this base from everyone," Nightwing said.

"It's easy when you control the Earth," the older Gaia said.

"And our kids maybe in charge but we still hold the power. It is our world after all," the younger Gaia said.

"Why are you two helping them? You do know what they're planning right?" Frog-Man ask.

"Yes we do," the younger Gaia said. "And it's about time a true god be born."

"That is why we're helping them. Our children egos need to be taken down not to mention you mortals. My counterpart is lucky that her world is getting better with the eco-friendly tech being made there. But here on my world you mortals don't care how much harm you cause me. Why you think, I look so much older then she does?" the older Gaia snaps.

"Well if you two stand…," Blue Blade said rising his light saber when Batgirl grabbed his arm.

"Stop we can't fight them," she said.

"And why not?" Captain Cold ask pointing his ice guns at them.

"If she aged because of the harm done to her world what happens if we hurt either of them?" Batgirl ask.

"Wait you mean if we kill them it would mean both worlds dies?" Armadillo ask.

"Yes that's right," the younger Gaia said.

"That's why none of our children dares to harm us. If we lose our connection to the world, it dies," the older Gaia said. (1)

"And besides," the younger Gaia said as all of the supers legs sank into the earthen floor. "All of you forget that we have total control of the world."

"And with our worlds join together our power has double," the older Gaia said.

The door of the garden opens to reveal a young dark haired girl enters the room. She gave a grasp seeing the heroes, especially seeing Robin.

"Annie?" Robin ask seeing her.

"Robin?" Annie ask back. (2)

"You know him?" the older Gaia ask.

"Yes grandma he's my friend," Annie said. "Please let him and his friends go."

"Very well dear," the younger Gaia said undoing her spell.

"Annie," Robin said running over to her once he was freed. "I thought, I would never see you again."

"You know them?" Batgirl ask.

"Grandmother Gaia and Earth help me in learning magic," Annie said.

"She has a talent unlike her father," the younger Gaia said.

"And she's such a delight to have around," the older Gaia who Annie called Earth. "I wise our children were more like her."

"How can you be alive?" Nightwing ask knowing the story.

"When Clayface was made normal after he help in stealing somethings we found what was left of Annie inside of him and pulled her out. Then we made a new clay body for her," Gaia said.

"Sorry to cut in but, Annie can you lead us out of here?" Mr. Immortal ask.

"Yes follow me," Annie said leading the group away. "Grandma's can you not tell the others what happen please?"

"Why of course dear," Earth smiled warmly at her.

"Thank you," Annie said leading the supers out of the room.

"Such a sweet girl," Gaia said.

"I wish our children were," Earth adds.

"Did you see?" Gaia ask.

"Yes, I did. It's him," Earth said.

"And the mortal's fate is in his hands," Gaia said.

Awhile Later -

Following Annie the group found themselves in a room with many doors with numbers on them. All of them hanging from conveyer belts on the ceiling. And a stand where the doors are place on. "The doors in this room opens to other rooms in the base and any other door on the outside," Annie explains. (3)

"What's that door?" Blue Blade ask pointing to a lone door that was already in a stand but looks like it has never been removed.

"That door leads deeper into the base where Shinji is," Annie explains.

"I see," Blue Blade said locking his sights on the door.

"Good can you work it?" Captain Cold ask.

"Yes, I can," Annie said as the doors of the room open standing in front of a crowd was Clayface.

"Annie step away from them," Clayface said.

"No dad, I won't let Robin be hurt," Annie shouted.

"This isn't the time to play around," Clayface said.

"No dad he's my friend who, I died to protect before. You just have to kill me again," Annie shouted back.

"Listen here," Cheetah said stepping forward but was stop by Clayface.

"Is this what you really want?" Clayface ask.

"Yes dad it is," Annie said.

"Then, I have no choice then," Clayface said as he grabs Cheetah and throws her into the crowd behind them. "I hold them off as long as, I can!" He close the door behind him as he threw himself into the crowd.

"Quick open the door!" Captain Cold shouted freezing the door to hold off the crowd.

"Right," Annie said as she punches buttons and robotic arms grabs one of the door from the conveyer belts and places it onto the stand. Annie opens the door to show the inside of a ice cream parlor.

"Wait that's the parlor right across from the Avengers," Squirrel Girl said.

"Well that explains how they got there so fast," Robin said taking Annie's hand and pulled her with him through the doorway.

"See you guys later," Blue Blade said opening the lone door.

"Wait where are you going?" Nightwing shouted as the door of the room started to open cracking the ice covering it. All the others already had gone through.

"To do the one thing you younger heroes don't like to do," Blue Blade said. "I'm going to kill Shinji and end this once and for all."

With that he slips into the door and shuts it behind him. Nightwing was about to go after him but the door of the room burst open. Nightwing seeing there's no way to fight them slams the door shut behind him.

Author's Notes –

1 - I thought it's about time that Mother Earth shows her children a thing or two.

2 - Annie was a piece of Clayface that he used to look around the city when he was brought back to life after he fell into the sea. She forgot she was Clayface and made friends with Robin. She gave up her life to save him and got absorb back into Clayface.

3 - Think of 'Monsters Inc' door room.