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It was a blistering hot day, the first day of summer vacation to be exact. Packs of kids and teenagers were out on the streets, aching to pack in as much fun as they could while they were free from schoolwork. It was the kind of day when Kaiba Land made the most money.

Standing amidst the large crowd was a spikey haired teen, barley noticeable due to his short height. The bridge on his nose was starting to pink slightly from the glaring sun and he wrinkled his nose as the scratched it.

"Don't do that!"

"But Anzu, it itches!" The boy complained.

"It will only make it worse!" The brunette girl huffed and placed her hands on her hips, causing her mini skirt to ride up a bit. The girl was scantily clad, as usual, but even more so because of the temperature. Which cause a few male passers by to take notice.

"Anzu..." Honda said lowly, "Your skirt..."

It took her a few moments to realize what he was talking about until she finally blushed and pulled down her skirt hastily.

Honda rolled his eyes and proceeded to glare at a few onlookers. "Take a picture, it last's longer!" A few scurried away and he turned back to his friends. "How long is this damn line anyway?

Yami, who was busy applying sun block to Yugi's face, ignored the question. "I thought I told you to put this on before we left..." He scolded as he rubbed in the milky substance.

"I forgot." The smaller boy blushed slightly, tuning even redder.

"What are you, his mother?" Bakura huffed at the two of them. Honestly, he hated the Pharaoh enough five thousand years ago! It was even worse now that he was constantly playing house with his hikari.

Yami merely glared briefly and checked his watch. It had been more than an hour and the line to the Bart-o-Whirl was not letting up. He sighed and turned to Yugi once more. "Are you sure you really want to go on this ride?"

"Yeah! You'll like it. Me and Jou went on it three times in a row last summer."

Yami frowned, "That sounds healthy...speaking of which, where is Jounouchi today?"

"He's out with Shizuka. I told him to just bring her here with him" Honda sighed, "but he told me didn't want me...hitting on her the whole time."

"How touching." Bakura muttered and walked off to a nearby ice cream cart.

"How come he's here?" Honda asked, at bit annoyed at the rude spirit's presence.

"Ryou wanted him out of the house for a while." Yugi replied.

"Can't say I blame him." Honda mumbled.

Yami frowned as he watched Bakura walk off in the shade, "Maybe he has the right idea...Yugi how would you like some ice cream?"

"Okay!" Yugi beamed, "I guess we can go on the barf-o-whirl some other time."

Bakura on the other hand had decided to bypass the ice-cream cart, something else had caught his attention. He had a wicked idea forming in his head.

"What is it Bakura?" Yugi asked, as he took a lick from his ice cream cone.

Honda peered at the large sign that Bakura was standing in front of and read the headline out loud. "Who wants to date a millionaire contest? Win a date with Seto Kaiba?!"

Anzu laughed, "I don't believe it...uh, Bakura, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm filling out an application." He replied as he ripped off one of the papers hanging up and starting filling it in.

Yugi looked over at what the spirit was writing and got confused. "Wait, it says here you're name is...Jounouchi Katsuya."

"I know."

"Why are you applying under Jou's name?"

Bakura grinned. "Because it's more fun this way."

Yugi frowned, Honda on the other hand, couldn't stop from laughing.

"That's evil man, even for you." Honda said.

"Why thank you...what's his date of birth?"

"Hold on! I know this's January twenty-fifth." Honda answered.

"Why are you helping him?" Yugi asked.

"Because it's funny!"

"Jou would kick your ass if he knew." Anzu scolded.

"Well, that's why no one's going to tell him. It's just a joke, it's not like he'd ever win, there has to be thousands of desperate fangirls out there." Honda explained.

Bakura finished filling out the form and slipped it into the booth below. "Okay, I'm bored now."

"Anyone up for bumper cars?" Honda asked.

"And what might that be?" Bakura growled out, he was always reluctant to try new twentieth century things especially after the whole 'hair dryer incident'.

"Basically you get to hit all your friends with mini automobiles."

"That sounds fun." Bakura grinned madly to himself as him and Honda walked away.

Yugi shrugged, "Well, at least they're getting along."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Yugi glared off at nothing particular in the distance.

"You mean, the bumper cars?"

"No...but now that you mention it..." Yami flinched as he heard various screams coming from the vacinity of the bumper car area.

"Take that women and children!! Ahahaha!!" Came a familiar voice in the distance.

* * *

"Just one more game!"

"We've already been here an hour! I never knew you were such a poor loser Jou."

Jou huffed and whiped the sweat away from his forehead. "It's not my fault I'm losing, it's too damn hot out here! I can't concentrate!"

"Maybe we should have went swimming instead."

"Serenity!" Jou whined and jumped up and down on the spot.

"Alright fine one more game." She smiled and threw the bright yellow ball in the air before smashing it, with seemingly impossible force for some one her size, to the other side of the tennis court.

Jou scrambled towards the ball and made a wide swing, missing spectacularly and sending him tumbling to the ground with an intelligent 'ugh' sound.

"Are you alright?!" Shizuka ducked under the net and over to the crouching form of her brother.

"I'm fine, see." Jou got up and grinned, giving her the 'thumbs up' sign before yelping and grabbing his ankle.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, just a pulled muscle or somethin'. Come on, let's finish this!" Jou swung his racket for emphasis and the game continued.

Until Jou ended up on the floor again, whining and crying 'oh the pain!' over and over.

* * *

"Does that feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks sis." Jou smiled gratefully as Shizuka pressed a cold ice-pack to his swollen ankle. "So what are you, like a tennis captain at your school or something?"

"No, actually, that was my first game!"

"Stop taking away whatever's left of my pride will ya!"

"I'm joking, I'm joking. You really do suck though."

"Stop it!"

Shizuka giggled and shook her head. "Take it easy, you're so easy to rile up, you know that? Must be why Kaiba likes to pick on you so much." She pointed out.

"Speak of the devil." Jou mumbled as he flipped on the evening news.

"What is it?"

"I dunno something about this whole 'Who wants to date a millionaire' contest. They've been advertising it all week."

"Oh yeah I've heard of it. The winner get's to go on a date with Seto Kaiba, right?"

"Yeah, although I don't see how that's a winning situation." Jounouchi glared at the TV screen as it continued to advertise the contest, showing a huge picture of Seto's smug face.

"Hmm...maybe I should enter." Shizuka tapped her chin with mock consideration.

"You do and I'll disown you."

* * *

"What the hell is this?!" The sound of a strong voice echoed thorough the halls of the office building. A few workers looked towards the large double-doors before turning back to their work. Outbreaks like that weren't too uncommon among their employer.

"It's a magazine add." She replied as the cheesy advertisement was shoved rather rudely into her face.

"Don't play games with me. I want to know how something like this could take place without my authorization, and I want to know right now." Came the deadly serious voice.

The calm woman sighed and lit a cigarette, gently blowing out the smoke before she spoke. "I am your publicist Seto Kaiba, you're the one who hired me."

"I know who you are Akira, now get to the point."

"It's a simple contest, as you can see, designed to boost Kaiba-corps popularity. Due to the new Dungeon Dice Monsters craze, the company could use the extra publicity." She paused and eyed the CEO with scrutiny. "Besides you need to get out more."

Seto scowled, mentally noting to find that Otogi bastard and kick his ass later. "I don't date. It's a waste of time." He stated harshly.

Akira sighed and flicked some ash. "And it's too bad. Such a waste."

Seto narrowed his eyes. "This is ridiculous."

"I know what I'm doing Mr. Kaiba. It's my job, remember."

"Do what you want. I just better not end up with some stalker."

"Actually, the winner will be selected completely at random."

"Why does that not make me feel better?"