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Chapter 1

"Get him!" A voice yelled in out rage as he chased after a figure dressed in black and flowing silver/white hair.

The figure jumped and landed atop a building in the small plaza and turned to face them with a smirk, fangs flashing in the fire light from the torches that surrounded the plaza.

"It is el Zorro!" One man yelled with a strong Spanish accent.

Another man came running up, a cloud of dust settling behind him as he came to a halt. "El who?" He asked, looking at the man with his piercing ice blue eyes.

The man that had just came up had ears that were slightly pointed, long black hair pulled into a high pony-tail and was wearing a uniform. He was a wolf youkai that was in Naraku's army.

The one that had spoken before looked at him. "It is el Zorro, the white devil!" He exclaimed and turned his gaze back to the figure clad in black.

The wolf youkai turned his gaze back to the figure as well. "He doesn't look so tough." He muttered.

"Koga!" A voice bellowed behind him.

The man with the ice blue eyes, Koga, turned at the voice. "Yes sir, Naraku?" He replied.

A man in a shining black boots, a unfirm like Koga's but more decorated, and a white cape came walking over.

"I want you up there after him. He has caused me enough trouble." Naraku said in a dark voice.

Koga nodded his head. He got a running start and jumped up on the building next to the white devil.

Zorro turned to him with a smirk. "Can I help you, wolf?" He asked in a calm sounding voice.

He was wearing baggy black pants, black shirt and a black mask that showed only amber/gold eyes. He also had two triangular dog like ears atop his head that twitched at the slightest sound.

Koga growled. "Surrender yourself or die!" He threatened.

Zorro smirked again. "It should be the other way around, wolf." He replied.

The comment enraged Koga and he charged at him in full speed.

Zorro simply smirked again and jumped into the air, jumping over the completely surprised wolf youkai.

"Hold still and fight like a man!" Koga yelled as he slid to a stop.

Zorro chuckled lowly. "But I'm not a man." He replied.

Koga looked at him in confusion and then raised his nose to the air, trying to cath the white devils scent.

His eyes widened when he did catch his scent. "Your nothing but a hanyou!" He said, surprise evident in his voice.

Zorro only smirked wider.

'I can't let some half breed out do me.' Koga thought as he once again charge at Zorro, using all of his youkai speed.

Zorro just stood there calmly as the wolf youkai rushed at him, becoming a blur as his speed increased.

At the last minute Zorro stepped off to the side, letting Koga run right off the top of the roof.

Koga yelled in surprised as he flipped and tumbled through the air. His fall was broken through, he landed in a pile of horse manure.

Inuyasha walked over to the roofs edge and smirked down at the manure covered wolf youkai.

"You'll pay for that!" Koga yelled angrily as he spit out a mouthful of the stuff he had landed in.

Zorro chuckled again as he looked down upon the wolf youkai. "I don't know how you will make me pay if I'm not here." He said as green smoke began to rise around him.

"Shoot him!" Koga bellowed and ponted a finger at the smoke.

Several men and youkai raised bows and shot them directly at the smoke and they went right through it.

Koga held up a hand for them to stop and they ceased firing. He waited for the smoke to clear, he waited to see the black clad figure, el Zorro, the white devil, laying on the ground with arrows stick out of him, covered in blood and still.

The green smoke finally began to thin out and then disappeared all together. And there was no one there.

"What?! How did he escape?!" He yelled, whirling around and facing the other men and youkai that were behind him.

The men and youkai back away, slightly fearful of their commanders anger.

"It seems you have let the white devil escape." A cool voice said from behind the enraged wolf youkai.

Koga's back stiffened and he turned around to face Naraku. "It won't happen again, sir." He said in a voice filled with determination.

Naraku's face remained impassive. "It have better not. Other wise you will be seeking shelter from me." He said in that calm voice of his and turned around and walked over to an awaiting carrige.

Koga growled at the threat he had just received and turned to face his men once more. "Sweep the area! Search for any sign of that devil!" He bellowed.

The men scattered in every direction, moving as quickly as possible to follow their orders.


"That wolf was wimpy." A voice said in the dark woods of the forest.

Zorro suddenly appeared out of thin air, a small kitsune sitting on his shoulder.

"I don't see why you wouldn't let me throw one of my tops on him." The kitsune grumbled from atop of Zorro's shoulder.

The black clad man rolled his amber eyes skyward and began to walk. "Because I didn't want to get them with one of your tops, runt." He said and began running.

"I have a name you know. Its Shippo, not runt." The kitsune now known as Shippo, crossed his arms over his chest.

Zorro rolled his eyes again and continued running.

"I don't see why you call yourself Zorro anyways. Zorro is Spanish for fox, not white devil or Inuyasha." He continued.

Zorro, now known as Inuyasha, burst out of the woods and was next to a large house. "Feh, I call myself Zorro because no one can catch me, runt." He replied.

Inuyasha bent down, feeling the muscles in his legs coil, ready to fling him upwards. He sprang up into the air and leapt over the ten foot wall that surrounded the house.

He landed on the other side with a dull 'thud.' He took of his black mask and skook his head, sending his silver/white hair flying.

Shippo jumped off of Inuyasha's shoulder and ran off into the large house, most likely going to look for some breakfast.

'Guess I could use something to eat to.' Inuyasha thought as his stomach gave a loud growl.

He also walked into the house, heading towards the kitchen where he found Shippo sitting at the table eating a piece of fruit.

Inuyasha grabbed another piece of fruit from the pile of from a bowl in the center of the table.

"I see Zorro went out last night." A voice said from behind Inuyasha.

Inuyasha turned around to see a man with long silver/white hair and amber eyes, very much like his own, slightly pointed ears and an emotionless face.

"Good morning to you too, Sesshomaru." He replied to his older half brother.

Sesshomaru grunted and sat down at the table. "Jaken, bring me my coffee." He said.

A short little toad like creature came rushing into the kitchen, carrying a tray with a steaming cup of black coffee on it. "Yes me Lord." He replied in a high squeaky voice.

Sesshomaru ignored him and picked up the cup and took a sip of the black brew that was in it.

Jaken bowed lowly and slowly began to back out of the room.

Inuyasha shook his head and sat his black mask down on the table. "I don't see why you put up with that ugly toad." He said and took a bite out of his fruit.

Sesshomaru sat his cup down on the table. "He maybe a ugly toad, but he is good at following orders." He replied and looked pointedly at his younger half brother.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, took the final bite out of his fruit, picked up his mask and got up from the table. "Feh, whatever. I'm gonna go lay down." He said as he smothered a yawn and headed up the stairs off to the right.

Inuyasha opened the door to his room, dropped his mask on his bed side table and fell face first into his bed, instantly falling asleep.


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