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Kagome looked up at the man in shock. This is El Zorro? She thought, still staring up at the man in shock

Zorro smirked at her. "You know it is very rude to stare." He commented, still smirking.

Kagome blushed and quickly averted her eyes. "Gomen. I- I did not realize I was staring." She apologized with a small bow, well, as much of a bow as she could do while sitting on an up rooted tree.

Zorro made a gesture with his hand, waving aside her apolpgize like he would a fly. "Don't worry about it." He replied.

Kagome looked back up at him in amazement. Wow, he forgave me that quickly? She wondered.

Zorro was begening to get nervous as the girl continued to stare at him with a look of wonderment on her face. "Um, you gonna be able to get back to the town alright?" He asked, trying not to show how uncomfortable he was.

Kagome blushed again and nodded her head. "Yes, I think I can make it back on my own." She said and stood up from the up rooted tree. But as soon as she put weight on her injured leg she stumbled and fell forward, once again falling against the strong chest of her rescurer.

Zorro smirked at her. "I see that you are falling for me." He commented, still smirking.

Kagome's face flared red, but then she began to giggle, and soon she was laughing out loud, forgettting her earlier embarrassment.

Zorro's ears perked at the sound of her laughter, enjoying the sound but not completely knowing why. Feh, I'll figure it out later. He thought as he sat the girl back on the fallen tree. "Here, get on." He said and turned around so his back was facing her.

"W-what?" She stammered out in disbelief. He can't be suggesting what I think he's suggesting. She thought.

Zorro looked at her from over his shoulder. "You heard. Get on my back and I'll take you back to the town." He explained.

Kagome looked uncertain. "I dunno," She said, eyeing his back.

Zorro straightened. "Okay, if you'd rather walk back to town its fine by me. Judging by how well you can walk you should reach the town by tomorrow mid morning." He commented and began to walk away.

Her eyes widened. "Wait! I didn't say I wanted to walk back!" She called and jumped up, balancing on her one good leg.

Zorro turned around and walked back over to her. "Then get on." He said and turned back around, offering her his back.

Kagome hesitated for a moment and uncertainly climbed on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck as she did so.

Zorro reached up and took hold of her thigh, careful to keep his sharp claws away from her skin. "Hang on." He said and crouched down and then off he went, jumping high above the trees.

Kagome gasped in surprise and wrapped her arms aorund his neck tighter and buried her face in his white mane of hair to keep the whipping wind from stinging her eyes.

Zorro grunted when the girl on his back tightened her grip around her neck, but that was the only sound of discomfort he made. If I were a human she'd be cutting off my windpipe. He thought as he began to decend towards earth.

Kagome's stomach lurched upward when they began to fall back towards the ground far below them. She closed her eyes and waited for a jarring landing, but it never came. Instead she felt Zorro crouch again and off through the air they went once more. She timidly opened her eyes to look at her surroundings and gasped. The view from so far up was incredible! She could see a few lights that were shinning in the small town and she saw several smaller houses miles away from the town. "Oh, wow." She breathed as she continued to admire the view.

Zorro cocked one white dog ear back at the sound of her voice. "Enjoying the view?" He questioned the girl. He felt her nod her head against his back and smirked. After a few more minutes, he could smellthe scent of fear leave her and her muscles un-tense. Soon, the smeel of fear was completely gone and he could smell her natural scent. She smells kinda nice. He thought and discretely inhaled her scent again.

Zorro took two more giant leaps and before Kagome knew it, they were on the out skirts of the small villa. He crouched down and gently sat the injured girl down on the ground. "Where are you staying?" He asked, although he already knew.

Kagome looked aorund and then pointed at the Inn she and her family were staying at. "There, I think I can make it on my own now." She said tiredly. the fright of what happened earilier was starting to catch up with her and she was feeling rather tired.

Zorro grunted and took the girls arm in his hand. "What kinda man do you think I am? I'll walk you to the door." He said and began to lead her towards the inn.

Kagome smiled and let him support her so she wouldn't have to put any weight on her injured leg.

They reached the Inn and stopped just outside the door.

Zorro glanced at the girl. "Which room is yours?" He asked the young beauty.

Kagome looked up and pointed to a small balcony, the one that was just outside her room. "Right there." She said and turned to face the masked man that had rescued her. "Thank, you for- oh!" She began to say but was cut off as Zorro swept her into his arms bridel style and leaped into the air once more and landed on the balcony above them.

He gently sat her down again and smirked at her. "Scared?" He asked her.

Kagome frowned slightly. "No, just surprised a little." She mumbled.

Zorro smirked again and bowed to her. "Adios, seZorita." He said and turned his back to her, prepairing to jump off of the balcony and out into the dark of night.

"Wait," Kagome called suddenly and laid a hand on his shoulder out of impulse.

Zorro glanced over his shoulder, his golden, amber eyes peircing into hers. "Si?" He asked, his voice slightly quisical and also slightly annoyed.

Kagome felt her face flare red for what seemed like the thousandth time that night. Why did I stop him? I don't know why I did that! And then, she realized what it was she stopped him for. "Will I ever see you again?" She asked, her hand still on the black clad mans shoulder.

Zorro looked surprised by the quiestion, and then, a look of some unknown emotion filled hisamber eyes. An emotion that both he and Kagome didn't understand. "Si, Kagome. We will meet again." He finally replied and lifted his hand, resting it on Kagome's hand that was still on his shoulder. He turned around and lifted Kagome's hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

"We will meet again." He said once more and then gave the smirk that Kagome had become accustomed to seeing and suddenly turned and leaped off the balcony, disappearing into the night like a shadow.

Kagome leaned on the balcony as the man dashed off into the night. And then, she slowly brought her hand up and looked at the spot where El Zorro, the fox, had kissed her hand.

She let out a contented sigh and turned to limp back into her room.

She was just starting to sit down when there was a quiet knock at her door and a voice soon followed. "Kagome? Are you still awake?" Sango's voice asked through the wooden door.

Kagome sat on her bed before she replied. "Yes Sango, c'mon in, the doors not locked." She said, gently pushing Boyu out of the way so she wouldn't sit on the fat cat.

The door to Kagome's room was quietly pushed open and a few seconds later, Sango appeared, still wearing the dress she had been wearing earlier that day.

"Kagome, I heard noises coming in here. Are you all right?" She asked, her face showing concern.

Kagome smiled at Sango and nodded her head. "Hai, everything is just fine." She replied and moved to stand, winching in the process, forgetting about her wounded ankle. "Well, maybe not as fine as I'd like to be." She said and sat back downon her bed.

Sango quickly made her way to her friends side. "Whats wrong? Are you injured?" She quiestioned, sitting beside Kagome on her bed.

Kagome nodded her head and bent over to roll the leg of her pants up and to show Sango the wound that was still wrapped in the black material that El Zorro had used.

Sango gasped slightly. "Kami-sama, how did that happen?" She asked.

Kagome smiled slightly and then began to tell her of how she had met The Fox, El Zorro.

Once she was finished telling the tale Sango had a look of shock on her face. "You mean that you've actually met Zorro?" She asked in amazment.

Kagome nodded her head with a sigh.

"So, what was he like?" Sango asked in curiousity.

Kagome smiled. "He is like no other person I have never met before. He was very mysterious. He was kinda arrgant, but not overly, and he was very kind." She said, a faraway look in her eyes.

Sango looked at her friends face and snickered.

Kagome looked over at Sango. "Whats so funny?" She asked.

Sango snickered again before she answered. "Well, it sounds like you are quiet smitten with El Zorro." She said simply.

Kagome's face went a slight shade of pink. "What?! No I am not! I only just met him! A-and-" She sputtered and then stopped speaking when she noticed that Sango was no longer snickering, but was out right laughing at her friends obvious discomfort.

Kagome frowned and reached behind her, grabbing her goose feather pillow in her hand. "It isn't that funny, Sango." She said, whipping her hand out from around her back and threw it in Sango's face.

Sango caught the pillow and laughed again. "Yes it is." She replied with one last chuckled. She stood and handed Kagome the pillow. "I better get back to bed. I'll see you in the morning Kagome." She said and walked out of Kagome's room.

Kagome waved to her friend and laid her pillow back in its rightful place and then laid down to rest her head on it.

Boyu walked close to her and wriggled his way under Kagoome's arms.

Kagome smiled at the fat cat and gently began petting his head. She fell asleep to the soothing sound of Boyu's purr as it lulled her to sleep.

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