A short note to readers: This is a VERY rough WIP. Please forgive the formatting, or complete lack thereof. Wordpad is the closest thing to a word processor I have right now. I fully intend to fix that. Also, the plot bunny has stopped gnawing at me for now. Fear not. It'll start up again and I'll finish the story. In the meantime, enjoy the first part of my first X- fic, and feedback is more than welcome. (Wolvie's probably gonna be a little out of character, a necessity I'm afraid. Would someone let me know if I stray too far out-of-character with Scott?)


This was a good little plot bunny. It quietly hopped into my head at work one day, and patiently waited to be dealt with. It's a friendly little bunny, and dare I say, slightly fluffy. (Very slightly. Cyclops and Wolverine just don't equate with fluff in my mind.) It's a movieverse story, post-X1, sorta pre-X2. Logan's back but Nightcrawler hasn't attacked the President yet. (My plot, I can screw with the timeline all I want. :p) It's pretty short, I hope nobody minds. Major thanks to SweptAwayBayou for beta reading! Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men, I'm just playing with the toys. I'll put them back when I'm done, I promise!


Wildlife Documentary

Entry 1: I've never had any desire to keep a journal, and I have no desire to do so now. But Jean insisted it would help me sort out my thoughts, so here we are. Writing them down is supposed to help me pinpoint the problem, then figure out how to solve it or something psychological like that. I don't buy it but if it'll make Jean happy, it's worth a try. Now the problem. What's been troubling me lately? Gee. Let me think.

Logan. Plain and simple. Logan drives me insane. Even moreso now than when he first arrived here. Granted, he did nearly sacrifice himself to save Rogue, and such an act should prove he can be trusted. I almost feel bad that it doesn't. It only proves he's unpredictable. A savage beast one minute, a selfless guardian the next. A random element like that could put everyone in danger, especially the children. I don't need that. The team doesn't need that. Of course Professor Xavier doesn't see it that way. Neither does anyone else come to think of it. I don't understand...there's...a vicious animal lurking just below the surface. Why can't they see it?

That's quite enough of that for now. I'm just gonna get myself angry again. But I intend to keep a very close eye on Logan from now on.

Entry 2: Jean really disapproves of the microscope I'm keeping Logan under. She can disapprove all she wants. As team leader it's my duty to assess all potential threats. Sorry, but that includes Logan. And I'd like to state for the record my diligence is paying off. Ever since he got back from...wherever he went to look for his "answers" (I didn't really care so I didn't ask. Harsh but true.) he's been acting rather odd. Okay, odder than usual.

The day after he got back he spent the entire day exploring the woods on the west side of the mansion. No, I wasn't following him. Some of the younger students were studying insects in science class and I volunteered to help them gather some specimens. Logan just...happened to be there at the same time. Up a tree, as a matter of fact. It was dumb, I know, but I couldn't help myself. I had to ask. "What are you doing up there, Logan?" "Never you mind, One-Eye." Typical Logan response. He never even looked at me. What? No evil eye to go with it? I'm crushed. That was about two weeks ago. He's been acting even stranger since then. Small subtle things that nobody else seems to notice. A few examples... Right after dinner every night, he disappears into the woods. Nobody knows what he's doing out there (or they're just not telling me), and I seem to be the only one who wants to find out. He doesn't come back until 8 or 9 the next morning, just in time to interrupt my morning coffee with Jean. He always comes back totally exhausted, leaves and twigs all over his clothes, and for some reason his hands look pretty raw, like they're freshly healed. But from what? What is he up to out there? I have to find out...