It was not far before Jagd Hound came to a stream. The monster cautiously looked about him, before gently setting the basket down. The baby stirred a little, causing Jagd Hound to perk up a little bit. Now that he found water, he would have to find food soon for the baby. A slight breeze swept the air then, and Jagd Hound lowered his head to sip a little from the stream. Everything seemed so peaceful...there was a rustle in the bushes, but Jagd Hound took it for some Ducken, as they where known in those parts.

Jagd Hound did not take long drinking for himself. He lapped his chops, and then scooped a little bit of water up in his jaws, and then went to the baby, who was had awoken. The baby boy beamed and laughed at the site of Jagd Hound, who carefully was letting the water drip down onto the boy's face. The baby moved his arms a little, as if to wave the water away, and frowned, smacking his lips. It was barely getting into his mouth.

Jagd Hound looked down at the baby with concern. He needed to get to a village, and soon, for the baby needed adequate milk and food.

"We've got to move on," he said to his charge.

The baby, in return, laughed again, as if what Jagd Hound said was a joke.

Before Jagd Hound could pick up the basket, a Kato sprang from the bushes, hissing. Jagd Hound immediately sprang into attack mode, all four eyes (although only two functioned at once) on the Kato. He noticed the Kato had a "baddie" emblem, and growled, now all eyes glowing. He had had it with the baddies.....

Kato was eyeing the hound, as he moved towards him slowly. "Do not worry," the strange cat-like creature spoke. "I'm not here for the baby; I'm here for you...."

"Oh yeah? Word travels around fast here." Jagd Hound spat when he talked.

Kato gave him an evil grin, and raised his razor sharp claws.

Jagd Hound lunged first at Kato, but the furred monster dug his claws into the hound's skin, making him yelp. Jagd Hound winced, he did not want the baby to hear him cry out like that; it would upset him. He then lunged to bite Kato, and managed to strike him on the shoulder. Kato's anger boiled up, and raised his claws, and then advanced on the hound, one of his claws slicing him in his chest, the other claw trying to hold him back.

"Ohh," Jagd Hound moaned. The baby, left in his basket, started to cry.

Kato then sliced Jagd Hound's chest again with his claws, making strange sweeping motions. Jagd Hound was in horrible pain then, and he could feel the blood from the wound on his chest drip down his leg. Kato then looked into the hound's eyes, and made one last strike to his chest, and with that, Kato was gone.

"Ohh," the bleeding monster moaned again, and watched wearily as Kato ran off. What had Kato done that for? Why did he not finish him off? Jagd Hound glanced to the baby's basket, the baby was still crying.

"There, there," Jagd Hound tried to sound soothing. "I'm all right," and went at once to the stream, and stepped in. He rolled around in the stream a little, to wash the blood off. He ignored the hard rocks that was hurting his back as he rolled over, still confused about the strange attack. As he did this, he continued to talk to the baby.

"I'm all right. Do not worry." He did not know if the baby understood what he said, but it seemed to calm him down. He was just grateful that Kato did not try to harm the baby.

Jagd Hound sat in the stream, trying to catch his breath as he watched his blood move with the flowing water, with one eye, and kept the other eye on the basket. As the blood seemed to disappear down the stream, and the water went back to clear, he saw his reflection and the wound Kat had implanted on his chest. He gasped. Kato had embedded the "baddie" symbol into Jagd Hound's flesh.