Sweet Valley High meets El Carro High (the other half)


This part takes place the summer right after eighth grade;

"Rezone! Again!?" Jessica Wakefield wailed looking at the paper the Wakefield's had received in the mail a little bit ago, "What?" Jessica's twin, Elizabeth asked, walking down the stairs. "Look at this," Jessica pouted, handing her sister the paper. Elizabeth read it over and her eyes widened, "They have to be kidding," Elizabeth said, not wanting to believe what the paper said. "We can't rezone again, we just rezoned this year!" Elizabeth exclaimed, "To Sweet Valley High, all of our friends and Damon- who is going this year, are going to El Carro, how are we going to Sweet Valley High? We all live in the same district!" Jessica wailed again. "The same reason we got rezoned from SVMS to SVJH, not enough room" Elizabeth said collapsing onto a chair in their living room and covering her head with her hands as she felt tears trickling down her cheeks. The girls mom looked at them from her spot on the couch, "Look on the bright side you two- "There is no bright side." Jessica interrupted her.
Just then the doorbell rang, "I'll get it," Jessica grumbled getting up from where she had been sitting on her knees on the floor after reading the letter. As soon as she opened the door, she saw someone who made her want to cry standing at the door. It was her 9th soon to be 10th grade boyfriend, Damon Ross, "Hey Jess," he said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Please tell me you got a letter in the mail that said that you are going to be going to Sweet Valley High instead of El Carro High," Jessica said. "No. How could I anyway? Sweet Valley High starts in the 9th grade and El Carro starts in the 10th, and I'm going into the 10th grade," Damon said, looking at her with a question in his eyes. "And I'm going into the 9th," Jessica said, tears welling up in her eyes and starting to fall down her cheek. "Jess?" He asked, full of concern. "Oh, Damon, it's awful! We just got a letter, it says we're getting rezoned, t-to, Sweet Valley High!" Jessica said bursting into tears. Damon's face fell and grew pale, his soft blue eyes turned a grayish color, and he felt almost as bad as he did when the Wakefield's thought they were moving. Of course, he was mad at Jessica then because she hadn't told him. Jessica clung to him crying and sobbing into his gray T-shirt. He hugged her and held her close, not wanting to let go.
Later that day, Elizabeth was hanging out with her friends at Vito's Pizza. "Liz, you okay?" Elizabeth's friend, Anna asked her as she, Salvador, and Elizabeth were sitting in the booth waiting for their food. Elizabeth was just sitting there twirling her straw around in her Coke. Salvador slipped his arm around her shoulder and nudged her in the arm, "I don't think so," Salvador said to Anna, trying everything possible to get her attention. He kissed the top of her head and then shook her head around with his hands trying to get her attention. Finally, after he shook her head around she moved around, "Oh, sorry, guys," she said and then continued to twirl her straw around, "Um, Liz, is something going on? Because you could tell us, you know, we're kind of your best friends here," Anna said. "Yeah, Anna is one of your best friends; and I am, in a way, your boyfriend, so what's going on?" Salvador asked, "Nothing guys really, just a little lightheaded, I guess," Elizabeth said not meeting their eyes. "A little?" both Salvador and Anna asked in unison. "Look guys, I really don't want to talk about this right now...I have to go," Elizabeth said standing up from the table and trying to head out the door, but Salvador followed her, and put his hand on the door, which stopped her. "What do you want from me?" Elizabeth asked, bursting into tears. She grabbed Salvador pulling him into a hug and sobbing on his shoulder. "What happened?" Salvador asked. "Jessica and I...g-got a letter in the m-mail today, it s- said that w-we are getting rezoned t-to Sweet Valley High, this year!" Elizabeth said sobbing. Just then, Anna ran over grabbing Liz into a hug as the three friends stood there crying together, not knowing what they would do without each other.
--2 Years Later, 11th Grade—
"Hey Jeremy," Jessica greeted her boyfriend with a kiss as she walked onto the school grounds of Sweet Valley High, "Hey," Jeremy said returning the kiss and then giving her a little peck on the cheek, as they walked into the school building, "Jess! Cheer practice after school, 3 pm sharp!" The cheer squad captain, Tia Ramirez, said to her from her locker where she was standing with Elizabeth, Maria, and Andy who were three of her best friends. "Hey Jess," Elizabeth waved to her sister, Jessica waved back and then she and Jeremy parted ways with a kiss and both headed to their lockers. "This year is going to be the year, Sal," Jessica heard a blonde guy who looked like he had just walked off of the beach say to a Hispanic. "Yeah, Big Noise is going to make it big," The guy, Sal, Jessica assumed, said to the beach boy. "Hey Sal," a Chinese-American girl with long straight and silky black hair said walking over to Sal with her fingers laced through a boys who had curly brown hair that went about to his chin. "Hey Anna, Toby," Sal said with a smile, "Hey Blue," The boy who Jessica guessed was Toby, waved back to the blonde who was obviously, Blue. Blue returned the greet and then got into a deep conversation with him about something. Jessica turned back to her locker wondering why she had never seen them before.
"Hey guys," Conner greeted his friends that were standing at Tia's locker. "Hi Conner," Maria said coldly while Elizabeth, Tia, and Andy simply waved. "Hi Conner," a voice said coolly from behind Conner's back, he turned around and faced a girl wearing a very short denim mini skirt with a pair of platform sandals and a tube top that went above her belly button, her long wavy dark brown hair was flowing all around and she was smiling at him curtly. "Hi Lacey," Conner said staring at his feet, "Who's Lacey?" Elizabeth whispered to Tia, "Lacey Frells, she went to school with us back at El Carro, she was like the queen of mean, she had this huge thing for Conner and another guy named Damon, he's a senior," Tia replied. "Yeah, Damon is a pretty keep to himself guy, but he does have a band, with some other guys here, ones a senior and the other two are juniors," Andy said. "Yeah, one of the juniors is right there," Tia said pointing to a boy with beach blonde hair who looked like the perfect description of a surfer, "His names Blue Spicolli, he's a surfer and he lives at the beach, with his older brother Leaf, who makes video games," Andy said, Tia and Elizabeth both stared at Andy wondering how he knew all of that, Andy caught the hint, "He's my lab partner," "And he is so good looking," Maria said with a laugh. Elizabeth smiled at her friend's remark and then looked back at Blue who was now walking down the hall and meeting up with a Spanish guy who also looked like a junior. "They are both very good looking," she said pointing to the two boys. "Yeah, the other one is Salvador Del Valle, he is also in that band that Damon and Blue are in as well as her boyfriend," Tia said pointing to a girl with dark blonde hair that was running to Lacey who was flirting with Conner, "Lacey come on! We're going to be late for class," The girl said, "Alright, bye Conner," Lacey said with a flirtatious wave and then walked off with her friend. "Who was she?" Elizabeth asked, "Kristin Seltzer, she is Lacey's best friend and was one of the other most popular girls at El Carro, it was like her and Lacey vs. Lila and her posse, it was frankly very humorous yet still annoying," Andy said just as the school bell rang. As Andy, Tia, Maria, and Conner head to class Elizabeth stays there trying to fit all the names into place, "Liz, you coming?" Maria asked, "Not right this second," Elizabeth replied, "Well you have thirty seconds to decide if you are or not because if you stand here for any longer than that you'll get a tardy," Maria told her. "Those names sound so familiar," Elizabeth said, "Come one Liz!" Maria said, whenever Elizabeth didn't budge Maria just rolled her eyes and headed off to class, and Elizabeth headed off in search of the faces of the names.
"Oh, my, god, its Lamefield!" Jessica heard a shrilly voice saying from behind her, Jessica, who was standing at her locker, turned around and almost in an instant recognized the sassy face of the one and only, Lacey Frells. "Oh my god," Jessica muttered under her breath, "What are you doing here?" Lacey asked sounding frankly annoyed that one of her least favorite girls in the whole world was in the same school as her-again. "I go to school here, what are you doing here?" Jessica asked slamming her locker shut. "Same, but if I knew you were going here, I would have totally changed schools," Lacey said, saying the word 'you' as if it were a death wish. Just then Lacey shrieked, "Damon, sweetie, there you are!" she exclaimed tugging on the boy with dark brown hair and soft blue eyes onto her arm, Jessica's mouth dropped open, Damon looked so good, he had grown but still had that baby cute face, the one Jessica had fallen in love with back in the eighth grade, he had on a tan T-shirt with a pair of denim jeans, he looked unbearable. "Jessica, you remember Damon, right?" Lacey asked with a shrill in her voice. Damon let loose of the grip Lacey had on his arm and looked at Jessica for a minute, her eyes were practically bugged out of her head, he glanced her up and down, she looked definitely different then the last time he had saw her. He actually had saw her a few weeks ago and thought she was absolutely gorgeous but she was with a guy and he never took it into thought that this was Jessica Wakefield, and one of the most popular girls at Sweet Valley High. Jessica blinked for a minute and gaped, "Uh...uh...yeah," Jessica stammered trying not to look neither of them in the eye. "Yo, Dam-on!" They heard a voice calling from a distance, a boy with sandy blonde shoulder length hair and a girl with dark blonde hair walked towards them, hand in hand. "Hey Brian" Damon said turning to his friend, "Hi Kristin," Lacey said with one of those 'I'm so cool' waves that she always did. "Hey Lace," Kristin said with a smile, "Kristin Seltzer?" Jessica asked finally letting some actual words come out of her mouth instead of just Pig Latin. Kristin turned and glanced at Jessica for a minute, then her eyes lit up and she had a humongous smile on her face, "Jessica!" she squealed as the two old friends tossed themselves into a hug. "Ugh, you can't be serious, come on Damon," Lacey said tugging on Damon's arm, pulling them away, Damon looking at Jessica the whole time.