Un-Equivalent Trade

By: Hakai

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Chap. 1: Körper-Tauschen


"Where did he go?" Edward Elric scowled becoming frustrated with the chase. Pursuing renegade alchemists was definitely not at the top of his 'to do' list. "And why are you here?" The braided boy asked irritably turning to his superior, Roy Mustang.

The colonel shrugged. "If you had to see Hawkeye everyday, you'd want to get away too." Ed sighed. That was just like Roy, trying to ditch work.

"Nii-san, I think he went down one of these paths." Alphonse said indicating three pathways, all going in different directions.

"We'll have to split up." Ed said taking the middle route. Al and Roy nodded as they too took a trail.

Edward didn't really know much about the renegade they were chasing. Aside from his name, Tauschen, there were no records of the man. The reason for his capture? The usual, unlicensed, unauthorized, illegal experimentations. Ed sighed. Really. Why did this people never learn? Don't do stupid things or it causes more paperwork for him!

Edward concentrated and opened all his senses. The trees were starting to thin, meaning the forest was opening up. As Ed ran out of the forest he heard familiar footsteps to the right. Through his peripheral vision he caught a hint of blue cloth. The shock nearly threw him off balance. "Taisa?!"

"Edward-kun. Seems our paths cross once again." Roy joked.

Ed scowled. He would have made some witty comeback, if not for the ground below his feet coming to a sudden halt. "Cliff…!" He gasped over the rushing of water. He looked up. The colonel too had come to a sudden halt. But not so much because of a cliff. It was the sight in front of him. A man sat cross-legged at the cliff's most prominent edge.

"Tauschen." Roy called quietly. The man stood up, his back still to them. "Don't do anything stupid."

The man turned towards Roy and Ed. He studied them for awhile, determining what action would be best. He gave them a maniacal smile, right before his body plummeted into the rapids below.

Roy and Ed rushed to where he had once been standing. But it was pointless. "Nii-san…?" Ed heard Al call from somewhere in the distance. He sighed.

"Mission 'Körper-Tauschen', completed." Ed proclaimed as he stood up. "Guess that wraps things up here. Let's head back, Al." The braided boy said turning to his younger brother.

Alphonse nodded. "Are you coming, Taisa?" He asked turning to their dark haired colonel.

Roy shook his head. "I've got more work to do in the office."

Ed sighed again thinking of all the paperwork a suicide case would cause. Roy laughed. "What now?"

"They say every time you sigh you shrink a little. Could that be why you are so small, Edward-kun?"

Ed would have attacked Roy if Al hadn't held him back. "Nii-san." Al warned.

Roy laughed again. "I'll have someone identify his body later. You Elrics, however, are dismissed." And with that said Colonel Roy Mustang left the Elric Brothers alone.

Ed, having calmed down now, let out a sigh. Immediately he clapped his hands over his mouth, as if trying to keep it in. Al laughed. "C'mon. Let's go home, Al."


"If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge? Revenge is sweet, or so they say. Let's find out, shall we?" Someone whispered into the night.


Colonel Roy Mustang had worked late into the night. The body of Tauschen had been identified and taken care of. But there was still much work to be done in the office. Both related and unrelated. Therefore, Roy had decided to, yet again, to plop himself onto the couch in his office and spend the night.

At least that's where he thought he had fallen asleep. But with the confusion of the day before, he could very well had been mistaken. For he woke up in an unfamiliar bed under an unfamiliar ceiling.

He tried to shake if off, but his pounding headache wouldn't let him. As he sat up the door to the room opened to reveal, "Alphonse…?" He asked groggily.

"Good, you're awake. Breakfast is ready." Roy looked at him confused. "Still got a headache? Why don't you go wash up." Al suggested before leaving to the kitchen.

Wash up? Roy thought. Well, it was as good an idea as any, considering he had none. Slowly, with half-lidded eyes, Roy made his way to the bathroom. Something didn't feel right. He now recognized this place as the Elric's rented apartment. He had been here just once before. But somehow…. Somehow it felt different this time. Come to think of it, he felt different. But then, it could just be because of his headache.

He stumbled into the bathroom and had to catch himself on the basin. "Oww…" He moaned. Looking down to see what he had tripped on. His eyes widened. Something was wrong. His left foot. No, his left leg from the mid-thigh down was, "Automail." He looked at his right hand. Automail again.

With sudden realization he looked up into the mirror. Staring back at him with the same shocked expression he knew he had was, Edward Elric.

Roy clamped a hand over his mouth to prevent a scream he felt was coming.

"It must be a dream." He told himself, finally calming down enough to think. "Ha. I even sound like Fullmetal. Not a dream, but a horrible nightmare."


"Nii-san, are you feeling better?" Alphonse asked. Roy nodded, only vaguely hearing Al's voice. "Breakfast's ready. And please, drink your milk this time." Roy nodded again as he sat down. Silently he picked up the fork and slowly chewed on the eggs. Pretty good for a something cooked by a suit of armor. Roy thought.

He glanced at the milk. It was his favorite drink when he was a child, but he hadn't drank it since. Putting his fork down, he reached out for the bottle and brought it to his mouth. But before he could taste it, he heard the desperate cry of, "STOP! DON'T DRINK THE MILK!!!" Roy and Al both looked up to see what appeared to be Roy Mustang barging through the doorway.

Alphonse recovered first. "What's wrong, Taisa?"

"I'm not--" he tried but cut himself off upon seeing "Ed" drinking the bottle of milk. "You! What d'you think you're doing?!" He exclaimed in a very "un-Roy-ish" manner.

Roy looked up. "I'm guessing you're Edward. Am I right?"

"Of course! And you," He pointed an accusing figure at the blond who outwardly looked like Edward. "you just put that awful milk into my body!!"

Roy shrugged. Ed glowered. Al fainted.

A/N: I got the "They say every time you sigh, you shrink a little." from 'Girl Got Game'. so credit to that line goes there. At there is a quote on revenge I took from somewhere too. So credit goes to them. Please comment and tell me how it is? Sankyuu!