Hoy their fellow fan ficcers. Well for those of you who normally read my ficcies I just want to warn you that this ain't one of my normal fics. Well…it is and it isn't. As usual it's a romance fic, and of course I added my character love triangle spice to it, however, this fic happens to be a…..Yaoi

*lowers head in shame*

Yeah lately I've been reading a lot of Yaoi fics, and well I realized once you get past the fact that it's boy on boy (which I prefer A LOT over girl on girl), it's not that bad. As a matter a fact some of the best Yugioh fics out there are Yaoi! I guess it's because there is a lack of female characters, and the way the boys personalities clash is so much more interesting than the girls and boys...besides I like the guy characters a lot better J I've also found that the older I get, the more desensitized I've become to things like this…No wonder most old people are depicted as perverts!

Besides I got tired of writing Anzu, Shizuka, Mai and whoever fics. I tried to come up with new ideas, but they all ended up seeming the same! Oh yeah, I did write a SetoxMai fic, and a Bakura/Ryou/Shizuka fic, I just haven't posted them yet, so be on the lookout for that!

Anyho if you don't like Yaoi (boyxboy) then don't read. However, for the rest of you who don't give a damn (like me) ENJOY!!!

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360 Degree Bermuda Love Triangle

Chp1. Ship into Cruise Control

"What's this?" Blinked the tri-haired boy as he tried to focus on the paper that had just been shoved into his face.

The blonde's grin only widened, as he tried to contain a giddy laugh, but failed. "It's a contest Yugi! With a great grand prize!" Blurted Jonouchi, as he could no longer hold in his excitement. Yugi raised a brow questionably towards his friend, but was once again met with the bold print plastered across the flyer Jonouchi was now shoving into his face.

"You see I found an ad in this gaming magazine, which has recently developed a new game. However, they claimed that during the development of this game, they accidentally created one puzzle in particular that they have been unable to solve. Therefore, in attempt to gain publicity, they have claimed that this new puzzle is unsolvable, and that no one, not even their top scientist have been able to solve it."

"Ohh, well that's sounds pretty interesting." Smiled Yugi faintly as he finally managed to bat the piece of paper out of his face.

"Oh, but I haven't even gotten to the best part yet!!! Since none of their hotshot coats have been able to solve this bad boy, they have decided to post a challenge in this magazine stating that if anyone can solve their 'unsolvable puzzle,' they will give that person and 4 of his friends an all expense paid trip on Japan's newest, top of the line cruise liner, plus some other great prizes!!!"

"……." Yugi stared up at his friend blankly, unable to find any words to respond with. No, the boy was too transfixed by the way his blonde friend was now perched up on his desk, only a few millimeters from his face. If only he had enough guts just too reach out and….

'No! I could never do that!' Scolded Yugi as he internally berated himself for the slight blush that began to cover his cheeks. Little to the knowledge of the blonde suggestively slumped out over his desk, Yugi had a huge crush on his best friend.

At first the smaller boy tried to deny it. Tried to logically reason with his feelings. What person didn't have a few minor fantasies about his or her best friend? Besides your family, no one could ever get closer to you than your friends…especially a person's best friend. They were honest understandable feelings, right? Well at least that was what Yugi kept telling himself the moment he first started to have questionable feelings towards Jonouchi.

Ever since the two of them had become friends, Jonouchi had become a very special part of Yugi's life. Through the good times, the bad times, and even the impossible times where Yugi thought he would lose it all, Jonouchi had been their for him. So naturally Yugi couldn't help but fall in love with the blonde. Besides, Yugi loved all of his friends. However, when these seemingly innocent feelings Yugi was starting to have, began to surpass his secret romantic feelings for Anzu, Yugi knew that his little problem had become so much more.

No, Yugi had to finally come to grips with the bitter truth. He was madly in love with Jonouchi. There was no way he could ever look at his friend in any way differently now. This being realized, Yugi's relationship towards Jonouchi had completely changed. Instead of feeling open and comfortable around his friend, Yugi often times found himself feeling uneasy and clumsy. It was harder to talk to him, and every time Jonouchi was near, Yugi usually found himself blushing or at a loss for words.

Yugi never had this problem around Anzu! No his feelings for Jonouchi were just much stronger. Lucky for him, his blonde friend was just too dense or naïve to realize Yugi's sudden change in character. Then again if he was aware of this he sure didn't show it.

"Oh please Jonouchi. Magazine companies are always puttin up ads like these. No one ever wins them. They're all just fixed."

Yugi was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts as Honda came up behind him and snatched Jonouchi's paper out of his hand.

"Well how would you know?" Snapped Jonouchi errantly as he made a grab of the paper, but failed.

"Because he probably enters them all the time himself." Smiled Anzu as she sat on the desk next to Jonouchi. Yugi's heart did a double take, as the two people in the world he loved the most were now decked out across his desk. "And I bet you want Yugi to solve this puzzle for you because you're too retarded to do it yourself, and then reap off Yugi's victory by coming along on this cruise with him."

Jonouchi glared at the brunet defensively before he decided to ignore her remark and return his attention to Yugi. "I didn't get to that part yet, but yeah, that's basically it…minus one being retarded remark. So what do you say Yug?"

"Well…" Mumbled Yugi uneasily as he willed away his blush.

"Whoa wait a minute! It cost 10,000 yen to enter this constest." Exclaimed Honda as he finally finished reading over the ad.

"Ohhh, I see. So it's like that." Chuckled Anzu lightly, earning another irritated glance from Jonouchi. "This is just another one of those contest scams that's a pitiful attempt at ripping every idiot who enters the contest off. Of course it's an unsolvable puzzle. They rig them that way so they can steal your money "

"Man Jonouchi! Why do you always let yourself get suckered into things like this?" Chuckled Honda as he tossed the ad form idly onto Yugi's desk.

Jonouchi was now beyond the point of anger as, much to Yugi's disappointment, Jonouchi snapped up off the desk, nearly knocking Anzu down in the process. "You guys can laugh all you want, but I have faith Yugi can do this!" Thundered the blonde as he balled his fist up tightly. He then suddenly snapped his hand into his pocket and slammed a wad full of wrinkled money onto Yugi's desk! "It's not 10,000 yen, but it's all I have, but I know it's not a waist because I believe in Yugi, and money is no object to me when compared to my faith in him!"

Yugi couldn't help but blush even more deeply than before, as he took in Jonouchi's words silently. The boy had no idea how much pressure he was putting on both Yugi's heart and his pants.

"I agree." Replied a quiet voice as a pale white hand added a few more bills to Jonouchi's messy pile.

"Ryou?" Gasped Yugi, as he stared up into his friends calming brown eyes.

"Well if you're going to put it that way." Smiled Anzu as she also reached in her purse and added a few more yen to the heap. "I would never doubt Yugi. It's just this magazine company that I don't trust."

All eyes suddenly turned towards Honda, as everyone except Yugi stared at him expectantly. "What!" Exclaimed the boy as he blinked back at them wildly. "FINE!" Snapped Honda as he finally fished into his pocket and pulled out an equally wrinkled mess of money. "If it were anyone but Yugi." He grumbled as he tossed his share into stack of yen.

"There a 2500 yen four way split. No need for you to add any though Yugi. All you have to do is work your magic." Smiled Jonouchi reassuringly.

"Well…." Trailed Yugi as he stared at the pile of money and then back at his friend. Something in middle of Yugi's chest thumped, as he made contact with Jonouchi's reassuring eyes; Eyes that had Yugi only reinforcing his feelings for the blonde all over again.

'For you Jou…I would do anything….'

"Fine! I'll do it!" Nodded Yugi, as he finally managed to find the words to answer his friend with.

"Great! I knew I could count on you!" Jeered Jonouchi in triumph.

"Would you mind keeping it down mutt-face!" Sneered a familiarly haughty voice.

"Butt out Kaiba! This don't even concern you!" Barked Jonouchi as he glared back at the irritated looking brunet.

"It does when I can hear your conversation halfway across the room. Some of us do come to school to learn something!" Smirked Seto as he stared at the language book on Jonouchi's desk that appeared to have never been open that year.

"Well it is lunch time right now and most 'normal' people take this time to eat and talk to their friends." Frowned Jonouchi back.

"Tch." Scoffed Seto as he rolled his eyes in a direction away from Jonouchi's heated glare.

"Ohhh, but you don't have any friends, do you money bags?" Added Jonouchi with a smug smile.

"That's not true." Blurted Yugi before he had time to catch himself.

"Why? Because you're my friend?" Snapped Seto, as he quickly transformed the barely visible hurt in his eyes, to that of his character conceit. "Please Mutou, wake up to reality. There's no way I'd ever be friends with a group of idiots like you."

"Aye now jackass! Don't you talk to Yugi like that!!" Barked Jonouchi as he noticed the injured look on Yugi's face.

"Or?" Smirked Seto as he stood up from his desk in a challenging motion.

"Or else I'll-"

"Gentlemen that'll be quite enough, now please take your seats. Class will be starting now." Interrupted the teacher, as she made her way into the classroom just in time to break the two boys up.

"You got lucky this time." Muttered Jonouchi under his breath.

"If when you say lucky you mean I don't have to look at your stupid face anymore, then yes, puppy, I do thank luck. Now be a good little boy, and sit down, and maybe, just maybe the teacher will give you a treat."

"Why you." Hissed Jonouchi as he waved his fist into the air suggestively.

"Mr. Kaiba!" Boomed the teacher angrily, as she heard his snide remark. Seto merely threw the teacher one of his infamous Kaiba glares, causing the woman to recoil a bit. He then snapped his back to everyone and made his way to his seat without another word.

Everyone else followed the brunet's lead as they all reluctantly made there way to their seats, thankful that Jonouchi and Seto's argument didn't have time to escalate.

Jonouchi, however, had his mind set on completely different thoughts as he landed in his seat with a dreary thud and promptly slammed his forehead on his desk. He then buried his face into his arms and groaned.

The teacher glared at the boy angrily and made a mental note to give him detention as she realized that Jonouchi was getting a head start on falling asleep during her lecture. However, little to her knowledge, or anyone else's, Jonouchi did not have his head buried in his desk because he was about to fall a sleep. No, the boy was only feigning the act of disobedience in an attempt to hide his oncoming tears.

'What is wrong with me? Why does it always have to be like this? Why is it the only thing the two of us ever do is argue?' Cursed Jonouchi in the back of his mind. As much as it pained him to admit it, the way Jonouchi acted towards Seto was the complete opposite of what he felt for the brunet in his heart.

Jonouchi wasn't sure when it happened, but somewhere behind all the arguments and fights, Jonouchi started to develop feelings for Kaiba. Sure he was very attractive, hell, probably by far the most attractive person in their school, but there was much more to Jonouchi's affections then just shallow attraction. Something about Seto had captivated the blonde. The way his heart pumped, or his pulse raced every time he was near Kaiba, was enough to drive the boy wild, and it usually did. That was the reason why Jonouchi got so easily riled up every time Seto opened his mouth and acknowledged him.

At first Jonouchi was sure it was just because he hated the brunet. His overly audacious pride was enough to drive any person to rage! Seto was rude, arrogant, calculating, heartless, and sometimes just downright cruel! However, there was something about him that just sent chills down Jonouchi's spine.

Despite all his bad qualities, Jonouchi still admired Seto's overbearing confidence, determination, and strength. He also couldn't overlook that fact that Seto could have a big heart, when he wanted to. Jonouchi had witnessed this display all too many times before when Kaiba had run off to rescue Mokuba. It reminded Jonouchi a lot of his relationship with Shizuka, and with that being said, Jonouchi knew Seto had to have a big heart. He just happened to have a really big exclusive heart! If only Jonouchi could get Seto to open up to him….

'Yeah right! Like that would ever happen. The stupid jerk hates me!" Jonouchi silently sniffled at the thought as a few more tears hit his desk. 'No, Katsuya! Just forget about him. There's no point in crying over nothing, because that's exactly what you and Kaiba have….nothing.'


"Aibou...what are you doing?" Questioned the crimson-eyed boy, as he bent out over his lighter half's desk.

Yugi let out a weary groan is he leaned back in his chair and stared up into his Yami's confused scarlets. "Work." Drawled Yugi as his face fell and hit his desk with a defeated thud.

"I've never seen you work this hard on your homework before…do you have one of those test things again?" Questioned Yami, as he attempted to make out what Yugi was doing.

"No Yami, it's not school work at all…it's something a little more…special." Yami tilted his head with more confusion, as a slightly dreamy look covered Yugi's face followed by a surge of wistful emotions, which had flowed through their mind link.

"You see there's this contest, and if I solve this puzzle here, we will all win." Yami briefly examined the paper Yugi had been working on for the last couple of days, before he redirected his gaze towards Yugi's dimming eyes. "Yami, everyone is depending on me, and this also means a lot to Jonouchi."

"Jonouchi?" Questioned Yami a bit harder than he had intended. "Oh…..I see." Trailed the spirit as he set the paper back down and turned his back to his Hikari. He then opened his mouth to say something, but retracted the idea just before he clutched the sennen puzzle around his neck, and frowned.

"Well….good luck Yugi." Smiled Yami weakly before he retreated back to his soul room. Yugi knew there was something wrong, however before he could voice his concerns, Yami was gone quicker than lightning, and had completely shut his mind link off with the boy.

"Yami…" Trailed Yugi, before he finally recovered from the strange moment that had just past between them and went back to working on his puzzle.


"You lose."

"I lost." Echoed Seto as he fell to his knees and hung his head down in shame. The brunet was now on the verge of tears, but refused to cry as he continued to stare at the ground in a daze. It had been a long time since he felt the pangs of defeat, yet no matter how many times he did, it was always to the same person, and each time it only got harder and harder for Kaiba to come to grips with.

"And now…you must play a penalty game." Smirked the dark figure.

Seto felt his blood freeze, as recollections of past penalty games, which had left the brunet cowering in his bed a night, or edging towards the brink of insanity, flooded his mind. However, Seto's rival never usually subjected him to such torturous consequences unless he did something wrong.

"P-penalty game?" Seto finally stammered as he realized his victor was now towering over him, bathed in the shadows that had suddenly conquered the entire dueling area.

"Yes." Drawled the darker boy as he leaned towards Seto slowly. The brunet subconsciously backed away from his prowler, causing Kaiba to lean backwards on his back, using his arms as the only leverage propping him up from the ground. He then shut his eyes tightly with anticipation before they reflexively popped back open.

Yami was now straddling the brunet's waist and was attempting to claim Seto's lips as his own. Seto opened his mouth in protest, but realized his flaw a little too late as Yami quickly ravished his mouth.

Now Seto wasn't sure what to do as he continued to stare back at Yami in pure shock. However with each passing second something in the pit of Seto's chest began to burn as the thoughts of his mind slowly began to slip away and his eyes fell shut. 'No I can't lose my-UMPH!!'

Seto's resolve was now completely lost as Yami ground his hips into Seto, causing an intense heat to flare through the brunet's veins and race straight to his groin. "Oh gods…" Groaned Seto, as their kiss was momentarily broken. He then began to desperately pant for air just before his lips were attacked with twice as much zeal.

However, this time Seto fought the kiss with just as much force, determined to not lose this duel. The brunet had to admit that at this point he really didn't care what was going on. The feelings that were now coursing through him were far too overwhelming for Seto to concern himself with reason. Besides, who was he to argue with the very sexy duelist who was now tousled in his lap, making motions with his pelvis that had Seto's own body reacting in ways he never knew possible?

Seto soon felt his lungs burn as he leaned further down towards the ground while Yami continued to forcefully push up against him fingers trailing down his chest. His arms then began to shudder with fatigue as Seto clumsily fell over backwards onto his back. This however, did not deter him from his determination to beat Yugi at their 'duel', however roaming hands that had made their way towards Seto's pants finally did him in.

"Mmff!" Gasped Seto, as he once again fell prey to defeat at Yami's 'err' hands.

"Well Seto, if you're going to keep losing to me, I will just have to be forced to keep challenging you to penalty games." Smirked Yami as he finally broke their kiss.

"Hmm," Mewled Seto back as he finally managed to catch his breath. "Well I think I can stand to keep playing penalty games like this."

Yami's smile only widened at the remark as he finally managed to undo Seto's pants. "Well then…let's see if you can win this battle!"

"NIIISSSAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!" Seto instantly toppled over backwards out his desk as he landed on the floor with a loud and painful crash. He then stared at his feet in a daze, as he still seemed to be taking in what was going on.

"Mokuba?" Murmured Seto as he finally caught his breath.

"Seto are you alright?" Questioned Mokuba through large concerned violets.

"I…." Trailed Seto as he ran his fingers through his sweaty hair. "Where am I?"

"Seto you fell asleep at your desk." Smiled Mokuba as he helped his brother off the ground. "But I think you were having a nightmare. You kept thrashing and moaning in your sleep."

"I was!?!" Blurted Seto as he quickly turned around in order to hide his blush. "Yeah I was…." Mokuba raised a brow towards his brother, as he realized Seto was talking as if he had just decided on that answer.

"Well thank you for waking me up." Now Mokuba was even more wary towards his brother's tone, as it appeared a slight bit of bitterness had slipped out of Kaiba's mouth. He then walked out of his study without out another word and headed towards the kitchen.

'Not again…why do I keep having that same dream!' Cursed Seto mentally. 'Sure Yami is pretty good looking, intricate, mischievous, alluring, sexy….ACK what is wrong with me. Ever since I first had this dream I can't seem to get that stupid pharaoh out of my head. But he's my rival, and the only person who has ever fairly defeated me in battle! The only person who has ever bested me…the only person who has equaled and then surpassed me…the only person besides Mokuba that I-"

"Seto…are you sure you're alright?" Frowned Mokuba.

"Hn…SHIT!" Thundered Seto as he pulled his hand back in pain. He had been so preoccupied with his thoughts, Seto didn't even notice the fact that the cup of coffee he had been pouring was now overflowing and spilling it's steaming hot liquid everywhere.

"I must still be a little tired." Reassured Seto as he wiped up his mess and then slumped down in the nearest stool.

"If you say so." Mumbled Mokuba just before his eyes suddenly lit up. "Oh yeah! Seto guess what!"

"You know I loath guessing games." Scowled Seto as he continued to stare down at his cup.

"I was checking the mail today and guess what I found!"

"You've been opening my mail again." Muttered Seto apathetically, as he didn't seem to be entirely listening to Mokuba.

"Yeah, but well that's besides the point! You see I found something really interesting." Seto shrugged signaling Mokuba to continue on. "We got two free passes to that new top of the line cruise liner that will be premiering next week!"

"….." Seto made no attempt to reply, as the idea of going on a cruise somehow sounded familiar to him.

"You see, it would appear that Kaibacorp had bought out a small fraction of the stalk that invested in the development of this project, and the owners of the company have decided to give out tickets to all it's buyers as thanks."

"So…" Drawled Seto.

"So can we-"

"I don't have time to go on a cruise Mokuba." Sighed Seto as he cut his brother off the instant he realized where he was getting at.

"But Seeetooo." Whined Mokuba in his sweetest voice.

"If it means so much to you then you can go, and I'll have someone else go as your chaperon."

"But I want you to go. It wouldn't be the same if someone else did!" Protested Mokuba as he realized his infamous puppy dog look was not working.

"I'm sorry Mokuba, but I can't and that's that! There is just no way you're going to get me to go on this cruise so just save it."


"Ahh….Yugi." Smiled the spirit as he stood over his smaller half's sleeping form. He then trailed his fingers through Yugi's hair as he admired the boy's sweet features. Although it sounded a bit disturbing, Yami often times enjoyed spending hours on end watching Yugi sleep.

Any other time of day, Yami could never get away with staring at Yugi so deeply and for such a long time. Yami loved to watch Yugi, and even though he was able to do it freely from his soul room, sometimes constantly watching a person's heart, wasn't the same as watching their face.

Even though it was Yugi's heart he admired most, Yami also revered the boy's sweet features; a face that was almost identical to his own, yet so much more serene, and peaceful to gaze at. The only down side to Yami's midnight stalking was the fact that he couldn't see Yugi's soft alluring amethyst eyes. They were a part of Yugi that Yami loved best.

"My Hikari…" Sighed the spirit as he knelt down beside his other half and leaned his face on the desk next to Yugi's. "When was it exactly that I fell in love with you…."

Yami's smile faded, as he inched his way closer towards Yugi's face, their lips only millimeters apart. However, Yami quickly jerked to his feet, as he cursed himself for his actions. 'Had I been but a second later….'

'What is wrong with me! Yugi is my Hikari! It is my job to protect him, and guide him, and nothing more!' Scolded the spirit, as he didn't seem to realize he was pacing around the room. However, no matter how much the spirit tried to deny it, he knew there was no way he could fight the facts. He was deeply in love with Yugi!

From the moment their hearts first connected, Yami knew that Yugi was his eternal soul mate, and just not in away that Yugi considered it. Yugi was his light, his other half, his savior! The person who had rescued him from the very shadows that had threatened to forever consume Yami's soul. 

No, Yugi meant so much more to Yami, and the spirit wanted nothing else in the world than to have the boy for his very own, but there was just no way he could let Yugi know it. Compared to his dark soul, Yugi was just too pure, and innocent for Yami to deserve. Besides what could a person like Yami offer someone like Yugi? Sure he won a few duels for Yugi, and he would sacrifice his life for the boy without a second thought, but Yami had come to realize that there was so much more to being in love than complete one-sided devotion. It also didn't help that Yugi was madly in love with Jonouchi.

Yeah, Yami knew it. No matter how hard Yugi tried to hide it, there was no way the boy could hide something like pure feelings of love from the spirit. Yami knew the feelings all too well himself, and he had also come to realize that the feelings Yugi had for him, were of no match to the feelings he had for Jonouchi. They were two completely different kinds of love, and for that Yami couldn't help but resent the blonde.

Sure he loved Jonouchi and revered him as his best friends, but due to no fault of his own, Yami couldn't help but feel spite towards him. He had stolen the heart of the one person Yami cared the most about, and was too blind to even realize it! If only the blonde knew how lucky he was!

Yami let out a deep sigh as he continued to admire Yugi through saddened crimsons. His eyes then caught attention to the paper Yugi had been working so intently on. "He's almost finished…but not quite…and the due date of this is tomorrow."

"Yami, everyone is depending on me, and this also means a lot to Jonouchi." Yami remained silent as Yugi's earlier words echoed through his mind.

"So you're doing this for Jonouchi…." Murmured Yami with a tinge of resent. "But if it means so much to you…then no matter what the reason…this also means a lot to me." replied the spirit as he scooped Yugi up in his arms. The boy stirred a bit, but made no attempt to awake as Yami gently laid Yugi onto his bed and then sat down at Yugi's desk.

"Hmm…what an interesting game." Smirked Yami as he went to work at Yugi's puzzle.


"Here it is!" Chuckled Jonouchi as he waved an envelope over Yugi's head.

"Jonouchi, is that another request for a parent teacher conference? What did you do this time?" Sighed Yugi as he tried to give his friend a scolding look, but failed and ended up staring at him hazily instead. The smirk Jonouchi was giving him was just too cute.

"No Yugi. You know my dad would never go to one of those things. He doesn't give a shit about what I do." Frowned Jonouchi, before his smile reappeared. "I just got this in the mail today! It's the results from the contest we entered."

"You mean that waste of 2500 yen, that you duped me into losing, by using Yugi as a pity weapon." Scoffed Honda as he and Ryou came up to see what was going on.

"So what does it say?" Questioned Yugi.

"Well I don't know. I didn't want to open it without you around Yugi." Yugi felt his face burn at the comment as he lowered his head towards his desk in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

"Well don't just sit there. Open it already!" Exclaimed Ryou excitedly.

"Aye now…patience Ryou. Things like this need a bit of a delicate touch." Replied Jonouchi in a matter-o-fact tone. He then held the envelope in the air suggestively as though he were about to open it but was waiting for enough suspense to build up. Honda began to tap his foot on the floor impatiently, only causing Jonouchi to grin more widely.

"Yeah. Like a delicate woman's touch." Smirked Anzu as she snatched the envelope out of Jonouchi's hand, and literally ripped it open.

"Delicate who?" Muttered Jonouchi sarcastically.

"So Anzu…did we win?" Questioned Jonouchi as he and everyone else watched the brunet read over the letter silently.

"Patience Jonokun. Things like this need delicacy." Stated Anzu in a mock tone. Jonouchi snorted in response, as he wondered how every thing he said always seemed to come back at him. "But if you must know….yes we did."

"WHAT!?!" Exclaimed Honda.

"Ya! Now what!" Cheered Jonouchi as he all but leapt in the air with triumph.

"Wow this is so exciting." Gasped Ryou as he reread over the paper in an attempt to alleviate his disbelief.

"So now what do you say Honda, Anzu?" Grinned Jonouchi as he stared back at the two baffled brunets.

"Well I guess I'll admit that one of your schemes worked this time Jonokun." Smiled Anzu.

"Whatever man! I still say you're a dope, but at least you're a dope who won us a trip on a cruise!" Cheesed Honda back as he slapped Jonouchi across the back. Jonouchi returned the slap as he and Honda began to dance around Yugi's desk with excitement.

"Just think about it Jonouchi! One whole week of tropical paradise." Grinned Honda as he began picture their trip.

"Yeah with free food!" Exclaimed Jonouchi.

"And fancy rooms." Continued Honda.

"And free food!" Echoed Jonouchi.

"And late night parties."

"And free food!"

"And babes galore!"

"And free food!"

"And girls in bikinis."

"And free fo-" Jonouchi paused as a very vivid image suddenly ran through his mind. "And girls in bikinis!"

"Oh yeah man! I can't wait!" Triumphed the two boys simultaneously as they did their signature high five.

"Nobody wanted to believe me, but who's the man now?" Laughed Jonouchi as he put Honda in a headlock and began to ruffle up the taller boys hair.

"Yugi is." Replied Anzu as she noticed that Yugi's face had suddenly grown quite depressed. Little did she know, Jonouchi's and Honda's last comment about girls had left the boy feeling a little let down.  "Thanks Yugi."

"Oh sure thing." Smiled Yugi back weakly.

"Well of course we owe this all to you man! Thanks Yug! I promise we'll all have a blast!!" Assured Jonouchi as he gave Yugi a huge hug of appreciation. Yugi began to blush furiously, before he suddenly jerked out of Jonouchi's grasp, earning himself a few queer glances.

"Yugi?" Questioned Jonouchi with a slightly hurt expression.

"I…umm" Stammered Yugi, as he tried to think of something to say. How was he going to explain to everyone that if Jonouchi held him any longer, he might have jumped his friend? "Well I'm not entirely to thank. If it weren't for Yami I would have never finished the puzzle in time."

"Well then once we see him, we'll be sure to thank him too. Besides you know we got to get his butt to come along with us!" Shrugged Jonouchi as he decided he was looking into Yugi's strange behavior too much.

"Well then it's settled! Next week we're all going to be goin on a cruise!"

"Hmm…" Hummed Seto as he couldn't help, but over hear the loud conversation just a few desk away from him. "So the idiots actually won their silly trip…wait a minute…did they say Yami is coming too….well then….I guess I better call Mokuba after class and let him know that next week, we're going on a cruise."

To be continued…

Ahhhhhh how I do adore those love triangles!! This situation in particular, because everyone is in love with somebody who doesn't love them back! Hmm, but when I'm done with these guys, all of that will change.

So do you all like? Good? Bad? To tell you the truth this is my first attempt at a Yaoi, but I think I'm doing all right. Besides I had the idea for a story like this long before I decided I wouldn't mind writing Yaoi. Ohh I have such plans for my little boys, but as far as who will end up with who…I kind of have an idea, but it's not too late to try and persuade me in another direction. Either way someone isn't going to end up with someone they originally wanted to be with, and someone else might, or maybe everyone might end up with the last person you'd expect. Hmm, I dunno. Momo is just indecisive like that.

Well as always your opinions and thoughts always mean so much to me, so REVIEW, and let me know if you guys love me…or hate me, which ever you prefer…I hope no one hates me…that would suck…*sniff*

Yugi loves Jono. Jono loves Seto. Seto loves Yami, and Yami loves Yugi! So what happens when our unlikely lovers go on a cruise and end up trapped together on a deserted island? One screwed up love triangle! YJ YYY SYY JS you decide!