Title: Why

Disclaimer: Don't any of them........

Authors notes: This is my first Seaquest fic, so be kind, oh and please excuse my spelling and grammar- I don't have a beta reader, and English is not my strong suit- but I try.

Oh and there are going to be lots of flashbacks- and this is in the first season.


Chapter 1

Five year old Lucas sat on his bedroom floor, working on his invention. He couldn't wait to show his parents it, when everyone would be happy.

He was so absorbed in his invention that he failed to see the warning signs...

After two minutes, Lucas started to cough. At first he thought that he was getting sick, but that idea quickly faded as he saw the smoke, seeping through the door.

He dropped his invention, and quickly went to the door. He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"MOMMY, DADDY!" Lucas cried.

No one answered.

The smoke began to fill the room, Lucas saw the angry red glow from the fire, just outside the door. He turned looking at his options.

None of his inventions would help, the bed wouldn't do anything, the window....

He quickly moved his chair to the window, so that he could open it. When he looked down, all hope left. It was just to high.

Left with no option, Lucas went in the middle of the room.

"MOMMY! DADDY," Lucas shouted.

No one came.

Smoke now filled the room, Lucas started to cough as his lungs burnt from lack of oxygen.

"mommy, please....help...." Lucas said as he fell to the ground with a coughing fit.

Tears fell from his face, as he battled to breathe.


He said as he fell into a deep sleep.


Hey, sorry about ending it like this. Don't worry I'll write more, and everything would be explained. Hope you like it.