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Chapter three

"That won't be necessary," a voice said.

Bridger felts his blood boil when he saw Lawrence Wolenczak standing in the door way.

"What do you mean?" Bridger demanded.

Lawrence moved out the door way for the paramedics to come in.

Nathan felt a little bad, for jumping to conclusions.

"Captain Bridger, thank you for taking care of my son, you may leave now," Lawrence said.

Everyone stood there dumfounded.

"Excuse me?" Nathan asked.

"From this moment, You are no longer to have any contact with Lucas," Lawrence said seriously.

"You can't do that! Lucas is part of the crew!" Kirsten argued.

"Not any more," Lawrence answered.

"You can't do that!" Ben argued.

"I'm his father, I can do what ever I can!" Lawrence shouted.

"Lucas is part of the crew. He has to resign," Nathan said.

"Not if he is a child, and he is still officially a civilian," Lawrence said with a grin.

They watched as the medics tie Lucas down to the stretcher, before picking him up.

"You can't!" Ben said angrily.

"Good bye Bridger, I shall see that SeaQuest is sponsored," Lawrence said as he left with the unconscious Lucas.

Everyone turned to see Nathan just standing there, watching them leave.

"What are we going to do Sir?" Ben asked.

"Everything we can, Lt, everything we can," Nathan promised.

Everyone felt hope when they heard the deadly tone in Nathan's voice. They knew that Nathan would move Heaven and Earth for Lucas, and that he wasn't going to just sit there.


Hmm....what's happening, you may ask. Why is Lawrence so interested in Lucas all of a sudden? why take Lucas off seaquest? What's wrong with Lucas? What is Bridger going to do?

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