Seduction of Darkness

DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Rowling and Whedon rock!

SUMMARY: BTVS/HP crossover (kinda getting a pattern here)

PAIRING: All will be revealed later on.

NOTES: I've only ever seen this pairing once before, but I wanted to see if I could write one myself and make it believable. Let me know how I do, kay?

SETTINGS: This is set in a completely Alternate Universe. Just read it, you'll find out. No yelling for continuity stuff…there's a reason that I'm making the deaths of James a Lily a teeny bit later in life.

SECOND SUMMARY: One was raised by muggles, the other raised by Death-Eaters, but both were the children of Lily and James Potter.

SECOND NOTE: So, hey, I can't be bothered re-writing the books, so I'll be jumping around a fair whack. I'll try and give you some notice for when we change books, but as a general rule, it's not going to be linear. If it happens in the books, it happens in here, I just won't mention it.



"It's quiet tonight," James whispered, pressing a soft kiss to the top of his wife's head, smiling as he inhaled the scent of strawberries and cream.

"Which just shows which of us spent the last hour trying to get Harry and Ellie to actually sleep," Lily replied, teasing her husband in good humour.

James just chuckled softly and pulled Lily into a tighter embrace. Lily sighed happily, completely content within the arms of her husband, and the knowledge that her two children were asleep in the next room.

"Who was fussing?" James asked.

"Harry," Lily replied. "He wanted to stay in Ellie's bed tonight."

James eyebrows furrowed. "He always hated sharing with Ellie," he commented.

"It was strange," Lily agreed. "The last time that happened was when Ellie got that really bad cold."

"And Ellie hates the Healers for some reason," James said, a smile that only a parent can smile on his face as he thought about his fussy daughter who screamed whenever she was taken to see a Healer.

"She hates the Healers because they couldn't help your mum," Lily said softly.

James nodded sadly, both at the real reason of his daughter's fear of Healers, and at the reminder of his now dead mother. She'd been sick and the Healers hadn't been able to do anything for her. Ellie had been in with her when her grandmother had died.

"Let's just hope she isn't sick then," James said.

Lily nodded and snuggled closer to her husband, loving how safe she felt whenever she was in his arms. When it was just them and their two children it felt as though nothing in the world could go wrong. It was possible to forget about the war that was going on throughout the wizarding world. It was possible to forget that they were actively fighting against the evilest wizard to ever walk the earth. It was possible to forget that they'd already faced Voldemort and walked away. It was twice that they'd managed to foil the Dark Lord's plans to kill them.

"Maybe they're just going through the Terrible Two's," Lily said.

James groaned. "Merlin I hope not. One of them going through it would be bad enough, but two of them?"

"It's your fault that we had twins!" Lily teased.

"I happen to remember you being a very, very willing participant in that," James said moving his hands from his wife's waist and up to softly caress her breasts.

Lily moaned softly and shifted her position so that James could manoeuvre himself to lie on top of her, their lips meeting softly.

"Still complaining?" James asked, sucking softly at the pulse point on Lily's neck.

"Just one," Lily replied.


"Too many clothes," she whispered.

James grinned and moved to rectify the problem.

A loud and piercing cry came from the next room, and all thoughts of passion were immediately dampened. They both jumped off the bed, grabbed their wands and raced to the next room, James not even hesitating when he saw three robed figures in his children's room.



The bright red jet of light came racing back at James and Lily, and they both quickly moved out of the way, as Lily shot another spell at the intruders that they knew to be Death-Eaters.


"Expelliarmus!" James yelled.

One wand came flying to James' hand, leaving only two Death-Eaters with wands.

"Get the child!" a silky voice commanded the other two.

James recognised the voice, and he stepped forward, not even bothering to hesitate. No one was going to get a hold of either of his children, not while he was alive.

He grabbed hold of one of the Death-Eaters while Lily was frantically casting spells at the other two who were trying to pull one of the children out of the small child-sized bed.

"Mamma!" Ellie yelled frantically, struggling wildly in the Death-Eaters arms. Her bright green eyes were wide with terror, begging her mother to help her.

"Ellie!" both Lily and Harry yelled. Harry shot out of his bed as fast as his tiny two-year-old body could carry him.

Lily was grabbed by one of the Death-Eaters, and a quick punch to her sternum had her on her knees, gasping for breath and yelling for James.

James punched the Death-Eater he had grabbed earlier, the man he knew to be Lucius Malfoy. That meant that the two Death-Eaters at his sides were most likely Crabbe and Goyle, or possibly Nott and Parkinson.

Malfoy staggered, but remained upright. The Death-Eater who had grabbed Ellie noticed the small two-year-old who was hovering around knee height. He kicked the boy aside, sending him towards his mother. Lily grabbed hold of her son, trying to get to her feet.

"Ree!" Ellie cried, calling out to her whimpering brother. She'd always had problems pronouncing Harry's name, and had shortened it to just Ree so that she could say it properly.

"Go, you morons!" Malfoy yelled.

The Death-Eater holding Ellie yelped as the child bit him, and he just held her tighter. She struggled even more, and the Death-Eater grabbed a tight hold of the back of her neck, the delicate chain of her necklace snapping and falling to the floor.

"Mamma!" Ellie yelled, her voice high in pitch, the terror obvious.

Lily was on her feet and racing towards her daughter, but before she could reach the struggling girl, the Death-Eater disapparated.

"NO!" Lily yelled, rushing at the other Death-Eater, who disapparated as well before Lily could get to him.

"Where did you take her?!" James yelled frantically, holding onto Malfoy's robes as he beat the man, holding back nothing.

"To a new home," Malfoy replied sadistically. He pushed James away with all the strength he had left, and before James could get a better grip on the Death-Eater, Malfoy had followed suit and disapparated back to his Lord and Master, leaving James, Lily and Harry Potter alone in the room that the Potters had painted yellow.

James noticed the silver chain lying broken on the floor, and he bent down to pick up the chain that his daughter refused to take off, even for bath-times. The clasp had broken on the chain, but the pendant was still in perfect condition. He closed his fist around the silver jewellery before taking the few steps needed so that he could pull his wife and his son into a tight embrace.

Harry was squirming in his mother's arms, his bright green eyes filling with tears as James and Lily hugged each other desperately. For three and a half seconds, James had no clue what to do. And then it hit him.

"We have to get to Dumbledore."


I'm having troubles actually writing a straight Buffy fic without crossing it over with Harry Potter. Getting kinda sad really. Eh. Play to your strengths and all that. Hope you guys enjoy the beginning of another epic. ;)



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