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Author's Notes: A/U... Inuyasha and the gang have a band and a contest comes up. Inuyasha falls in love with Kikyo and is kicked out of the band but will Kagome take him back in time for the contest?

Battle of the Bands
Author: Emilee1
Chapter 1: Practice

Kagome scribbled a few words on a piece of paper and folded it into a square.

"Sango pass this to Inuyasha."Kagome whispered quietly into Sango's ear.

"Is it a love note?"Sango whispered back raising an eyebrow.

"Just pass it."

The teacher saw her leaning over her desk. "Kagome is there something you need to share with the class?"

She turned a bright shade of red. "No ma'am."

"Then don't interupt my class again. Understood?"

"Yes."Kagome lowered her head and said under her breath, "Bitch..."

Sango leaned over to Inuyasha and whispered, "This is from Kagome."

He eyed the note in suspicion and finally opened it. It read: Are we having band practice after school? If we are write back and tell Miroku, Sango, and Shippo.

'Is there any need of having practice? We only do it for fun what's the need?'Inuyasha thought writing down his thoughts on the note.

Sango passed the note to Kagome.

She read the note and glared at Inuyasha. He felt a sweat drop form on his forehead.

She grasped her pencil tightly in her hand and wrote: We practice to get better than Kikyo's band!

Sango also felt a little nervous around Kagome as well as Inuyasha at the moment. She gave the note now to Inuyasha.

He wrote: What do you have against Kikyo?

Kagome: She is preppy, insignificant, bitchy, and on and on the insults went.

Inuyasha: I don't think she is that bad.

Kagome: So are you in love with her?

Inuyasha: No why would I be?

Kagome: You're lying! You do love her!


'Saved by the bell.' Inuyasha raced out of the classroom.

'If he is uneasy at practice then I will know if he likes her or not. And if he does, he will no longer be a part of our band.'Kagome stormed out of the classroom right behind Inuyasha.

They had practice in Kagome's basement. Inuyasha was the lead singer, Kagome played the keyboard, Miroku played the drums, Sango the guitar, and Shippo played base.

They were practicing a new song. They could not figure out a name for it though. They each wanted it to be called what they wanted and an agreement could not be made.

Kagome was eyeing Inuyasha suspiciously. 'He is acting uneasy. He is trying to avoid me! That's it!'

She jumped up and shouted, "Inuyasha, you are no longer part of this band!"

* * *

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